caroline harrison

The Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 was released on 29 October 1990. Cover photograph © Caroline Greyshock.

“‘There is definitely gonna be another Wilbury album - Volume 5,’ says George [Harrison]. ‘Each one of us enjoyed it so much. “Seven Deadly Sins,” “The Wilbury Twist”… it’s a release. We couldn’t do that on a solo album, and that’s the beauty of the Wilburys. If Bob did “Seven Deadly Sins” on his own album, he’d discard it after a while, but because you’ve got the rest of us who are willing to spend more time on the production side of the record, we’ll hang on to it.
'We were trying to make a Wilbury movie. We were going to film all the songs, it was all read - we had the studios booked, we had director David Leland (Wish You Were Here, Personal Services), and every song filmed in a different location. Unfortunately Roy died, but I’d still like to do it sometime. Live, I don’t know, but I’d love to hear Bob sing “Something in the way she moves…” Tom Petty says, “Well, I’m waitin’, soon as I see the big W in the sky, I’ll be there!”’” - VOX, September 1992

Caroline Harrison (1832-1892)

Art by Moxie Mouse (tumblr)

First Lady from 1889-1892, Caroline Harrison brought electricity to the White House.  The Harrisons were so uncomfortable with this new technology that they refused to turn the lights on and off themselves.  If no one was available to turn the lights off, they slept with them on,

This was part of a larger project to update the White House which would be built on by future First Ladies.  Caroline also preserved the china of previous First Ladies and she was the first to decorate the White House with a Christmas Tree.

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