caroline matilde

18th century, Caroline Matilda of Great Britain: married to King Christian VII of Denmark, whom she never met before, at the age of 15. At 17, she gave birth to her first child, who later became Kind Frederick VI of Denmark. One year later she met Johann Struensee, the king’s physician, with whom she had a scandalous affair. Inspired by the Enlightenment ideals, together they seized power from the mentally ill king, an act which resulted in a short period of revolutionary reforms in Denmark. At age 20, she gave birth to her second child, Princess Louise Auguste, who was widely thought to be the daughter of Struensee. The pair was arrested shortly after the birth of her daughter, and at age 21, the Queen was separated from her children, had to bear the death of her lover, who was executed, and later was sent into exile in Germany. She could never return to Denmark or see her children again, and died of scarlet fever at age 23.

What a life!