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kc + "We were sent back in time from a spell gone wrong and got stranded in the forest. It has only been a day, but I'm freaking out and... are you giving me bedroom eyes NOW OF ALL TIMES?!?!" AU

Bloody Thump

They’re trudging silently, and it’s not a comfy silence. No, it was a seething, awkward awful silence and Caroline’s skin crawled, every part of her dying to break it, as it dragged on and on and on.

She grits her teeth and resists the temptation, calling on her vast reserves of stubbornness.

Talking to Klaus had proved to be a very bad idea and she’s not about to try it again. She was stuck with him until Bonnie was safe and sound then she could go on with her preferred Klaus management plan – pretending like he didn’t even exist. For Bonnie she could endure the discomfort of the scornful glares Klaus kept tossing over his shoulder as he checked to make sure Caroline was keeping up.

They were kind of dumb and pointless, Caroline thought snidely. If she was going to leave she would have done it ages ago after they’d finished shouting at each other.

She pointedly ignores his eyes, scanning her surroundings. It hits her that she recognizes them from the days when she spent her summers tearing through them with whatever friends could be coaxed outside to lose at hide and seek. Caroline takes a sharp left, kicking branches out of her way to reveal an overgrown path. She doesn’t bother to inform Klaus about the detour she was taking. He’d figure it out soon enough.

She hears a sharp curse a few moments later, smiles grimly in satisfaction. The leaves rustle and Caroline walks faster once she can feel Klaus practically breathing down her neck. I thought,” he says, his anger evident in the extra crisp way he enunciates, “that we’d established that I do, in fact, know how to read a map.”

“We did,” she agrees, matching his overly polite tone with a frosty one of her own. “But since I grew up here I don’t need a map to tell me there’s a huge, gross bog like fifty feet ahead. Elena and I used to tell Jeremy it would eat him if he got too close. Feel free to plow on through but I just bought these boots and they weren’t cheap.”

“Here I thought you were desperate to save the Bennett witch.” Klaus mocks. And yet you can’t even sacrifice your shoes to the task? Such friendship.”

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This one took a weird turn. Enjoy!

The knocking was incessant. Again and again and again, the person on the other side of the door had proven they weren’t going away anytime soon, and honestly, Caroline didn’t blame them too much. The pounding on the door was only marginally louder than the sounds of the storm outside, between the thunder and the rain; she had no doubt that someone desperately needed shelter.

Locking the basement door securely behind her, she strode across the dimly lit living room and peered through the sheer curtains. It was dark, but she could see the silhouette of a man outside her front door, and a car on the street, probably broken down if she had to guess. Another round of knocking sounded and Caroline jumped back from the window, wondering if he had seen her. If he had, there was no getting rid of him now.

Deciding to bite the bullet, she marched over to the door, and after taking a deep breath, pulled it open, flicking on the porch light. She had guessed right; a man stood there, no older than mid-twenties, with dark rain-matted blonde curls and a handsome face, his fist still raised mid-knock. Lowering his hand, the stranger smiled a little sheepishly.

“Sorry for that,” he said, not sounding sorry at all, “but it’s a bit of a mess out here.”

He had a smooth English accent and a charming smile, two things Caroline would bet he knew how to use to his advantage. Leaning against the doorframe, she looked him up and down, trying to assess how much of a threat he was. “What happened to your car?” she asked finally.

“Engine trouble,” he replied easily. “Serves me right for not getting it checked out weeks ago.” He gave her another grin, and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m Klaus, by the way,” he added, offering her his hand.

“Caroline.” Shaking his hand, Caroline wondered if giving her name was such a good idea. Then again, he didn’t seem like much of a threat…

“So, Caroline, any chance I could come inside for an hour or two?” he asked eagerly.

Letting a stranger into her house on a dark and stormy night was the stuff of horror movies, Caroline knew, but he was friendly and this was Mystic Falls, nothing ever happened. So with a small, silent nod, she pulled open the door and let Klaus inside.

“Thank you love,” Klaus said smoothly, slipping through the door and surveying her home. It was small but cozy, exactly the type of house you could find in every small town in America, complete with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed cheerleader, if the pictures on the mantle were anything to go by. Such a pretty thing…

“So why are you in Mystic Falls, Klaus?” asked Caroline, trying to break the awkward silence. He moved silently through her living room, hands clasped behind his back, his gait as smooth as a panther’s. Every now and then he paused at a picture of her, but finally turned to answer her.

“Just passing through,” he replied with a shrug, “it’s a charming town; I’ve heard there’s lots to do here.”

“Oh really?” asked Caroline skeptically, “Because I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never heard anyone say that there’s ‘lots’ to do.”

Klaus smirked, but wondered internally if he hadn’t made a slight mistake in picking this particular house. Caroline was young and pretty, but she was sharp, and the way she was looking at him told him that she was no fool.  As he moved through the room, she mirrored him subtly, matching every step he took. Her suspicious gaze didn’t falter for a second, as if she expected him to pull a knife on her at any moment.

“You can relax, sweetheart,” he said with a chuckle, holding up his hands in mock surrender. “I promise I’m not a serial killer.”

“Sorry,” she said with a tiny smile, “Guess I’m on edge tonight.”

He smiled in return, one hand going behind him and outlining the blade of the knife he had tucked into the back of his belt. Poor little thing. If only she knew she had a right to be afraid.

“So, where are you going?” Caroline asked after another moment of silence.

“Nowhere in particular,” said Klaus, taking a seat on one of the couches, “I’m drifting at the moment.” ‘And killing when I fancy it,’ is what he doesn’t add, but the girl now sitting opposite him narrows her eyes, as if she knows exactly what his unspoken words are.

“Were you expecting company?” he asked as a way to quickly change the subject. Caroline’s face scrunched up in confusion until she realized the dining table was still set with two plates of pasta, a thin stream of smoke coming off the recently blown out candles.

“My boyfriend, actually, we were supposed to celebrate our anniversary.”

Klaus noticed the way her face hardened, her voice went flat. “I take it the storm threw a wrench in your plans?”

She snorted ungraciously. “I wish. I found out he was cheating on me.”

“My condolences.”

“Whatever, he was a jerk,” she mumbled to herself.

“For what it’s worth, Caroline, anyone who’d betray you is worthless,” he said silkily, leaning forward. “I’m sure you’ll find better men worth your time.”

“Oh?” Instead of falling for the line, she simply leant back in her seat and raised an eyebrow.

“You’re beautiful, smart,” said Klaus, his smile widening, “and clearly generous, to take in a poor old stranger like me.”

“Clearly,” said Caroline, finally returning his smile.

She was beautiful when she smiled, Klaus realized, and for the first time in a while, he didn’t feel the familiar impulse to play God, to end a life for sport. But still he saw a game, just a different kind, with a challenging opponent to keep him occupied. Caroline had a sharp mind and a pretty face, but no idea of who she was up against, and he wondered how far he could take the game before the night ended – or he was forced into drastic measures.

“So Caroline, tell me, what do Mystic Falls residents do for fun?”

She rolled her eyes, “Like I said, there’s nothing to do here.”

“Well then, we’ll just have to make our own fun, won’t we?” Another suggestive smirk and he knew he had her squirming in her seat, a blush on her pretty cheeks.

Literally every warning sign flashed in Caroline’s mind, but a small, petty part of her liked the attention and there was no denying he was incredibly hot. Between the accent, dimples and her recent discovery of just how big of a douchebag Tyler was, she was halfway considering revenge-sex, if a bigger part of her didn’t know what a ridiculously bad idea that could be, given the circumstances.

The two fell into a heavy silence, Klaus keeping his gaze intent on the blonde, and Caroline searched for something more to say. “So, you should take your car over to Ike’s on Main Street once the storm dies down,” she said idly, “he’ll be able to fix it up in a few hours.”

“I’m sure I’ll be able to take care of it myself,” Klaus replied carefully, taking care to steer her away from that line of thought. Car detailing would have to wait until the body in the back could be taken care of. Not that pretty little Caroline needed to know that part, of course.

“Yeah, well if you want – ” Her advice was cut short by the ringing of the phone, and she jumped up to get it, darting a look at Klaus.


Hey sweetie, the storm’s keeping us pretty busy at the station, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be home any time soon.”

“Oh, no problem Mom,” said Caroline, not surprised at the news.

Caroline, are you going to be okay by yourself all night?”

“Mom, it’s just a storm,” she said, rolling eyes. Liz Forbes was a good person, but this was not the first all-nighter she pulled, and Caroline was more than used to spending time alone. She snuck a quick glance at Klaus, wondering if she should tell her mom about her houseguest, but then she would jump to the worst conclusion, probably give a lecture, she might even come home to check on her…and that would just cause problems.

Listen Caroline, stay inside tonight, okay?”

There was something weird about her mom’s voice; she was on edge, much more than usual. “Mom, is everything okay?”

“Look, I don’t want to worry you…”

“Just tell me what it is, Mom,” said Caroline, exasperated. She looked over at her guest, but Klaus was simply watching her with a lazy smile which she returned.

We found some signs of an attack just outside of town.”

“Like…an animal attack?” asked Caroline.

Not likely. But we don’t know who it was or what happened, just that there was a lot of blood.”

“Oh wow…well, good luck Mom.”

One more thing, did Tyler come over?”

“Our dinner didn’t go as planned, he left a while ago,” said Caroline tersely, not willing to go into details.

Well, if you do talk to him, tell him to call home, Carol can’t get a hold of him.”

“Sure thing Mom.” A few more goodbyes and Caroline hung up, turning back to Klaus and taking the seat next to him. “Sorry about that, my Mom was just checking up on me.”

“I suppose I’ll have to explain myself to her soon then?” he asked, taking care to keep his tone light.

“Nah, she’s out investigating some attack in the storm, she’s the town sheriff.” Klaus didn’t seem too nervous that her mom was a police official, but then, he didn’t seem like the type to let a lot get to him. He was too sure of himself, too cocky – she wondered if it meant he was dangerous.

“Well, I hope it’s nothing too serious,” he said, inching a little closer. “Wouldn’t want to break the town’s boring streak.”

“No, wouldn’t want that,” Caroline replied, suddenly regretting her decision to sit so close to him. The warning signs were flashing in her head again, telling her that he could be a serious threat, but that panty-dropping smirk was back and the scent of his cologne was going to her head.

“So, tell me something about yourself,” she said, settling back against the sofa and tucking her legs under her.

“There’s not much to tell, sweetheart,” he said, rolling the endearment off his tongue with ease. “Just a foreigner visiting family around here.”

Caroline pulled back, the suspicion in her eyes back tenfold. “I thought you were just passing through?”

Klaus cursed internally, wondering how he got so distracted by a pretty face that he made his first slip-up in years. “That’s what I meant,” he said quickly, “I’m just visiting family for a few days before I’m on my way.”

“Where do they live?”

“Near here.”

“There’s no other town ‘near here’ and there aren’t any British people living in Mystic Falls,” Caroline shot back. If small town life was good for anything, it was calling the bluffs of anyone passing through, and she didn’t give a damn how hot he was, this stranger was full of shit.

“You’re sharp Caroline,” said Klaus leaning back. She knew he was a lying bastard, that much was obvious. What was less clear was whether or not he’d have to resort to more extreme measures if she decided to open her pretty mouth and run to her mother. The knife which he had so recently done work with dug into his back, and he could see it so clearly in his head, the way he would pull out the blade, lean across and swipe it against the smooth column of her throat. It would take seconds. It would be easy.

And yet, he remained still.

“So what now, love?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Caroline got up slowly, quickly looking over to the basement door, and then back at the stranger who had risen with her. They stood in a heavy silence, neither willing to break first until a loud knock on the door jolted them both out of their stand-off.

Taking a deep breath, Caroline walked towards the front door, opening it just enough to fit her body through the crack, the storm still raging outside. Matt Donovan stood on her porch, and Caroline felt a pang of affection for her apple-pie wholesome ex-boyfriend, who was the polar opposite of the man whose heavy stare she could feel on the back of her neck.

“Hey Care, are you doing okay?” Matt watched her worriedly, and Caroline mustered up a smile.

“I’m good, what’s up? Why are you here?”

“Listen, I probably should’ve called or something, but I was out getting some supplies so I thought I’d swing by and make sure you were okay – and I needed to see if Tyler was here.”

“Nope, sorry,” said Caroline, bristling at the mention of Tyler, but Matt’s face fell and he looked distinctly nervous.

“Damn – his mom’s freaking out, no one’s been able to reach him since the storm started.” It was more than that though, because this was not the first storm Mystic Falls had seen, and not the first one that a teenager hadn’t decided to sit out somewhere until cellphones were working again.

“Spit it out Matt, what’s wrong?” asked Caroline, a little annoyed. She heard Klaus take a few steps closer and wondered, briefly, if she should say something about him, but she had a gut feeling that it would be a very bad idea.

Matt shifted his weight between his feet, before finally talking again. “Look, Care, when I was at the hardware store, some of your mom’s deputies were picking up emergency supplies and I heard them talking on their radios…they think someone’s been killed.”

“My mom said something like that to me; but she just said there was a lot of blood –”

“There was an insane amount. I heard them say that no one could survive that much blood loss, they definitely think it was a murder.”

Caroline just managed to hold in a groan. Of course it was a murder. And what were  the chances that the murderer was in her house?

“Not a word, sweetheart.”

Klaus’ whispered order would be much easier to ignore if it wasn’t for the cold knife digging into the back of her throat.  

“Care, you okay?”

It was so tempting to try and run, but Matt was in front of her with his baby-blue eyes and Caroline knew there was no way she could risk him getting into her house that night. “I’m fine Matty,” she said slowly, just barely managing a tense smile. Another lightning strike lit up the sky and for a second Klaus’ shadow fell across her, but Matt was more concerned with the increasing downpour and he turned back with an apologetic smile.

“So you’re good for the night?”

She nodded quickly and Matt turned to leave before noticing the dark sedan that had been pulled over on the other side of the road and he turned back. “Who’s car is that?” he called out over the roar of thunder.

The knife dug deeper into her neck, sharp and cold against her skin, the message coming across loud and clear. “No idea,” she replied with a shrug.

Accepting her answer, Matt jogged back to his truck, none to the wiser to the danger he was almost in. The cold steel still bit into her flesh, but she didn’t feel the  telltale warm trickle of blood so Caroline assumed Klaus was holding off, showing her some measure of restraint.

“Easy does it love,” Klaus said slowly, waiting for the truck to drive off before tugging her by the arm in a swift, practiced movement, kicking the front door shut and whirling her body around so that her back met wood, the knife against her jugular and his body pressed against hers to prevent her from moving too fast.

“What did you do?” Caroline asked.

Klaus would give her this; there was no fear in her voice. It was flat, almost disturbingly so, as if she had more important things to worry about and the man with a knife against her throat was just a hindrance to overcome. “Nothing you want to know about,” he said with a grin, but she just pursed her lips a little tighter.

“Did your car really break down?” she asked, pressing for an explanation.

Klaus chuckled, amused by her curiosity under the circumstances. “Do you know what? It really did. I suppose there’s a lesson in here for you.”

She didn’t laugh, didn’t cry, and just stared him down bravely before speaking again. “What are you going to do to me?”

“You haven’t figured it out love?” Klaus asked quietly, his fingers tightening on his knife, shifting so that he pressed her further into the door, internally commiserating that he would never feel her like this under more favourable circumstances.

“If you wanted me dead, you would’ve done it already,” Caroline said simply, tilting her chin up, not showing an inch of fear.

His smirk dropped, only for a moment when he wondered if he had indeed showed his hand to the pretty blonde bird. He could’ve just sliced her open then and there, but he held off, reasoning his restraint had everything to do with the evidence he might leave behind and nothing to do with the faint thought of what her lips might taste like.

But whatever lurid fantasies he had been entertaining ten minutes ago would have to go up in smoke, the fact remained that he couldn’t just leave her be, she knew far too much. Curling his hand tightly around her arm he jerked her away from the door and quickly scanned the room, coming to rest on a door in a side hallway. He had absolutely no clue what was behind it, only that the second his eyes landed on the door was when Caroline started struggling in earnest, and he realized she wanted to stay away from that room by any means.

“What’s wrong love,” he asked, keeping her restrained with some effort, “what’s down there?”

She said nothing, and his grip on her arm tightened until he was sure he’d mar her flawless skin. “It’s just the basement,” she finally admitted through gritted teeth.

Just a basement, but the perfect place to keep someone captive while he cleaned the place up and decided what the hell he was going to do with her, and if Caroline was as smart as he thought she was, she had come to the same conclusion. She certainly put up a bloody fight as he dragged her over to the door, unlocking it as she fought him even harder, trying to unbalance him but he was having none of it.

“Give it up sweetheart, you’re not the first I’ve fought,” he bit out as he kicked open the basement’s door.

Caroline gave up her fight but stared him down fearlessly, darting a glance at the cement stairs, leading downwards. “Let me go, now,” she demanded authoritatively, “you’re not going to kill me.”

Klaus was impressed, truly. She had impressed him, and he found himself fantasizing a scenario where he let this pretty bird live and dragged her into underworld where he lived, just see how well she fought his demons and whether she remained so brave and strong. “You’re getting ahead of yourself sweetheart,” he said, once more tightening his grip and pushing her forward down the stairs, “the night’s not over yet.”

Slowly, they descended the stairs, arriving at the bottom with no incident, though he did notice Caroline had gone very tense underneath his grip. “Turn on the light,” he ordered, leaning forward and letting his breath wash over her ear.

For a long moment, she did nothing. Then, she lifted her free arm, and flicked the light switch.

First there were plain concrete walls and a few cardboard boxes along the walls. A light bulb dangling from the ceiling just barely illuminated the small, cold space.  It was Spartan, overall, nothing of note.

Nothing of course, except for the boy taped to the chair in the middle.

He was almost definitely a teenager, dressed in a football jersey and leather jacket, short dark hair clotted with blood from where he’d been hit over the head. His head lolled to the side, out cold, while duct tape trapped his ankles, torso, wrists and covered his mouth firmly. Klaus stared at the boy for one long moment, before finally turning back to the cheerleader in his grip.

Caroline looked back at him stoically. Then, she simply shrugged.

“Well, I did say he was cheating on me.”


The storm had finally passed but the earth was still damp, the clean fresh scent of the rain surrounding the two of them as they stood in the forest. Neither said a word but kept at their work, one pile of dirt after the other, until the deep grave was fully covered.

“Did you know who she was?” Caroline asked, breaking the heavy silence.

“I never do,” replied Klaus lightly, leaning on his shovel as he shot her a wink.

“Her name was Hayley. Would you believe she was the slut Tyler was sleeping with?”

“What are the chances?”

Caroline didn’t answer his question, but tilted her head to the side, regarding him for a moment. “What now?” she asked quietly, and to her credit she still didn’t look scared, simply contemplative.

“Now we part ways,” said Klaus, rolling down his sleeves.

“That’s it?” She almost sounded a little dissatisfied.

“Why,” he asked, “Were you hoping for more?”

He meant it jokingly but Caroline simply smiled and walked towards him, curling her small hands around his jacket and pulling him down, meeting his lips and kissing him hard, which Klaus was more than happy to return. Settling his hands on her hips he finally got the answer to his question, and realized that she tasted like peppermints, sweet and sharp, and he just barely registered that it’s a taste he likes very much before she pulled away, a spark in her eyes.

“I need to go home,” Caroline said, already striding past him, but stopped a few feet away, turning back. “Let me know if you’re ever passing through!” she called out and then turned her back, blonde curls dancing after her.

It took a moment for Klaus to realize that there was a smile on his face, and he gave the freshly turned earth one final pat down, finishing his work while his mind danced with images of  smooth skin, blue eyes, and pretty little birds who were too smart for any cage. 

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They're stuck in an elevator and they're strangers, umm smut would be nice :)

Written by guest writer @carolineforbesisawesome!


Klaus was tired and annoyed as he made his way into the apartment building.

In no way had he asked for this job, but then again, his sister Rebekah, tended to leave him messages about these little jobs that needed to be done when she went out of town.

This month’s job was her dog, Ace. A beast that most of the time annoyed him to no end, most significantly for chewing on his favorite shoe. On top of that, Rebekah had forgotten to leave keys for her apartment, so he was forced to to knock on her neighbor’s door. Rebekah’s neighbor was a little old lady who enjoyed ogling Klaus’ behind and talking his ear off.

Walking into the elevator and slamming his finger on the tenth floor button, he leaned against the wall and let out a sigh of irritation.

When he heard heels clicked rapidly across the hall, his first instinct was to hit the ‘close’ button in an effort to avoid sharing the small elevator with anyone, but then he heard the voice of a young women.

“Wait! Please, hold the door!” she called out as she came into his view, a young blond woman carrying a grocery bag.

Instead of pushing the button, he placed his hand near the sensor to keep the doors open.

Out of breath, the woman stepped in gratefully, shaking her hair out of her face.

“What floor?” Klaus asked.

“11th, thanks…” she trailed off as her eyes met his.

She smiled brightly while balancing her groceries and couldn’t help but notice how good looking he was, and that accent.

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Public Indecency

@goldcaught requested “ ‘You’ve got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and somehow that means we’re passing ourselves off as siblings to explain why we live together but we’ve started giving each other really filthy pre-sex looks behind everyone’s back like a game of chicken and pretty soon somebody is going to start to have serious concerns about our siblinghood.’ for tropes day.  I took some creative licenses.  Hope you enjoy!

              “You’re doing what?”

              Caroline sighed as Klaus glared at her back, and then muttered a curse when her character – Bowser, of course – was hit by behind by a turtle shell.

              “You bastard!” she growled at Enzo.

              “Guess you should have chosen Red Team rather than Blue, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied with a grin, leaning into her side as he took a sharp corner.  Caroline shoved him off the couch, allowing her to zoom by him, and laughed victoriously.

              “Eat my dust you ass!” she replied, somewhat maniacally.  She took another corner and her foot landed on Enzo’s – who was still lying on the floor – gut as Bowser crossed the finish line in first.  Caroline leapt onto the couch, pointing down at Enzo.  “Suck on that!”

              “You’re a cruel winner, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied, his voice wheezing slightly as he rubbed his stomach.

              “But I’m still a winner!”

              “Love, please,” Klaus interrupted, reaching out and tugging on her tank top so she fell onto her butt on the back of the couch. “I understand that you take your Mario Kart quite seriously, but could you please explain to me again why I’m being kicked out of the apartment we share for the two days?”

              “Correction, Mate,” Enzo interjected, sitting up and resting his arms on the couch cushions.  “Gorgeous and I live here.  You’ve just moved in without permission because you can’t go a night without sex.”

              “Apparently, I’m about to go two nights without sex,” Klaus replied, shooting Enzo a glare. “And I’d rather like to know why.”

              “I told you Klaus,” Caroline replied, her voice filled with infinite patience now that the race was over.  “Enzo’s family is coming for a visit.  His brother, Damon, is a total douchecanoe who, along with his perfect girlfriend, Elena, think that anyone without a significant other deserves their pity and/or mockery.  So they think I’m his live in girlfriend.”

              “It serves a dual purpose – Elena thinks that Caroline is perfect for my boring brother, Stefan.  But so long as she thinks we’re together, she won’t try and hook them up.”

              “Well, now she has an actual boyfriend.  Me. So, really, this is just helping you, Lorenzo.”

              Enzo and Caroline exchanged looks, the one that sometimes drove Klaus insane, but that he’d grown accustomed to.  With Caroline came Enzo, she had made that clear from day one.

              “I’ll talk to him,” Caroline said at last.  “You get the props the out.”

              “Aye, aye, captain!” Enzo clicked his heels together. “We’ll need to come up with a reason for a lack of ring.  Last time, it was that you were still in school but you’ve graduated.”

              “I’ll think about it,” Caroline promised, before turning to Klaus.  She turned around, so her legs dangled over the back of the couch, and tugged his hands until he stepped between them.  She cupped his cheeks and pulled him in for a searing kiss, the kind that almost made him forget his own name.

              But not that she had, apparently, been Enzo’s fake girlfriend for two years.

              “Pleasant as this is, I’m not so easily distracted, Love,” Klaus murmured between kisses.

              “Mmmm, you can be if you let yourself,” Caroline replied, kissing her way down to his neck and nibbling on the skin over his pulse point.  

              “Caroline,” Klaus replied, his voice holding a warning, and he pulled away and stepped out of her reach.  Caroline pouted and crossed her arms.

              “Well, you’re no fun.”

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A Song of Darkness and Starlight

AN: This is the first chapter of my new story, a Klaroline/ACOMAF fusion (so if you’ve just started reading, SPOILERS AHEAD).

Of course, it won’t be entirely the same as the books - that’s not how writing fusion works for me. Some things might be vague for those who haven’t read this series but overall, you don’t need to be familiar with it, all will be explained eventually :)

The biggest thank you goes to @garglyswoof who beta’d this thing. As well as to @lynyrdwrites for her help brainstorming “who is who” in this story.

For Jo aka @fanfantasticworld - an extremely talented lady and a great friend. Happy (early) Birthday and I hope you’ll like your gift :)

“Some things you let go in order to live.”

(Florence + The Machine, ‘Various Storms & Saints’)

When Caroline was little, she would often sneak her way into feasts her father organized at their estate. A seven-year-old sitting at the stairs by the door and listening to the old bard who would sing of tragic star-crossed lovers and the beauty of sacrifice, a gift of selfless death, of passion and light and sin. She would memorize the lyrics by heart, wandering around the household and the grounds singing to herself and letting her imagination run wild. She would be a princess and there would be a prince, valiantly swaying his sword to make his way to her, through all the monsters and curses and hardships.

With the tang of her own vomit filling her nostrils and sticking to her skin, the moldy walls of the dungeon closing in around her, Caroline knew - she had been a silly little girl. And people? People were fools with those fucking skewed notions of theirs. Life in Prythian was nothing like a fairy tale. You either lived like a pig or scrambled your way like a cockroach and you died like them as well - led to slaughter or squashed by a High Fae’s boot. A prince wouldn’t pick a sword to fight for you - he wouldn’t even lift his finger, just watch you break every little piece of yourself as you battled for everything you thought he held dear.

There was no dignity in suffering, in the way she lay in her cell, battered and beaten, the reek of blood and piss polluting the air that she needed to breathe. There was no dignity in how it had made her want to hurl,but after a while, it had become just another smell. There was no beauty in her broken limbs or the dirt eating into her skin, in the dried-up tears on her face.

In the overwhelming darkness, there was neither light nor sin, its shadows clouding the lines as she stepped among them. She had stopped seeing the monsters in the dark long ago, no, night offered solace and kept her company as she stayed awake, dreamless and alone. It was light that monsters roamed under, rays of sunshine peering into throne rooms they sat in, candlelight dancing in their slit eyes while they snuffed the last flickers of life with their will.

There was one thing the bard was right about.

Death was a gift.

And yet, she had bargained with Klaus for life.

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AU/AH Caroline goes to get a private massage Klaus is the one giving it too her. Things get smutty! (PS. this is the first time they met)

A/N: I love getting massages, although mine have never been THIS good. Hope you like it!

Ask for the Hybrid Special

The furious pounding of the keys on a keyboard could be heard from across the quiet office, causing heads to look up trying to identify the source of the ruckus.

“Hey, what did that keyboard ever do to you?” Katherine asked, leaning against the wall of Caroline’s cubicle.

Caroline’s fingers froze as she registered someone speaking to her.

“Hi Kat, what do you mean?”

“I mean the loud ass typing,” Katherine replied bluntly.

She blushed, hiding her fingers beneath the desk.

“Sorry, these customers are driving me nuts. This one in Kentucky says his order never arrived, but Fedex has a scanned receipt of delivery. I think he’s trying to scam us for another delivery.”

“Just tell him to piss off, it’s Friday, leave it for Monday. Besides, it’s pay day, any plans for tonight? We could go shopping; splurge on new Jimmy Choo’s,” she offered.

Caroline considered it then shook her head.

“I’m not really up for it. I’ve been really stressed all week. I think I’ve gotten like 3 hours of sleep every night and my neck is stiff with tension. I need to just go home and be a bum on the couch with Netflix and a glass of wine.”

“I know what you need!” Katherine exclaimed. “I have an appointment at the Spa after work, you should take my spot. I signed up for a massage.”

Caroline studied her closely. “You would give me your spot? Seriously?”

Katherine snorted.

“If it gets you to stop abusing the keyboard, then yes.”

“Very funny,” Caroline rolled her eyes.

“I know, I’m hilarious,” Katherine said, turning to leave.

Popping her head back into Caroline’s cubicle she whispered, “Oh and Care…”


“Ask for the Hybrid Special. It’s really relaxing.”

She winked and disappeared.

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Prompt: “That is the tenth demon summoning this week holy shit."

I’m assuming you wanted this for Klaroline.  Which this is… sort of.  It’s more Frienzoline, though?  It’s a bit of a sneak peek into the Magical Girl Caroline AU that I’m playing around with thanks to @kickassfu and my newest addiction.

              Caroline drew a swirl on her notebook and tried not to make it obvious she was staring at Klaus Mikaelson.

              It was ridiculous, really, that Caroline had a crush.  She wasn’t thirteen anymore, after all, and she thought she was past crushes.  But Klaus was just so… so…

              Okay, he was hot and had an accent, and it wasn’t so much a crush as an overwhelming desire to jump his bones.

              He glanced up from his conversation with Stefan Salvatore, and his baby blues clashed with Caroline’s.  Dimples cut into his cheeks, and Caroline’s breath might have caught as he looked like he was stepping toward her.

              Then his smile dropped just before a bag fell onto the floor next to her chair and a stocky form fell into the plastic seat next to her.

              “Morning, Gorgeous” – Caroline turned a killing glare towards Enzo, and he smirked in return – “oh, sorry, did I interrupt the eye fucking.  How heartbreaking.”

              Caroline just shot him a glare.

              “Don’t be an ass, Enzo,” she muttered under her breath, turning her gaze stubbornly back to the front of the class and crossing her arms.  She stared at the blackboard, determined not to give Enzo the amusement of looking at Klaus.

              But she was weak, and so of course they darted to him briefly, only for her view to be blocked by Enzo’s hand.

              Hanging from a beaded string, his palm blocking the view of it from the rest of the room, was a small black doll with ancient looking runes written on it.

              “That was the tenth demon summoning this week,” he murmured, his voice meant for her ears along.

              “Holy shit,” Caroline swore in return, quickly reaching out to curl Enzo’s fingers around the tiny doll and looking around wildly, making sure no one had seen what Enzo held.  When no one paid the pair in the back of the class any attention, she turned to him with gritted teeth.  “You can’t whip out a Demon Amulet in our classroom, Enzo!”

              “Keep your voice down and smile, Gorgeous.  Or your boyfriend might wander up here… and we both know that you don’t want him to know about your after hours activities.”

              Caroline glanced down and saw Klaus had looked up at them, and pasted her best Miss Mystic Falls smile on.

              It wasn’t that she was embarrassed that she was the Falcon.  Really, being America’s Superhero Sweetheart was actually pretty awesome.

              She just didn’t want the guy she wanted to bone to want to bone her because she was America’s Superhero Sweetheart.              

              Plus, everyone kind of assumed that Falcon had a thing with Panther – an assumption Caroline had never tried to end, even though the thought of kissing Enzo made her turn up her nose, because while she trusted him more than anyone, she also thought of him as family.  More a brother than even a friend.

              “Why were you even out fighting the demons,” Caroline murmured through her smile.  “Class, remember?”

              “I dropped my 8:30 and I was bored.  You’ll need to purify it, Gorgeous.  Keeping it on me makes me feel dirty.”

              “Then maybe you shouldn’t go out hunting without me, Kitten,” Caroline replied, disgruntled that she had been left behind. They were supposed to be partners after all.

              “Clipped wings annoying, Tweety?  And here I thought you would want to have every chance to drool over Lover Boy up there.”

              “Stop with the jokes, Enzo.  This is serious – we’ve never had ten demons in a week. Why is the Hybrid so busy?”

              Enzo fell into silence and gave an uncomfortable shrug.  The Prof entered the class, and while everyone was distracted, she carefully removed the Demon Amulet from Enzo’s hand and slipped it into her own pocket. She was the one that could make them crumble, and would take care of it after class.

              “He’s distracting us,” Enzo murmured halfway through the class, and Caroline gave a sharp nod, her gaze focused grimly on the front of the room, typing her notes.

              “He’s distracting us,” Caroline agreed.  “And I want to know why.”

              Enzo knew his partner was serious when, at the end of class, she rushed out to purify the Amulet and didn’t even notice that Klaus Mikaelson watched her retreat with an avid gaze.

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Klaus does end up taking Caroline to the movies, even if she sits three seats away from him

Written by one of our new guest writers! Thanks @she-walked-away for joining the team :)

Three Seats

Caroline sighed as she fluffed her hair once more.

It was the summer after her high school graduation, nearly a month after Tyler had come back to town then promptly left a week later, citing his need to find himself. If the pack he had joined in the Appalachians wasn’t enough of a hint that their relationship was over, then the saucy brunette she-wolf he took back with him was confirmation.

Try as she may, Caroline couldn’t bring herself to be devastated over the relationship. They had spent the majority of their relationship apart or in hiding, so when they actually tried to make it work, the magic had seemingly gone. It was sad of course, trying so hard to keep them both physically alive along with the relationship during the senior year of hell, but Caroline felt lighter every day since the final breakup.

Which lead her to her current predicament.

Damon had gotten himself into a little bit of trouble with a coven a few towns away from Mystic Falls, which would have led to his death if it hadn’t been for the intervention of Klaus. Normally, Caroline would have just let the chips fall where they may when it came to Damon, but Elena’s pleading had convinced her to turn to the Original hybrid for help in rescuing the hapless vampire. Klaus had been gleeful to hear about Damon’s predicament, and downright giddy upon hearing of Caroline’s current single status.

For a man who promised to wait an eternity for her to come to him, he sure didn’t take waiting lying down. He’d leapt at the opportunity to bargain for another date in exchange for his help.

Needless to say, Damon was still alive and Caroline was currently awaiting the ancient hybrid’s arrival to pick her up.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and Caroline mumbled under her breath as she stomped to the door. Flinging it open, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of the Original hybrid.

He looked devastatingly handsome in a tight gray henley and black jeans with a dark jacket. His blonde curls were artfully tousled, his short stubble outlining his sharp jawline.

“Caroline,” he breathed.

She bit her lip, cursing as her stomach flipped at the way his accent curled around her name.

“You look ravishing, sweetheart,” he complimented, the pleased look on his face showing off his handsome boyish features.

“Thanks,” she muttered, looking down at her simple sundress and boots. “You look -”

Handsome. Delicious. Sex-on-a-Stick.

“Attractive,” she supplied bluntly.

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And burn it all to ash

Success!  I managed to finish my story for klarofic week day two: dark fic.  It’s a sequel to Let the flames consume, which I would link if Tumblr would let me. Please enjoy:

She comes back to life not with a bang, but with a whimper. 

                At first she is disoriented.  She has no idea where she is, and the roof of the room in which she finds herself is unfamiliar.  Slowly, memories come back – killing the whore werewolf, confronting Nikluas, being stabbed through the heart – and with the memories comes the anger.  A scream builds in her throat, and when it comes out it is an enraged shriek filled with pain of a millennia of loyalty betrayed. 


                The voice is low and smooth and painfully familiar.  It makes tears prick at her eyes, because it had been over ninety years since she last heard that voice.  Ninety years in which she thought its owner had been lost, yet another child Mikael had stolen from her.

                A voice she thought she would never hear again.  How many lies had Klaus told her?  How many important revelations had been hidden from her?

                “Marcellus?” she whispers, sitting up.  She was in a bed with a simple blue comforter, and there is Marcellus, her beautiful boy.  Klaus had been the one to name him and bring him home, but Caroline had been the one to make him her child.  He grins at her, that beautiful grin that had always melted her heart, and Caroline flashes out of the bed and grasps him in a tight embrace.  “Macellus… how?  You were dead.  Mikael killed you.”

                “He burned the city to the ground, but he never killed me.  God, I’ve missed you, mother.”

                Caroline hugs Marcel tightly, burying her face against his shoulder.  A quiet shuffling draws her attention, and she looks over his shoulder to see a pretty blonde.  She is a few years older than Caroline was when she was turned, with wide doe eyes in blue.  She looks at Caroline as though she is a foreign creature, and Caroline pulls back from the hug, to look at Marcel with raised brows.

                “I would ask if you brought me a snack, but something tells me that wouldn’t garner a positive reaction.”

                Marcel smiles again, but this time Caroline is looking closer.  She’s no longer watching him through the rose-tinted glasses of a mother finally reunited with her child, but rather with the more pragmatic vision of a woman who has spent the last thousand years surviving, only to be betrayed by the one person she thought would never do so.

                Thinking of Nik causes her pain, and Caroline has to turn her back to Marcel and the pretty blonde lest they see her weakness.

                “Cami is the one who told me about you, mother,” Marcel says, and Caroline can feel his hand hovering over her shoulder. 

                “And you came running to release me from the magical coma my husband put me in,” Caroline replies, and her voice is cynical.  “I remember you always doing as he said.  You were so very, very hungry for his approval.  And now you would go against him like this?  Niklaus would forgive many things, but awakening me before he deems it my time?” Caroline laughs darkly, and she spins back towards the duo, certain that she has herself under control once more.  “How long did he keep me like that?  And how is it that your Cami came to be close enough to Klaus to be able to release me?”

                “Things change, mother,” Marcel replies, and his voice is earnest, but she can see Niklaus in his eyes.  The cunning that had been reared into him, turning the loveable boy Caroline had adopted into a mirror of the man that had stabbed her through her heart – first metaphorically, then in reality. 

                “I wonder,” Caroline murmurs, looking between the two and seeing how Marcel carefully keeps his body between Cami’s and her own, “do you call me that because you mean it, or because you wish to remind me of who we once were? Am I your mother, Marcellus, or just another pawn in whatever game it is you wish to play against my husband?”

                “You still call him that?” Marcel demands.  “He lied to you – about me, about Hayley – and then he daggered you and put you in storage like used furniture.”

                The reminder of Hayley, of the treacherous little bitch her husband had briefly replaced her with, makes Caroline’s blood boil.  She had killed the girl, of course, but it hardly seems like enough.  One thousand years of loyalty returned with an affair and a dagger to the heart.  Caroline’s fists clench, but she’s not yet so far gone in her rage that she misses the victorious glint in Marcel’s eyes. 

                “You released me for a purpose, I assume,” Caroline says coolly, and she can see Marcel deflate for a moment, almost take a step back, because it’s the voice she had once used on him when he had acted the role of fool, and Caroline knows that there was once a time when there was no worse action in Marcel’s eyes than doing something that disappointed her.

                But it’s been ninety years.  Ninety years in which Marcel has sat on a throne and been without her, and it is clear that her opinion is no longer as important to him.  It makes her hate Mikael more than ever.  Killing her first child in her womb hadn’t been enough.  He had to take this child from her as well, and Caroline feels the sharp edge of mourning as keenly as she had when they first fled this city, believing the man before her dead.

                “Klaus is going to burn this city to the ground, and I can’t stand against him alone.  But you?  You can.”

                “I assume Niklaus holds Elijah’s loyalty.  And Rebekah’s.  I am only one Original; they are three.”

                “Rebekah’s gone,” says the girl, Cami, and when Caroline turns an intrigued gaze towards her, she looks flustered and uncertain.  “She left, because Genevieve wanted to kill her, and so did Klaus.  It’s just him and Elijah now.”

                “Once again, I find myself interested in how you know so much, my dear,” Caroline says, walking towards the girl.  Marcel looks ready to interfere, but a sharp look reminds him who he is dealing with, and he steps back with clenched fists and a tight jaw.  “Who are you to my husband?  And I really hope you don’t answer this question incorrectly.  You can ask Hayley what happens when you answer incorrectly… or not, as it were.”

                “I didn’t sleep with him, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Cami replies, her voice tense.  “But even if I had, I didn’t even know he was married until Hayley was dead and you were daggered.  Did she even know he was married?  Or are you blaming the other woman for your husband’s actions.  Because I could write essays on that mindset.”

                “A psychologist?” Caroline turns a faux disappointed expression to Marcel.  “Let me guess, she told you what a tortured soul you have and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker?  Men are so incredibly predictable.  Make them believe you understand them and they become like putty in your hand” – Caroline came to a halt in front of Cami and considered her – “Hayley knew Niklaus was married.  I met her, prior to their indiscretion, and she knew better than to poach.  I hope you take the lesson Hayley learned so hard to heart, Cami.  And I wouldn’t try to psychoanalyze me.  I don’t pretend to be a tortured soul as Niklaus does.  I am who I am, and who I am is a creature that could crush you and never regret it.”

                “Marcel said you’re his mother,” Cami says, staring at Caroline defiantly, but there is fear in her eyes, fear that tells Caroline this is just a very brave act the girl is putting on.  “Yet you don’t seem very motherly.”

                “I dislike being manipulated, even when it is my son doing the manipulation.  What is it that you want from me, Marcellus?”

                “I told you – you’re assistance.  Klaus needs to be reined in, and you’re the only one who can do it.”

                “You mean that you wish me to kill him,” Caroline says, her eyes and voice frigid.  “Let us put all our cards out on the table, Marcellus.  You don’t want my husband reined in, you want him dead, and you believe I will be angry enough to do it.”

                “Fine, yes,” Marcel shoots back.  “I want him dead.  I want him out of my life permanently.  Can you blame me?  He breaks what he touches!  He broke you, the one thing, the only thing that he’s ever done right.  And you can believe I want him dead for me all you want, but I want him dead for you too, because you are my mother, and he has spent the last thousand years destroying you.”

                Caroline remembers Niklaus’ apology, the realization of what he was going to do a split second before she felt the dagger in her heart.  She remembers his soft kiss and how he had looked so very sad, and she has to turn her back to Marcel and Cami once more, because her hand comes up to her heart, to rub the skin over top of it.  She wonders if this is what it feels like, to be heartbroken, because it’s an actual physical ache, an ache Caroline doesn’t think will ever go away.

                Once, she had ruled this city as its queen, her husband at her side.

                She had returned to the city the betrayed wife, determined to seek revenge, only to be stabbed by same husband she had once stood by so loyally.

                There is nothing left to her but to paint the city’s streets red with blood.

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Finding Solace

A request from Bex, who wanted to see a drabble where Caroline spends the night at Klaus’ house after being attacked. Enjoy!

There was a beautiful painting on the wall. A steady stream of water surged through the forest floor, with rays of sunshine breaking through the trees. It was bright, and peaceful, regardless of the tumult of the painter, and Caroline found herself staring at it through her blurred vision, focusing on the idyllic scene, the world around her fading into a dull haze.

“Caroline, love, keep your eyes open!”

The world was moving around her, Caroline could just about feel her body being shifted, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to stare at the beautiful painting.

“I’m so sorry sweetheart, but this will hurt.”

A sharp pain tore through her chest, hitting very, very, close to her heart and Caroline couldn’t help the sharp cry that sprang from her mouth. The beautiful painting was taken from her as her body moved so that she was now flat on her back. She tried to turn her head and find the painting but a gentle grip on her chin forced her to look up, straight into a pair of angry, worried eyes.

“Klaus?” she whispered feebly.  

“Easy love, just let me get the last two bullets out.” She felt the warm press of his fingers against her skin, and then the pain was back, ripping through her and she bit her lip to keep in her whimpers, tasting blood as the skin on her lip broke.  Her eyelids drooped, the promise of oblivion just on the horizon, but Klaus was having none of it. Before she could lose herself to the darkness, she was lifted up, an arm around her shoulders as a bloodied wrist was placed in front of her face, her vampire instincts kicking in immediately. Her fangs clamped down on the proffered blood and she drank greedily.

“I know this isn’t a werewolf venom emergency,” muttered Klaus as he rested his chin on her head, a mirror of that night long ago when he first promised her the world, “but you need to heal immediately, so I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t,” Caroline said weakly as she pulled back slightly, feeling the haze dissipating and her strength returning, and with it, the full memory of what had happened to her that night. She made no move to leave Klaus’ embrace, but looked around the bedroom they were in, taking in the light blue walls and wide French windows. The bed they sat on had beautifully embroidered sheets, and the painting she had been staring at occupied a place of honour across the room. It was all lovely, but she couldn’t help but think this wasn’t exactly Klaus’ taste.

“How did you find me?” Caroline asked.

“I had some business in the Quarter and I heard whispers of the humans making another attempt on a vampire. I’m sorry you had to find yourself in the middle of that.”

“Who was that girl? The one who shot me ?”

“Camille O’Connell. She’s fashioned herself as the head of the human faction, he’s under some delusion that she can drive out the vampires. This is  actually the worst she’s managed to do, I should’ve chased her and killed her already but I thought –” His voiced halted for a moment and his hold on her tightened. “I thought you were dead.”

They fell into a heavy silence, Caroline subconsciously leaning back into Klaus’ chest, enjoying the feeling of his long fingers pulling through her hair.

“So why did this Camille person want to kill me anyway?” Caroline couldn’t help but ask.

Klaus grimaced, “She’s had a few – ah – unfortunate experiences with vampires in the recent past. Lost a few family members, now out for revenge. Most everyone ignores it.”

 “Why am I not surprised?” asked Caroline with a light snort.

“I think it’s time we discuss more important matters, sweetheart,” said Klaus grimly, and Caroline sighed, knowing this conversation was inevitable.

“Guess you’re curious?” she asked, fidgeting in his hold slightly.

Klaus shifted them so that he sat against the headboard, Caroline in his lap. “I’m very curious,” he said with a smirk.

“It’s a long story – secret societies, a witch or two, typical life-threatening drama,” she said with a sigh and roll of her eyes. “Bottom line – it was messy.”

“Do you need my help them?” asked Klaus, his voice guarded.

“Have some faith – we took care of it. But I needed to get out of Mystic Falls, so here I am.” Caroline smile shyly, but followed it with a yawn and a grimace as the movement hurt her still sore chest.

“You can give me the details tomorrow Caroline,” said Klaus, taking in her weariness, “for now, get some rest.” He (reluctantly) disentangled himself from her, and scooted to the edge of the bed before he felt a hand curl around his bicep. He turned to face a hopeful Caroline, who looked surprised at her own actions.

“Stay,” she implored softly.

She didn’t need to ask twice. And maybe she would regret it in the morning, maybe she just wanted to feel safe, maybe this was the start of something much deeper…

All he knew was the he couldn’t pass up this chance.

A short while later, as Caroline lay on the brink of slumber, curled up against Klaus who held her close and gently played with the ends of her curls, she asked the question dancing at the edge of her mind.

“Hey Klaus?” she asked softly.

“Yes love?” he murmured.

“Is this your bedroom?”

He chuckled, causing a pleasant rumble in his chest and Caroline hid her smile against his shirt.

“No, this room isn’t mine – it was always meant to be yours.”

I started klarolineauweek with a silly fic featuring Enzo, Caroline and Klaus. I figured I’d finish it the same way. This is my 2500th post on Tumblr! I think werewolfpuppy!Klaus is an appropriate way to celebrate that, right? Here’s the first part.

oh how strange (Part Two)

Caroline decided to send Enzo home - he was a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy and he’d just get in the way of her serious plotting. He hadn’t wanted to leave, but Caroline had insisted, physically yanking him out of the dining room chair and waving Klaus away when he tried to follow, “Klaus, stay.”

 That earned her a growl, and she threw him an apologetic look. “Yeah, that was rude. Sorry.”

Caroline hauled Enzo towards the door, despite his reluctance, “Seriously, Enzo,” Caroline assured him, “plausible deniability is a good thing here. Take my word for it. Rebekah Mikaelson? Heinous, sadistic bitch. Her only redeeming quality is her killer taste in shoes.”

“That’s not very nice, Caroline.” 

“She’s 1000 years old. I’m pretty sure she invented some of the torture techniques those Augustine weirdos used on you. Probably perfected them on the guy who refused to kiss her ring, or whatever. And The Original’s never throw anything out. I don’t even want to know what kind of creepy implements of pain and misery they have lying around”

If anything, that seemed to intrigue Enzo even more. Which was super gross, and not something Caroline wanted to think about.

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kc + "are you drunk dialing me?"

I’m so bad at writing short drabbles *facepalm*

Caroline squinted at the television, stopping herself from cursing yet again, reaching for her wine glass instead.

“Jamie you are really hot and the accent seriously works in your favour but not even a professional chef could do that!” she groaned.

Ok, so in Jamie Oliver’s defence, she was pretty tipsy so everything about the recipe was going a little wonky, but who the hell could send an entire stir fry into mid-air then collect it right back into the pan? Gravity existed with or without sobriety and that was just a fact of life.

…Or was it?

With a sigh and another large gulp of her wine she reached for the remote to rewind. Maybe there was a specific flick of the wrist she’d missed.


Klaus was heading to bed when his phone rang. He sighed. The only person who usually called him at this hour was his sister and it was usually because she was either in a foul mood or because – well no, actually, that was about it. She was usually in a foul mood.

So he took his time getting to his phone, did a little flick with his wrist to send it spinning into the air and caught it deftly, before he even looked at the caller ID.

After which he abruptly sobered.

“Caroline?” he answered with a frown.

His back was ramrod straight as he wondered how fast he could get to her, deciding that clothing would have to be optional depending on what kind of emergency she was dealing with. Then again she wouldn’t be calling at this hour, and certainly not calling him, if it weren’t life-threatening.

“I need you to translate.”

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fic: this is a harvest

“Ask me to choose you, Caroline,” Klaus continues heatedly, “go ahead, and I will, with everything that I have. But in return, you’re going to have to do the one thing you’ve been fighting since the night I sat on your bedside and fed you my blood. You’re going to have to choose me back. It’s only fair,” and he spits these last words out. 

caroline/klaus, kol, rebekah, stefan
6918 words, ch ½, rated m
read on AO3,, or a bit of it right here!

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letsnotsaygoodbyethistime-deact  asked:

drabble request (i think you're taking these): So if there is a baby, maybe a drabble where Caroline meets the baby for the first time. Or, if you're super anti-magic baby, how about one where Caroline has to convince Klaus she's ready to be with him?

“Hi is this Caroline Forbes’ house?” The teenage blonde girl wrung her hands nervously as she stood in front of the door. Caroline looked at the girl curiously before nodding.

“I’m Caroline,” she replied, “And you are?”

The blonde girl smiled and Caroline noticed the dimpled in her cheeks as she did. There was a pang in her chest but Caroline ignored it. She hadn’t heard from him in years, she wasn’t about to get upset over her hybrid stalker now.

“My name is Lily,” She said softly, looking up at Caroline with familiar bluish green eyes, “Lily Mikaelson,”

“What?” Caroline gasped, surely she couldn’t mean…

“I’m Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter,” Lily said with a shy smile.


“Can I get you anything?” She asked nervously, shuffling around her living room.

“No thank you,” Caroline nodded and sat down across from her, staring at the teenager like she was some kind of lab specimen.  

“So, can I ask why you’re here?” Caroline asked, leaning forward.

“I found some sketches of you in my dad’s closet, I was curious,” She shrugged and Caroline swallowed.

“Do you have them by any chance?” She hated the hopefulness that seeped into her voice. Lily nodded and quickly went into her backpack and ruffled through some papers, pulling a few out before handing them to Caroline.

They were both silent for a few moments as Caroline shifted through the sketches. His art skills were as amazing as always, “He’s such a phenomenal artist isn’t he?” She smiled and Lily coughed awkwardly.

“Actually I didn’t know he drew at all until I found those,” Caroline looked up at her shocked, “Can I ask you something Caroline?” Lily asked abruptly and Caroline  nodded, “Did he love you?”

Caroline smiled sadly and traced the lines on the paper in front of her, “Yes, I think he did,” Lily grinned.

“Did you love him?” She sounded so hopeful and Caroline froze.

“Back then I would have said no in a heartbeat,” She paused and a blush crept up her cheeks, “But now I believe I did, still do actually,”

“Why didn’t you ever go to him?” Lily asked quietly after a few moments.

“I was scared I guess, or my ego was too big,” Caroline shrugged and Lily nodded, looking at her hands, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course,”

“Whose your mother?” Lily tensed and her face fell.

“Her name was Hayley I think,” She shrugged and noticed a flicker of pain pass through Caroline’s eyes, “I never met her, she left right after I was born and ran away with my uncle Elijah,”

“Hayley and Elijah?” Caroline’s jaw dropped and she laughed, “Oh my god, that whore,” She covered her mouth with her hand when she realized what she had said, “Sorry,”

“Its fine, I’ve been happy with just my dad,” Lily shrugged.

“Then why did you leave?”

“He seemed really lonely and sad all the time. I asked Aunt Bekah about it and she told me a little bit about you,” Caroline blushed, “I always wondered what you were like," 

"I’m glad he has you,” Caroline smiled and Lily grinned.

“I’m actually really tired, do you mind if I crash here tonight?” Caroline laughed and nodded, gesturing towards the guest room.   

After an hour or so when Caroline was sure Lily was asleep she pulled out her phone and dialed the number she had always kept in her contacts.

He picked up after three rings and she held her breath waiting for his voice.

“Hello?” She sank down on the couch and closed her eyes.

“Klaus? Its Caroline,” She breathed and hoped he would remember her.

“Caroline?” He sounded surprised and she smiled, “Sweetheart its been too long,” She laughed and settled back on the couch more.

“I know, I’m sorry,”

“How are you?” He asked and she grinned. 

“Fine, listen, I think I have something of yours,” Klaus stopped breathing on the other line, “About 5'3, blonde hair, green eyes, she has your dimples. Goes by the name of Lily Mikaelson,”

“You found her?” She could hear the relief in his voice and it made her heart soar.

“She found me actually,”

“What do you mean she found you,” He asked hesitantly and Caroline sighed.

“She came looking for me after she found some of your old drawings,”

“She did?” He sounded surprised. 

“She seems stubborn, I like it. And she seems like she keeps you on your toes so that’s always good,” He chuckled.

“What can I say, I have a weakness for blondes with sharp tongues,” Caroline laughed and shook her head.

“Same old Klaus,” She sighed.

“Same old Caroline,” They paused for a moment and she just listened to him breathing, “So can I come pick up my daughter soon or are you just going to keep her?” He asked playfully.

“I kind of like her, I might just keep her. I’ve missed that Mikaelson charm in my life,” She replied cheekily and he laughed.

“There’s an easy remedy for that you know love,”

“Oh I’ll be keeping that in mind for the near future,”

I tried. I don’t know how I feel about that…Hope you liked it!!!  

Craccolaqueen requested: Human!Klaroline where they meet at the beach for the first time

“Care!” Katherine shouted from her bedroom.

“What is it?” The blonde questioned as she grabbed her biology text book and sat down on her bed.

“Let’s go to the beach.” She replied.

“I can’t go, Kat! I have to study for my final in order to get a passing grade.” Caroline responded as she opened up her textbook.

Katherine huffed in annoyance before she made her way to her best friend’s bedroom. She pushed the door open and entered without knocking.

Her arms were crossed over her chest and the blonde could feel the brunette’s hard gaze on her face.

“I can’t go to the beach, Kat.” She repeated, not bothering to look over at her.

“We’re in Cali, Care! I mean I know that we go to school here, but we have honestly been stuck in our rooms ever since this semester started and now that it’s coming to an end, let’s hang out and just let loose.” She urged her, hoping that her stubborn friend would give in.

“We can hang out and let loose after finals week is over. You know that biology isn’t my strong suit, so just let me be.” Caroline begged. “At least until Saturday,” she added.

Katherine shook her head quickly before she walked over to Caroline’s shelves. When she had them open, she started looking for the blonde’s baby blue, polka-dotted bikini.

Caroline could here Katherine rummaging around in her shelves and she huffed in annoyance before she shut her text book and stood up. The blonde noticed that her best friend was already in her red bikini and she shook her head.

“Katherine, you can’t be serious right now!” She cried out when she spotted one of her bikinis in the brunette’s hand.

“Caroline, stop being a stubborn little bitch and get into this.” Katherine ordered as she tossed the bikini in her direction.

Caroline caught it without much trouble and she looked down at it before she looked over at her friend.

“Your biology exam isn’t for another couple of days. Nothing will happen if you put the fucking textbook down for a couple of hours.”

“Actually, a lot may happen–’” She began, but Katherine cut her off.

“Don’t sass me, Blondie.” Katherine dictated. “I am not going to take no for an answer.”

“Will you lay off my back if I go with you to the beach for two hours?” Caroline wondered, genuinely curious.

“Probably,” she shrugged.

“Fine, then.” The blonde sighed heavily as she removed her shorts and tanktop and pulled on the bikini.

When she was ready, she put her hands on her hips and looked over at the brunette tiredly.

“Let’s go,” she told her.

“That’s my girl.” Katherine smiled brightly before she grabbed one of the beach bags and handed it to Caroline. “Meet me by the front door in like five minutes. I just have to get some of my things ready.”

Katherine nodded quickly before she ran out of Caroline’s bedroom. Once the blonde was alone, she threw her hat and her tanning lotion into the bag as well as whatever else was necessary. Her phone was currently charging and even though it was dying, she could care less.

When the duo was ready, they took off.


Once Caroline and Katherine arrived at the beach, they immediately found a spot that was somewhat away from the water and they sat down.

They put tanning lotion on themselves and lay in the sun for a couple of minutes. The brunette then stood up and Caroline looked up at her through her glasses.

“Where are you going?” She wondered.

“I didn’t just come here to tan, Care. I also want to feel the water against my skin.”

“Ugh…” Caroline huffed in annoyance.

Katherine shrugged because she wasn’t about to stick around and once Caroline lay back down, she made her way to the water.

The next thirty minutes were rather relaxing because she was listening to her music and the warmth of the sun made her feel good.

She then turned on her back and undid the strap on her bikini because she wanted to be equally tanned. As she was doing so, she felt the sand on her face and she squealed. She removed her sunglasses and tried to get rid of the specks of sand without much success.

Today just wasn’t her day…

The blonde then stood up, forgetting that her bikini strap was undone and as she was standing up, the front of her bikini went up and her midsection was exposed.

The guy that was reached for the soccer ball looked over at her with his eyes wide and Caroline inhaled a sharp breath before she pulled down her bikini.

“I– I, uh… I apologize for the sand that got on your face. My little brother isn’t exactly the greatest kicker.”

“I don’t care.” She spat. “Just get lost.” She ordered even though she found him rather attractive. He had dirty blonde hair and blue-gray eyes that seemed to shine– not to mention, he had a sexy accent.

“It seems like somebody got up on the wrong side of her bed today.” He told her as he tucked the soccer ball under his arm.

“I’m not in the mood right now, so it would be cool if you– oh, I don’t know… Disappeared?”

“Are you not going to even ask my name?” He questioned, genuinely curious.

“Why would I do that?” Caroline asked him, the confusion evident in her voice.

“I feel like why wouldn’t you is the better question.”

“If I ask you your name, will you vanish?” Caroline questioned.

“I don’t even think you’re in the hollywood industry and yet you’re already acting like a self-entitled diva.”
“Woah, woah, woah!” She cried out. “You don’t know me and you don’t know why I’m stressed out, so don’t you dare jump to conclusions!” The blonde ordered.

“Why are you stressed, love?” He wondered, genuinely curious.

“Biology,” she responded before she turned away from him.

He wrapped his hand around her arm and she stopped in her tracks before she slowly turned around.

She looked over at him questioningly and he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I can help you with biology, you know… After all, I did graduate at the top of my class.”

“Show off, much?” She asked him.

“Just stating the facts.” He winked before he heard his little brother call out to him. “I have to go, but I’ll be back here in a bit…?”

“Caroline,” she replied.

Klaus nodded before he ran back to his little brother and Caroline looked over at him with a smile on her lips.

“Were you just talking to Klaus Mikaelson?” Katherine questioned as her doe brown eyes widened in shock.

“Uh… Am I supposed to know who that is?”

“You really have been living in a shell these past few months, Care! Klaus Mikaelson is the hottest new actor in hollywood and his movie just came out!”

“Wait, what?” She questioned, the surprise evident in her voice.

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Mate Part II

Read Mate Part I Here

Caroline smiled as she felt a pair of strong arms circle around her waist, pulling her back against a hard body that fit so perfectly against her curves.

“Hello, sweetheart.” Klaus said as he nuzzled his face into her neck, his lips skimming across the exposed shin of her shoulder.

“Hello, husband. Did you have fun at your little pack meeting?” Caroline said with a playful smirk as she let her head drop back against his shoulder, allowing him more access to her neck.

Klaus huffed at her description of his pack. “I would hardly call my pack little, Caroline. We are one of the biggest packs in the United States.”

“Who all manage to fit in the meeting room at the rec center.” Caroline shot back as she ran her fingertips along his hands and exposed forearms.

Caroline waited for his sharp retort back, but it never came. Her brows furrowed in confusion and she opened her mouth to ask what was wrong when the feel of Klaus’ nose skimming across her skin stopped her in her tracks.

It took a moment to realize what Klaus was doing and once she did she was out of his arms like a shot, spinning around to face him as she pointed a finger at him in accusation.

“Oh my god! Were you totally just sniffing me?! Can you be anymore of a creepy werewolf?!” Caroline screeched as she rubbed her neck to wipe off the moisture that was not there, a habit born from the fact that when Klaus was in his wolf form he usually snuffed at her neck leaving it all wet from his wolfy nose.

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