caroline hawkins


Favorite Sibling Relationships:

Tyler and Caroline Hawkins

Remember Me

“I’ve only seen him look at one girl the way he looks at you. And she’s a lot shorter and shares his DNA.”

“You have a daughter, who sincerely believes that you don’t like her. She’s trying to communicate, she’s speaking. But why aren’t you listening? Why aren’t you, riveted? Why is this not the most important thing, just for one night!”

“Thanks for the wake up call, Maestro.”
“You smell like beer and Listerine.”

“There’s like… a thing.”
“A thing?”
“A show where you show what you’ve done…Will you come?”
“Um…I’ll have to check my book… Uh, abso-freaking-lutely. What, are you insane? I’m gonna be there the day before. I’m gonna camp out.”

A/N: So I was going to post a multi chapter fic for the @hpwritersnet prompt, but unfortunately my computer is acting like it’s going to crash so I won’t be able to finish it just yet, and I won’t be getting an new one until a week or two from now. So have these headcannons instead. 

  • Lily Evans does not hate James Potter, no matter what popular opinion says. She hates how he acts, but that’s much different than hating him. In all honesty, James is a very hard person for her to dislike. He’s charismatic and loyal and funny as hell. So no Lily doesn’t hate James. In fact, she might harbor a teeny tiny crush on him, but that’s not something she talks about.
  • James Potter does not love Lily Evans, despite what a good majority of the student body believe. Sure, she’s pretty - beautiful even - and her eyes are like something out of a fairy tale, but he’s not stupid. It takes a whole lot more than looks for him to be in love with someone. And if the truth be known, she’s kind of annoying with the way she gives him and his friends detention all the time. (Remus says she likes him, but James isn’t inclined to believe him.)
  • Lily doesn’t get a fluttery feeling in her stomach when he asks her out. She doesn’t pay attention to the way her heart soars, then falls when she realizes that this is the way he choose to ask her out - that while humiliating her best friend, he finds it perfectly alright to ask her out on a date. So she yells at him instead of soothing her hurt heart.
  • James didn’t mean to ask her out. Honest. The words just sorta slip out. It’s just… .well, she’s even more beautiful when she’s mad. He’s being superficial, he knows. He hates that as well. There’s more to her than he knows, but he just isn’t interested in finding out more about her. He is such a toerag.
  • He certainly didn’t mean to stumble on her crying after the incident. Yet here he is - standing in the doorway of an empty classroom, too afraid to say anything for fear he might be hexed. Then she lets out another sob and Merlin, James’ mother would be so ashamed of him if she knew that he walked away and left her to cry. So he offers her his shoulder, literally and figuratively, and lets her cry to her heart’s content.
  • She doesn’t want him to hold her, but she can’t help the fact that it feels so damn good. She likes the way she fits into his side and the way he whispers sweet things to her and she just likes everything about James bloody Potter because he’s so darn likable. And oh, Merlin, he thinks this is just about Se-Snape. He doesn’t get the fact that it’s about him too. That he hurt her, too. It’s this thought that makes her dry her tears and head back to Gryffindor Tower. Without Ja-Potter.
  • Summer passes in a haze of Muggle cigarettes and too loud music. James isn’t sure that he wants it to end, but he can’t stop time so summer does end and he’s back at school. Being back at Hogwarts is fun for all of two weeks, then it’s back to the usual drama that involves Snape and the other Slytherins. He’s not sure if hexing the greasy git will do any good, but he’d be willing to give it a try if he didn’t have teachers (namely McGonagall) breathing down his neck. She’s gotten it into her head that he’d be a shoe in for Head Boy. As if.
  • Lily swears he’s gotten taller. Merlin, how is that possible? Who knows maybe it’s just her being an idiot because she pays far too much attention to James Potter. Thankfully, Mary doesn’t comment on the fact that Lily looks over at him every so often during breakfast. Benjy Fenwick is there to take her mind off of Potter though. He asks her out to Hogsmeade and their date results him their becoming a couple. Mary calls them the cutest couple at Hogwarts.
  • It isn’t until it’s near Christmas that James starts hanging out with Lily. She’d just broken up with Fenwick and she’s in the common room struggling to transform a teapot into a mouse. James offers to help her. From there, they just sorta fall into a friendship. James sits with her in Transfiguration because, let’s face it, she’s rubbish at the subject and Lily helps James concentrate when they study in the library instead of annoying Madam Pince. 
  • They’re friends and Lily’s happy about that, honest she is, but there’s something more there. She knows James is ignoring it, or maybe he’s just too daft to realize what it is. Either way, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She’s going to ask him to Hogsmeade. It’ll be fun because James is always a load of fun. So she asks him. And he says no. “It’s just that I’m already going with Caroline Hawkins and I’m really sorry, Lily. I thought I mentioned it.” She tells him it’s fine. Lily ends up spending her trip with Sirius, who buys her a boatload of candy to cheer her up.
  • James writes Lily that summer. Things between them have been weird since she asked him to Hogsmeade and he wants to fix it. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to be upset about it. In fact, she immediately agrees to spend a week at his house when he asks. And for no reason, he finds himself with butterflies in his stomach. It’s odd how a person can do that to you.
  • Lily wants to laugh at the look on James’ face, but she’s afraid he might start pouting. She’s beaten him at Exploding Snap again. For the tenth time in a row. As it turns out, James is not a good loser. He glares at her as she bites her lip and accuses her of cheating. She swears up and down that she’s not. He flops back on his back as she begins to giggle. Suddenly, she finds herself on her back with James’ hands poking at her sides, causing her to laugh even harder.
  • James hadn’t realized how green her eyes were until now. They’re gorgeous and so is she. Oh Merlin,he can’t be having an epiphany about her now. Not while he’s on top of her - tickling her - and she’s wiggling underneath him. No, no, no. And oh, shit, yep, this is his epiphany. Lily Evans is beautiful and funny and compassionate and so full of love and James Potter wants to date her. Merlin, he’s an idiot.
  • Lily’s not sure when he starts kissing her, but he does and it shocks her. She nearly screams, but her body isn’t capable of doing anything. Then he’s yanking away from her and apologizing and saying that it was wrong of him to kiss her without asking her permission first. Lily nearly throttles him. She would have too, if she hadn’t decided that kissing him was the better option. Sirius finds them an hour later with Lily’s dress up around her thighs and the top buttons of James’ shirt undone.