Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes

These two have to be endgame because, though Tyler may be Caroline’s first love and Stefan may be another one of her epic loves, Klaus intends to be her last. (We may be paraphrasing here.) We’re cool with Caroline and Klaus doing their own things on their respective shows right now (though we wouldn’t say no to a crossover or two), but that doesn’t mean we’re not still hoping for some romance further down the line. Though TVD teased this relationship, we never really got to see these two together — and we like the traits these two bring out in one another. Basically, Klaus needs to get his act together so he can win Caroline back.

The Originals Relationships We Hope Are Endgame [X]

The media is so klaroline af lol!

Steroline Fanfic | Post-it

lefleur89 said: Imagine your OTP leaving little love notes for each other around the house. (Bonus: Person A leaves really sweet, fluffy notes, but B’s are suggestive and sometimes dirty.)

A/N: This is bad and short. Sorry xd

Caroline woke up and patted the mattress, looking for him, without finding him. She turned her head to the side of the bed in which he used to sleep and found it empty.

“Seriously?” she said with a grimace of disappointment. She was reaching for the phone to send him a message when she saw a post-it on his pillow.

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the-doctor-in-a-deerstalker asked:

Sentence prompt: "Klaus, you're over a 1000 years old! Surely you know that's not where you put it!"

She giggled as she set the last yellow token into the grid watching his crestfallen expression.

“That’s ten for me and three for you,” the blonde exclaimed grabbing her notebook where she had been keeping score.

Klaus lay back sulking looking like he’d been properly beat ignoring her grinning from across him.

She merrily reset the game and quickly divided the reds and yellows as the thunderstorm continued outside.

Now that they had been trying this friends thing Caroline had been spending more time at the Mikaelson Manor not distracting Klaus.

Today was one of those times nestled in the comfort of his living room they sat across from one another.

Klaus thought this game was drivel and was only humoring her which worked for her because she’d never laughed so much.

“Klaus, you’re over a 1000 years old! Surely you know that’s not where you put it!” The blonde exclaimed tossing her head back.

Klaus smirks at his choice, if he can’t win Caroline wouldn’t either, “Maybe I’m just forgetful,” he shrugs.

“We’ve already gone over the rules,” Caroline sighs as she grabs for the instructions pouting as he gets them first.

He gri s throwing the manual behind the sofa out of reach enjoying her adorably putout expression.

“Connect Four is a horrible game,” Klaus maintains, “Couldn’t we just play chess?” He asks scooting closer.

She moves back her face heating, “You only think it’s bad because you’re getting beat by a baby vampire.”

His cockiness disappears, “Nonsense, I let you win,” he counters leaning his arms on his knees.

“That was really the worst thing to say to me right now.” Caroline replies as she adds another token to the grid.

She waits eyeing him expectantly, “I don’t want to,” Klaus says trying not to sound like a pitiful child.

Caroline smiles scooting up so they are closer, “I dare you,” she counters giving him her best hooded stare.

“Caroline I will not be manipulated,” Klaus replies shutting his eyes to keep from looking her up and down because that’s not what friends do.

“No?” She whispers teasing against his cheek pressing a soft kiss that could be considered one of friendship or one of something else.

Klaus’ eyes open as he pushes himself back, “Ladies first,” he murmurs watching her pick her next position.

She smiles up at him warmth surrounding her and clutching at his chest, the things he would do for her she has no idea.


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