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"but Caroline was never one to actively fight for something unless it was with Matt actually. ". Do you think that's because she was human 1st when they started dating or b/c she had just turned & was trying to hold on to anything tied to her former life.

This is interesting because I never got the impression that Caroline was trying to hold onto her former life because there are, like, two episodes she thinks that being a vampire sucks and then she embraces it so I feel like she felt as if her life was enhanced by vampirism. The show and people like to say that Tyler was her first love and maybe that’s true but I think Matt was the first person she truly, deeply cared about, the first person she never wanted to see get hurt, the first person she would do anything for because I mean she betrays Elena to keep Matt safe, she actually goes pretty hard for Matt which is why I think their relationship is underrated.

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@sevansandco​ — bc you two are like the only two glee muses i follow and i love you both so much BUT OMFG OK SO THIS LIL CUPCAKE HAS THE BEST SAM and he’s so cute and caroline is minorly enthralled with his impressions tbh but yes oh my god dude writing is so fluid and good and the plots are fun, everything is just breezy and not stressful and i love it.

@beccabobecs — abby is, quite literally, the sweetest mun ever. and she writes every muse she has with such ferocious dedication and passion and she will literally give me a run for my money in the positivity department. she’s a joy to have on the dash, a freakin pleasure to write with and words cannot explain how much i need her in my life

@motherofasgard — ok but katie is second to none, and she’s so talented that it hurts, she’s got such passion and light and life inside of her and you just wanna hug her close and never let her go. she’s never got a bad word to say about like anything, and she loves her muse so much its contagious, so. freaking. great. to write with, to see on the dash, to talk to, honestly i think everyone should follow her.

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As non sc shipper I never get the impression that Caroline consider Stefan as burden n visa versa . They are like in the arrange marriage situation where they sometime very happy n sometime doesn't know what to do with each other and want to flee

I just don’t buy their happiness, they feel like roommates who made an agreement, like legitimately that’s how I look at them, that’s how they come across to me and it goes both ways, which is why I get irritated with KC trolls who put all the blame on Stefan because I’m like, I don’t think they work, I don’t think that it’s Stefan’s fault either though.

Stefan and Caroline || tomorrow

I’ve been thinking ‘bout tomorrow
Instead of drowning in the past

a/n: all I keep seeing is how “caroline left her family for stefan” and my impression was so the opposite. here’s a little look into what I think a little of next season will look like. 

Stefan rolled his neck from side to side and then front to back. His eyes were sore from the computer screen. His fingers were numb from vigorously typing. The only person alive that knew what was in that vault was Enzo and now, he was gone too. 

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Another thing..

You all also love to compare Klaus to Damon/Klaroline to Delena. 

But tell me how when Elena was dating Stefan & constantly told Damon to back off, he tried to compel her, forcefully grabbed her face & tried to kiss her, killed her brother bc she rejected him?????? WTF still can’t wrap my head around that, did actually kiss her (it was katherine but he didn’t know that), told her he wasn’t sorry about her & stefan breaking up, and had sex with her not even 24 hrs after knowing that his BROTHER’s heart was fucking breaking. 

Klaus, on the other hand, never tried to force himself onto Caroline. He always respected her, tried to impress her with gifts & drawings, his charm, wanted to go on dates with her, etc. as normal guys do, actually wanted to get to know her, wanted her to get to know him, and when she told him to leave bc she didn’t wanna go to new orleans with him, he left, bc that’s how much he RESPECTS her. & When stefan came to New Orleans, he told him to either treat her right or let her go. He wanted to make sure Caroline was being treated right & she was happy, even if it wasn’t with him. 

Do not compare Klaus to Damon, he will always be the better man. & he treats Stefan better than his own brother does, smh. 

p.s. I don’t wanna hear about Klefan during the time he compelled him to turn off his humanity. Klaus was the (best) villain TVD has had & it was literally his job to be the bad guy & he did a damn good job at it. So good in fact that he was supposed to be killed off after his storyline was over (pre-silas) but not only did they keep him in mystic falls longer than they had planned to, he got his own show & now he MAY be coming back to TVD for the series finale. Klaus/Joseph Morgan was the best thing to happen to TVD. Him > Damon/Ian. 

“And I can show you, if you want” 

Caroline was always subtle in her flirting, but not this time. With lip chewed between her teeth and blonde curls swinging back and forth it truly was now or never to impress the new boy. 

“Caroline, you and me…” his eyes began flickering over her in a look of sympathy. Already set up for rejection. 

Her mouth opened to protest, to try harder, but whatever it was she was about to say was swallowed up by his lips on hers. 

“Yeah, we are totally going to happen” Stefan smiles. 

Without a second hesitation she dives back pressing her mouth roughly against his. The falls can wait until another day. 

My graphic based on lynyrdwrites synopsis:

Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson were engaged.  Then an accident occurs, leaving everyone under the impression that Caroline is dead.  Not only losing his fiancee, Klaus also develops unnatural powers.  Now desperate to feel warm again, he begins to take lives with his icy powers… until the day when Firestorm appears in his life.

Firestorm doesn’t remember who she was before she awoke, able to ignite into fire that could level cities.   All she knows is that she needs to discover her past… and somehow the murderous Killer Frost is the key to that.  Klaus, on the other hand, knows that Firestorm is his Caroline.

If somehow he could convince her of that, then maybe they could finally even each other out, before power-consumed madness destroys them both.

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It Started Last Summer

These are all my feels on the Season 6 Episode 21. I’ve regained control of myself to the point of being able to talk without stuttering. I am going to break it down slightly by topic but basically I’m just going to blurt out one long unreadable mess.

Overall impression:

The Stefan slash Caroline scene was brilliant. It was like they’d returned to their pre-romance relationship but with both of them acting like they were ten years older and basically openly admitting to each other they’re in love with no fuss about it. Then even after Caroline gave him the not-right-now line, incredibly there was zero angst and zero awkwardness, just talking to each other naturally when it was needed, not even debating whether to sit next to each other, and all that.

I had no idea the writers were capable of something as good as this part of the story and it’s like Stefan has completely flipped a page. He’s assertive, confident, honest and to the point. Almost every negative characteristic has been subdued or erased. You could notice this in all his interactions, Damon, Elena, Caroline. Contrast this with how he was with Elena, how he was as a single heartbroken guy after that crashed, how he was mid-season six with miss Forbes. It is like he has finally accepted himself and how his world works.

With all of Stefan’s issues I was never completely sold on him being Caroline’s “rock” but this edition of them is one I can get behind one hundred percent. They are already light years ahead of any of the brothers’ former romantic relationships.

How Stefan has changed around Caroline:

  • “You are avoiding me.” Or, I am going to point this out since I don’t like it and I actually know what I want now so we need to talk and I’m going to force you to cut the crap.
  • * Stefan taking Caroline’s hand the first time * Nope, still here.
  • * Stefan taking Caroline’s hand the second time * Sorry, still here.
  • “I feel the same way when I’m around you.” As in: “I am in love with you and I’m not even going to pretend otherwise but I’ll probably save saying those three words until I’m sure you’re not going to run away from me like a rabbit that’s about to get eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

Why Caroline flipped the switch:

From my analysis post-“Stay”, episode 14:

“I think this is the first time Caroline has ever thought something like “I don’t know if I can live without him” and I think that scares the hell out of her. […] This will not make her completely “codependent” but it will draw her towards that polarity. […] Will she make mistakes? Absolutely certainly. She’s drawn out of her comfort zone. This is new territory.”

From the actual dialogue of episode 21:

“It started last summer when you moved away. I started obsessing over where you were, wondering why you weren’t returning my calls.

I told you I hated you when I felt ignored, missed my mom’s final moments because I was kissing you, and then she died…

And all I needed was for you to tell me that you felt something for me, and you didn’t, and it affected me so deeply that I did the worst possible thing a vampire can do.”

Now, some people don’t like that Caroline turned off her humanity for Stefan.

I do.

Her flipping it over the situation with Stefan is perfectly in character. She’s choosing the nuclear option on a feeling that she has never had before in her life and which is making her lose her self-control and emotional independence. Death is a constant. Liz dying, ultimately, is nothing surprising. Her falling head over heels for a guy who’s at this point basically acting like a black box, on the other hand, is “a control freak’s worst nightmare”.

I like the fact that the strength of her feelings smashes Caroline out of her safe territory. I like that she stumbles and that she falls, at least once. I like that she’s honest about her failings and that she makes the effort to reign it in.

There is no victory in managing to avoid the pitfalls of codependency if those are never an option since neither character cares enough.

How people misunderstand the discussion between them.

This isn’t Caroline “rebuffing Stefan’s advances”. This is them both telling each other in no uncertain terms that they are in love and Caroline telling Stefan that with all the turmoil in her life she doesn’t dare to take the plunge just yet. As in, not until the next episode.

This isn’t useless procrastinating. This is them actually doing the books on what’s happened in order to figure out what’s next.

This isn’t defeat. This is a huge victory.

How Steroline differs from Delena and why the writers put them through Hell:

The amazing thing - the truly amazing thing - about their simple little chat is that it somehow managed to validate season six for them, even the painful parts that many of us were annoyed by. It shows them, in a sense, as transformed individuals.

What the showrunners have done over this season has been to visit every single problematic aspect of both their characters and have it cause a very public meltdown. So, these two are finally taking charge of the situation and handling the issue head on, because they realize that the indecisiveness, the insecurities, the secrets and their hangups can be tolerated no longer. 

They realize that they are in the middle of this situation whether they like it or not and they aren’t trying to sweep it under the rug or sugarcoat it, and they are also no longer in denial about their own feelings. They both act like grounded, mature and very sincere individuals. 

In essence they are turning into the anti-Delena.

Why I owe an apology to Julie Plec:

I was worried before this episode. I was extremely worried. I was worried about the finale too. I’m not worried anymore.

I would even forgive them ending the season separated by some contrivance because this episode and their discussion was so great and so completely antithetical to almost everything we know about how TVD writes romances. This is on a different level. I didn’t take Julie seriously when she talked in that interview about “seeing if these characters are able to forge lasting, mature relationships” because I didn’t think she had it in her.

What I am realizing - and this is a most welcome surprise - is that I may have actually underestimated Julie.

Can we stop saying Caroline chose the twins over Stefan?

I understand how it can appear that way: the writers have an annoying habit of building something up as The Biggest Threat Ever ™ and then having the characters act blasé about it [re: the Heretics in 7x01 vs 7x02, 7x03], and of course, Valerie sold it to you that way, and everyone and their cousin warned Stefan that would be the case. But does that mean it’s what happened?

Caroline was under the impression that the Huntress and the problem of the mark would be dealt with shortly, and she and Stefan could figure out the next steps together. She only, definitively, wanted to stay and help with the twins in the meantime. The rest was up for negotiation.

Does this make sense considering how we’re supposed to narratively fear the Huntress? Not really. Did Stefan’s response to Caroline’s capture in 7x03 make sense considering how we were supposed to narratively fear the Heretics? Not really. This is a writing problem, and the writers do it ALL. THE. TIME.

Stefan, on the other hand, was becoming more and more desperate and hopeless as his search was fruitless and, on a whim, suggests running off to Caroline. He does not communicate the severity of the situation. Caroline doesn’t even learn the severity of the situation until sometime during the time jump.

Caroline doesn’t choose anything. Stefan removes himself and, therefore, the choice from the equation.

Had she had all the information, would she have chosen to stay with the twins? We can’t answer that, but judging by the fact that she spent hours each day crying in her car over Stefan and settled into her life with the twins after it was apparent he wasn’t coming back, I think we could make a strong case for “No." 

Maybe we’ll get a clear answer in Steroline’s confrontation, but until then, it’s a heavy-handed reading of the situation to say she chose the twins over him.

Bonnie would be wasting Elena’s sacrifice if she sat around feeling guilty, so she’s going to grab the bull by the horns and be awesome Bonnie Bennett. She’ll start up a fun friendship with Damon, a continuation of what they have now, but she’ll kind of become his moral center as he’s trying to figure out who he is without Elena to impress.
—  Caroline Dries on Bonnie (and Damon)