caroline is supposed to be a serious character

It is absolutely appalling that this fandom experience is still like this, jfc how many years has it been already? The Klaroline fandom can be many things, we can be loud, forceful, we can be the god damn bane of your existence, I don’t give a shit, but we are not the root of all the problems your show suffers. And it’s high time we stop getting the blame placed upon.

What you’re doing by saying the reason there was a leak is because someone’s pissed that Klaus and Caroline aren’t together is ridiculous, and my god can’t you people get a new line already?!

If at this point you’re still harboring on with that insane notion that the only reason the show garners distaste is because certain ships aren’t happening? I legitimately don’t even know what I’m supposed to say. Offense intended, both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries have SERIOUS issues with representation, depiction, and treatment of minorities. The way you people write your female characters is an absolute travesty to today’s day and age of entertainment. The entitled elements to the male characters that enacts the garbage treatment of the females is also, you guessed it, a travesty. You’re about to fridge a female character twice within the span of 10 episodes to service the male lead, a character that since day one, was solely created to be the person who ‘understands’ the lead, your pregnancy plot was all types of messed up, TVD’s even more so, Bonnie and Caroline are always getting used to further shit for the guys, half the females on The Originals have only ever existed as such,  A PREVIOUS AUTHORITY FIGURE IN TVD JUST ADMITTED TO FALLING IN LOVE WITH A FORMER STUDENT, AND BY DEFAULT ADMITTED HE WAS ESSENTIALLY TRYING TO TRAP HER IN A MARRIAGE HE KNOWS SHE DOESN’T WANNA BE IN, and you think ya’ll get shit because of ships? Get a grip, and miss me with that.

We are consumers of the product, and being in that position gives us the right to critique. You don’t air to an empty room and reap the benefits. You air to people, and people have thoughts, concerns, opinions. If you can’t handle that, you’re all in the wrong line of profession. The television industry is an art form, and art is to be subjected to critique, that’s how it works, it’s how it’s always worked, and it’s always how it’s going to work. And that’s before I even delve into all the logistical problems the shows suffer. Never mind the fact that a shared universe is completely disregarded, you can’t keep track of your canon, half the mythology and plot has to get explained on Twitter because you’re incapable of clear cut storytelling, oh but never mind any of that, clearly, it’s just salty shippers.

Since day one this fandom has had a target placed on it’s back. We were put through a bait and switch, then got told to get over it. And as if that wasn’t enough, you ‘professionals’ then proceeded to ridicule us for years. Your damn EP went on a two-day twitter rampage against us JUST BECAUSE HE COULD. You in particular called us basement dwelling murderers, and whoopsie, sorry people who support your job for free in their spare time on top of jobs, school, lives, don’t appreciate being insulted, our bad. Oh but CLEARLY, the shippers are the problem. We were subjected to an environment where it was a constant ‘why don’t you guys go away, the writers and cast hate you guys’. There was a time period on tumblr where it freaking sucked to be a Klaroline shipper because everyone was getting hate from rival fandoms, telling us all types of shit, and they followed the ‘professionals’ lead. You bunch of Mother Teresa’s ganged up on us for loving and supporting something that went against your agenda, so the fandoms you created did too.

There are countless Klaroline shippers who tried to partake in the TO fandom but were essentially shunned because they shipped Klaroline. And that’s all thanks to your camp who made us out to be the problem for everything. So yeah, I hate The Originals, but people in my fandom wanna watch it and have a fandom to talk to about it, so that’s what I do on my blog. I’ll harbor TO discussion for a show I don’t even watch, for a show I can’t stand, because I love the Klaroline fandom, and many of them don’t have anywhere else to express their thoughts without an immediate ‘you’re just a bitter Klaroliner’ bias. And I’m proud to do it,and I’m gonna keep doing it, for as long as people keep coming to talk to me.

AND DESPITE ALL OF THAT, we’re still here, supporting our faves, and by default aiding in support for the shows. We were there for the ratings bumps, we increased social media traffic during the crossover week, we planned trends, we do what some shows would kill for—be active. Fandom is supposed to be fun, it’s where a lot of us made friends, bonds, creations, it’s lovely to gather over something that you enjoy doing. Being asshole’s and taking digs at us bc we’re not falling at your feet for the problematic plots, characters, and arcs, you’ve presented to us is a joke. Same EP just the other day called people who root for ships instead of the arcs people of ‘low-intelligence’ I mean, what even is that? That’s out of line. Without fans what do you have? You don’t get to tear apart the reason you have a product to make, and at the end of the day, that’s for an audience. You write for an audience, you provide representation to an audience, YOU BROADCAST TO AN AUDIENCE.

Your info leak ain’t our problem. I likely don’t have to address this to you since you’re likely lurking anyway, but @ Carina, Go boo-hoo about the stuff on my blog some more. And maybe spend less time reading my blog, and more time adapting to your audience—or idk, society. Bye.