caroline paget


Women is Music!

Lioness Hidden Treasures by Amy Winehouse + Femme draprée devant une fontaine antique by Henry Ryland

Stronger withEach Tear by Mary J. Blige + Caroline Paget, Lady Bayly by Enoch Seeman the younger

Yours Truly by Ariana Grande + Julia Louise Bosville, Lady Middleton by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani + Alcibiade kneeling before his mistress Louis Jean François Lagrenée

Music of the Sun by Rihanna + Isolde by Gaston Bussiere

1000 Forms of Fear by Sia + Portrait of Aline Mason in Blue by Raimundo de Madrazo

Come Away with Me by Norah Jones + Jewish Girl in Tangiers by Charles Landelle

Homogenic by Björk + The Love Letter by Auguste Toulmouche

The Fame by Lady Gaga + Magdalene von Sachsen by Lucas Cranach the Elder

21 by Adele + The Sisters by Edmund Charles Tarbell

Lady Caroline Paget (1913–1976), Later Lady Duff (c.1938). Rex Whistler (English, 1905–1944). Oil on canvas. National Trust, Plas Newydd.

“Whistler’s fascinating correspondence with Lady Caroline carves out a remarkable love story and reflects the depth of his passion for her and his connections with the Plas,“ explained David Ellender, House Manager at Plas Newydd. "Sadly, it would appear from the letters that any ‘romance’ between them was driven harder by Rex than Lady Caroline. Again, this is subtly reflected in much of his work.”