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Mate/soulmate pretty please

AU/AH. So. Much. Fluff.

The funny thing about being a person, or the sad thing depending on your perspective, is that one was confined to their own vision of the world. No, really, this isn’t a matter of theoretical thinking only. This is also literal. It’s why one can never realize that they had weak eyesight till they tried on glasses. Or how one doesn’t realize that their hearing is impaired until they are given a hearing aid. The list goes on and on, really. And no shocking discovery to limited vision of the world was like Caroline’s.

It started ever since she was as young as four years old. Her mother, Caroline began to notice, had awful taste. She had no sense whatsoever of color coordination. Their house was an absolute mess of colors. Pinks were put with unflattering reds and oranges. The bedsheets were a combination of loud yellows and greens. The living room was dull greys and whites with a stark red couch. It looked like someone just put random things together. And her mother’s outfits? Do not even get her started on that. It’s like her mother had no sense whatsoever of color coordination. Caroline had no qualms over pointing that out to her mom, repeatedly.

“Why do you dress like that, mom?”

“No, mom, I’m not wearing those shoes with this dress, they don’t match!”

Her mother didn’t seem to give much thought into her daughter’s antiques, dismissing her as a stubborn child. She went along with whatever her daughter said but never really and truly thought of what it might mean. And, perhaps if she had, then Caroline wouldn’t have found herself shell-shocked at fifteen while shopping with her friends.

Bonnie was holding up navy blue high heels to a green dress, asking her what she thought.

“Bon, you need black shoes. Those are navy blue.” Caroline said dismissively, grabbing the same pair that Bonnie liked but in the right color. She turned around to hand it to her friend only to find her looking at her with eyes wide, mouth hanging opened.

“Care…” Bonnie said slowly, “when did you start seeing colors?”

Caroline blinked. “Umm… what?”

“Caroline,” Bonnie put down her items onto a nearby seat and coming closer to her friend with a grin plastered across her face. “Did you meet your soulmate?”

“Bonnie, what on Earth are you talking about?” Caroline, confused and slightly afraid, looked at her friend as if she was growing a second head.

Bonnie’s smile began to slowly disappear. “Did your mom not have a talk with you? Have you always seen in color?”

“What talk? What do you mean have I always seen in color? Bonnie, you’re sounding like a crazy person right now.”

Except, it turned out, Bonnie was not the crazy person. Caroline was. To an extent at least. It turned out, she wasn’t supposed to see in color until she met her soulmate. It turned out, no one saw in color until they met their soulmate. Parents, those who had time for their children and have actually found their soulmates, had talks with their children as early as when they turned fourteen years old, telling them how the world is actually in color. And when they see color, they’ll know they met their soulmate. And the first color that they see will be that of their soulmate’s eyes. But no one flaunted their ability to see color.  It was considered rude to do so, especially at such a young age. Finding one’s soulmate during their teenage years was rare. And there was no need to enflame jealousy. Eventually the secret would come out in any case, since those with soulmates stuck together instead of dating sporadically. The keeping it as a secret, though, did not apply to friends. Friends tell.

None of that concerned Caroline, though. What concerned was: first, how in heavens name did she manage to completely evade this information for so long; and, second, how could she see color already? She had never seen the world in black and white, not once. The world had been in colors for as long as she remembered.

With that in mind, Bonnie took Caroline to her grams.

“It’s one of two things, dear,” grams said, “you have either met your soulmate as an infant or a child already. Or you are a strange anomaly and you don’t have a soulmate.”

“That’s not helpful,” Caroline muttered. “How do I find out which one it is? What do I do if I don’t have a soulmate?”

“If you have indeed met your soulmate already, then you’ll find out when you see them again. Your heart will tell you. And if you have no soulmate, then you’ll fall in love and be just as happy. It’s no bother, Caroline.” Grams smiled much to Caroline’s frustration. How could she act as if this was of no big consequences?

“What do I do now?” she demanded.

“Nothing. Just be patient.”

Patience wasn’t her strong suit. But she hadn’t much of a choice.

Seven years later, in her first semester as a grad student, an infuriating Klaus Mikaelson walked into her class. At first glance, he was handsome. At a second glance, he was an arrogant asshole who had no sense whatsoever of the word “no”. At third he was still frustratingly attractive. But the kind of attractive that warranted nothing more than a romp in the bed. And he didn’t seem to mind that one bit.

After many, many, many arguments over critical feminist theory, Caroline found him in her bed. For a long time, that’s the only way they associated with one another. Stress-relievers. Friends with benefits with too much benefits and not enough friendship. Call it what you will. Except, time after time there was more soft touching, more passionate whispering, more intense kissing. Until she caught him one time looking up at her with the gentlest look she’s ever seen anyone wear. His face was nuzzled in her stomach, leaving gentle, burning kisses, and his eyes were tracing every twitch on her face. So fixated his gaze was, so intent that she felt a nakedness beyond her physical one.

“What?” she asked breathlessly.

He didn’t answer her, just continued his climb from her stomach, over her breasts, her shoulders, her neck, leaving a trail of fire behind him before capturing her lips in a slow kiss. He kissed her as if he was in no hurry at all. He kissed her like they had all the time in the world. He kissed her like his entire universe had just shrunk into her mouth and he was searching for his purpose in her.

After they collapsed together, finding a bliss that made her heart beat in a way that frightened her, he held her close. His eyes didn’t let up their search. His index finger traced her cheek, then her lower lip.

“Klaus…” she breathed, not knowing what exactly she wanted to say. She cannot possibly tell him that her heart is about to burst.

“Go out with me, love.”

She averted her gaze from his stormy blue ones to the tattoo spread on his shoulder. She reached out to him, tracing the ink gently with her fingers.

“Tell me first,” she began, realizing her nerves for the first time, “do you see colors?”

He chuckled. “I’m an artist, Caroline, of course I see color.”

She gave him a look, “you know that’s not what I meant.”

“I know,” he said. “I have always seen color.”

“Me, too.” She breathed.

“And I don’t believe in soulmates. Never have.”

“Then why are you asking me out?” she teased, unable to explain the relief that came over her.

“Because I believe that I’m falling in love with you.”

She blinked, then caught his lips in a bruising kiss. Suffice to say, saying “no” did not even occur to her.


“It is a pity that we have to leave this town.” Esther said, taking another sip of her tea. “But Mikael cannot refuse this offer.”

“The town will not be the same without you.” Liz said, smiling sadly at her friend. “I was hoping that Caroline would get to play with Nik and Rebekah.” She grinned at three-years-old Klaus with Caroline bundled on his lap. He was looking at the infant, wide-eyed with fascination. She reached out to touch his face. He responded by making faces at her which she laughed at.

“Indeed.” Esther chuckled. “It would appear Caroline had already charmed Niklaus.”

An hour later, as Niklaus walked beside his mother towards her car, he noticed for the first time that the car was a loud red.

REQUEST: Can you do an imagine of Kai Parker from tvd please? Open free to your imagination :) bc I like sm your stories! Thank you :)

Kai Parker was a bad guy.

He was a monster and a killer.

Kai didn’t care about anyone or anything.

Those are the things that everyone told you.

People noticed the way that your eyes would light up when someone would say his name. They would see the blush creep up on your cheeks whenever he would appear.

Keep reading


You’re supposed to  t r u s t  that I’m nothing like Enzo.

I don’t know actually. You’re not exactly the sharing type.


ONE LAST TIME. ALL TOGETHER FOR THIS. FOR THEM Yes. It’s bittersweet. BUT. Let’s do this again just like good old times. One last time. I’ve been crying the whole day and I’ve been thinking how fun this was back then so I’m recreating it ;)






(which btw also means YOU’LL SEE THEIR WEDDING RINGS)


(listen, I’m dying here too. I really am, but I’m very nostalgic honestly. Just, add yours if you’re down with this idea. We can cry together, but, let’s celebrate this show together too <3 )

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a series of unlikely crossovers:  tangential 4th of july fill for somethingofthewolf

He is your first love….I intend to be your last.

Just a reminder for my lovely Klaroline fandom that some times tends to overeact and freak out. There is a difference between a current -temporary- closure that allows people to move on until the time is right, from an endgame. Especially in a genre that is a tale about immortals and eternal promises.

Between someone’s first love and between their last there is also the in between. The one that matures you. With more people and relationships coming and going. The space in between that seems  as if the distance contains oceans that keep you apart from that promise… but it is that space that changes you and teaches you how to reach your last love. Every lesson becoming a step to the unavoidable destination.

Maybe in a day…in a year…of even in a century.

However long it takes.

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"I actually thought Klaroline was more like Spuffy than Delena." Hmmm, antagonistic Spuffy reminds me of KC (especially when Spike got the chip in his head) their banter is funny & also that Buffy feels bad bout sleeping with Spike reminded me of Caroline frantically cleaning to hide from everyone. What similarities do you see?

Well it’s more like between DE and KC I could see KC going down the Spuffy route because of the chemistries. Like I keep saying with DE, Elena shrinks into herself when Damon is aggressive or when they were together she was like well ehh, like there wasn’t that spark or that fire that could fuel either an argument or sex or both. While I had my issues with KC, they had that. I could see Klaus and Caroline getting into a fight that destroys a building that turns to sex, their argument in 4x18 shows that volatility.

I WANT Klaus and Caroline.

I WANT Stefan and Caroline.

I WANT Enzo and Caroline.

I WANT Tyler and Caroline.

Fuck I even WANT Matt and Caroline again.

Do you see my damn problem? 

Candice Accola and her PERFECT chemistry with every male actor. 

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Would you please write a meta on the KC scenes that TO has recycled for its ships and how they compare? Which moments were IC and genuine? Which was manipulation or his patented move? Which were OOC in your opinion? Also, what scene do you think they could potentially replicate that could actually undermine KC? What would you like to see him do to woo Caroline that she would accept or would help define the progression of the relationship? Thank you!

Well that’s a pretty interesting pack of questions, especially since Klaus’ only real TO ship has completely run it’s course at this point, and that ship happened to be significantly “inspired” by Klaroline.  But for me a “recycled scene” means something in particular, and it’s not necessarily just a straight ripoff of an old scene. To me what sticks out more as an inappropriate ripoff is a scene that hijacks the meaning of a scene that came before it, and for me those were the most unappealing Klamille scenes. But, to be honest I feel like your question is so broad it could really encompass anything, but when it comes to Klamille I think that the two easiest scenes to compare with it’s predecessor are their first significant scene and their last. 

Klamille’s first real shipper scene is pretty obviously a ripoff of one of Klaroline’s first significant shipper scenes, Klaus and Cami looking at art at the street fair vs. Klaus and Caroline looking at art at the ball. But when you think about the actual content of each scene it’s a very interesting contrast, and they actually both perfectly represent what Cami’s role in Klaus’ journey was meant to be versus what Caroline’s role could have been in his journey. What I loved about Klaus’ scene with Caroline was that it was about unveiling parts of the characters that we really hadn’t seen before. It was a very typical Klaus move, impress Caroline with something fancy and “deep” and explain to her that she just doesn’t get him, but if she could see beneath his surface she might. But what I absolutely adored about it was that Caroline volleyed that right back in his face. Klaus tries to convince her that she doesn’t understand him, but Caroline makes it clear that the truth is that he doesn’t understand her. And that if he thought she was the kind of person who could fall for his superficial charm then he was mistaken. Caroline was bold in a way that we really had never seen before, and Klaus’ unshakable veneer seemed a little bit shaken. 

But then contrast that with Klaus and Cami’s scene. It’s the same kind of over the top exposition we’ve come to know and love from TO, but it was also a really on point representation of what Cami was supposed to mean for Klaus, or more accurately, what purpose she was supposed to serve for him. And that’s basically that she was just there to explain his emo wank to everyone all the time. The scene is definitely supposed to read as very deep and as an example of how thoughtful and insightful Cami is, but the only “characterization” that we really learn about from their interaction is Klaus’, and it’s not so much characterization as just an information dump of who TO!Klaus is supposed to be now. But more importantly, we really learn nothing about who Cami is as a character. This is supposed to be the moment where we realize that there is a significant connection between Klaus and Cami, and Cami is a completely unfamiliar character to the audience, but this scene offers no insight beyond what Klaus is thinking and feeling at the time. Which I think could quite frankly describe nearly every Klamille scene, ever. 

Another interesting juxtaposition is the scene where Klaus almost lets Caroline die versus when Cami actually did die. Klaus letting Caroline die is easily the most horrific Klaroline scene they’ve ever had. But that’s one of the things that I like about it, that it’s supposed to be horrific. It’s ugly and frightening and repulsive and all the things that real “love” from a character like Klaus would logically be. But the exchange between Klaus and Caroline is incredibly meaningful for the both of them as well. What I really love about it is that Caroline forces Klaus to self-reflect, to really self-reflect, which is something that he absolutely loathes to do. She doesn’t let him pass the buck, and she forces him to make the choice of what he’s going to do. She says that he can be saved, that he doesn’t necessarily have to be the person that he is, but that he has to make the choice himself. And what I love about that is that she doesn’t say that Klaus can be good, just that he can be saved. And being “saved” can really mean whatever someone wants it to mean, and what it could mean for someone like Klaus could have been the difference between some really incredible character development and TO!Klaus’ character development. 

And when you compare a scene like that against Klaus and Cami’s final scene it’s actually almost disturbing in a weird way. Because the Klaroline scene is very clearly meant to be viscerally horrifying, there’s no glossing over what’s going on and we’re not supposed to like it. And in Klaus and Cami’s final scene Cami is actually dying, but that seems to be almost an afterthought. The main thrust of the scene is that Klaus can be good, needs to be good, because his baby needs him to be good. Cami even goes out of her way to make sure he knows that it’s not for her that he should do this, she’s literally using her dying breaths to make sure that the focus isn’t on her. It’s all about Klaus, and it’s all about reiterating that Klaus has to be a good boy now for the thousandth time in the history of TO. Honestly even if you’re not a Cami fan I think you have to recognize what an insult that is to the character, that her “dying wish” is basically that Klaus will eventually do what everyone has been telling him he has to do since day one, even if it has jack squat to do with her. 

As for most of your other questions, clearly I don’t consider TO!Klaus to ever have been in character and I honestly disregard TO!Klaus being Klaus at all. For me Klamille scenes could never be genuine because Cami never saw past Klaus’ facade, and IC!Klaus could never take someone seriously if they took him at face value. And I don’t think they could ever write a scene on TO that would undermine Klaroline because Klaus is simply not the same character on TO, and there’s not enough complexity to his character or his relationships on the show for it to ever be anything resembling Klaroline on TVD. Klaroline intrigued me as a relationship because it was really character driven, but TO’s relationships are almost entirely driven by what’s necessary for the plot. Their relationships and attitudes towards each other shift without explanation for the sake of moving the plot in a certain direction, and so long as that continues to be the case (which it presumably will for the entire series) they’ll never have anything that could undermine or even come close to Klaroline in my eyes.

And ultimately I don’t want to see Klaus “woo” Caroline at all. What always thrilled me about their interactions was that they were always knocking each other off of their axis, they’d come together and you’d never know what was going to happen or how it was going to end up. And for me that was a huge part of the appeal, I liked seeing Klaus and Caroline grow and change together, and I really really loved that I didn’t know if they were meant to be mortal enemies or epic loves or neither or both or anything in between. So I never wanted to see one of them woo the other or change who they were for the sake of some relationship they could have had, I wanted to see these two characters have experiences together and see where their characterizations would have logically gone because of those experiences, regardless of where that ended up. I think that was actually a huge part of Klaroline’s appeal for a lot of Klaroline shippers, and I think that’s a big reason why Klaroline may have been imitated but was never matched by Klamille in the eyes of the audience. 

Show Me Your Teeth

So this won out in my muse box. Updates will be slow, as I’m working out plot. Like Requiem, this will be written with possible skips, and will probably be more character driven than any sort of major plot points. I’ll try to post on FFN later today or tomorrow.

Hope you like it.


“Okay, I’m eating,” Bonnie snapped after she swallowed two large, angry bites. “Talk, Forbes. Why the hell am I sitting on the hood of your car, eating take-out in random ass North Carolina? We’re supposed to be shopping in Richmond!”

Caroline ate a fry, considered her. “I went on a date with Stefan.”

“Yes, I remember, the whole we’re just friends rambling in my ear for a hour,” Bonnie grumped around her burger. “I thought the whole friends-date was an attempt to figure your shit out.”

“Damon was there,” Caroline sighed, brow tucked together. How to explain? “And look, I know you and Damon are friends but…”

“But what?” Bonnie demanded, eyes wary.

“I don’t trust him,” Caroline said bluntly. “I’ve been stupid, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m not losing you again.”

“Caroline, have you lost your mind? You think what, that Damon would kill me so he could get Elena back?”


Bonnie reared back, staring at her with wide eyes. “What?”

“And I believe it enough that I have a suitcase with your clothes in my trunk, as well as your favorite grimoires.” Caroline stared at her with hard eyes. “And don’t give me that look. When have either of our lives measured up to Elena?”

“Do you think she’d forgive him?” Bonnie spluttered, expression rattled.

“Eventually, yes.” Caroline sighed and tossed the rest of her fries to the birds, appetite gone. “And maybe it wouldn’t be murder. He isn’t subtle, but Stefan is and all it would take is a little encouragement to help you decide that extending your life wasn’t in your cards. And accidents happen all the time.”

“Maybe I want kids, maybe I want peace and quiet after everything that happened lately.”

“Uh huh, sure.” Caroline arched one eyebrow. “Then why haven’t you tried to re-enroll in school? A vampire BFF would be very helpful in getting through the red tape.”

“I can’t believe you’re actually thinking about this.”

“Enzo agrees with me,” Caroline rolled her eyes at Bonnie’s flat look. “Okay, fine, no I didn’t tell him. But when I asked him to keep the brothers occupied so we could have a girls day, his face says he knew.”

“Are you sure this isn’t some attempt to avoid Stefan?” Bonnie questioned, eyes narrowing.

“My life does not revolve around Stefan Salvatore, and it never will.” Caroline snapped, eyes sliding shut in an attempt to calm her temper.

“That’s a lot of anger.”

“Because he’s sell us both out for Elena,” Caroline said firmly. “And I’m never going to be second best again.”

“So what the plan, oh abductor of friends?”

Caroline ignored her sarcasm. “So, the way I see it, we have two options. We can spend the rest of your life - however long or short you want it - skipping around the world. I’d suggest we head to Dallas, Damon would assume New York as a launching point. You use your witchy powers to keep us off the radar and we’ll be smart.”

Bonnie’s wrapper fell from her nerveless fingers. “What?”

“I’d suggest somewhere warm but not mainstream. Belize?”

Still staring at her, Bonnie swallowed. “Option two?”

Caroline set her phone down, let Bonnie see the open contact page. “Option two is New Orleans.”

“Are you insane?” Bonnie demanded. “No. What’s the third option.”

“That’s it,” Caroline said with a shrug. “Those are our options.”

“Option Three, we go home,” Bonnie snapped, wadding her hamburger wrapper. “Pretend this never happened.”

“You might be willing to gamble with your life, Bon Bon, but I’m not,” Caroline shot back. “I’m not mourning you for a third time, not for at least a century. So put you freaking big girl panties on and let’s deal with this now.”

Bonnie stared at her, brows drawn tightly together. “You think Klaus Mikaelson will what? Keep me safe?”

“Yes,” Caroline admitted, dragging a hand through her bangs. “And so do you.”

“The sex with Klaus went to your head.”

Caroline caught Bonnie’s gaze, held it. “Do you know what I finally figured out? I’m important. Me. Do you know what it took for me to claw that realization out of my life? My mom died and I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there, Bonnie.”


“Elena, Stefan, Damon… I wanted a year. Just one.” Caroline looked away, shuddered out a breath. “And I didn’t get it.”

“Klaus won’t give you that,” Bonnie warned, voice low.

“But he’ll give you a lifetime,” Caroline whispered, swallowing hard. “I don’t regret flipping my switch.”

“You killed people,” Bonnie said bluntly. She held up her hand, stopping Caroline’s response. “The Caroline I know would never okay with that.”

“Which Caroline was that Bonnie? Human Caroline, who died under a pillow? Caroline-the-vampire who killed twelve witches to protect you even as she clung desperately to her humanity? Caroline who fucked Klaus, who flipped her switch and ate people, who toyed with her friends like they were puppets on her marionette strings? Which Caroline do you see when you look at me?”

“Stop it,” Bonnie said fiercely. “We all make mistakes, we were kids and we still are.”

Eyes dark, veins shimmering under her eyes, Caroline laughed. “Do you feel like a kid, Bonnie? Because I feel like dying twice, being trapped in a prison world and having all your choices taken away by the people you love means you get to freaking live.”

Bonnie’s chin wobbled and she visibly controlled herself. “Why Klaus? Why New Orleans?”

“Because New Orleans isn’t just vampires,” Caroline said softly. “There are witches too. I don’t know what the situation in the city is right now, Tyler might know, but we don’t talk. But even you being able to learn magic - about magic - that isn’t about Elena or the Salvatores might be good for you.”

“You realize Klaus will want it to be about him instead.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we can avoid that entirely, but I’ll curb it where I can.”

“Can you?” Bonnie asked flatly. “Can you really?”

Caroline drew her knees to her chest, hugged herself as she watched the cars go by. “I haven’t had a blood bag in two weeks.”


“Flipping a switch isn’t… I wasn’t emotionless, not really. It’s like having your safety catch turned off. You become the predator,” Caroline sighed. “That doesn’t just go back into the box.”

“I don’t understand,” Bonnie murmured.

“When I saw Stefan talking to Damon, I just knew. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I won’t let anyone cage us. The only expectations I care about are ours. And Bonnie, playing someone, using someone the way I used Stefan, it can be intimate.” Caroline shrugged uncomfortably, tightened her grip on her calves. “It is intimate, and it’s not about the sex. I wasn’t just using him likes chess-piece, maneuvering a faceless person. I dug into his skin, I played on his fears and if I’d had longer than a few days, I could have destroyed him. And I know they’re plotting something.”

“This is what you don’t regret?” Bonnie asked softly.

“I regret that I hurt him. I regret the people who died, but I can’t regret what I learned about myself.”

“Which is what?”

“I’m a monster, Bonnie,” Caroline turned, met her dark eyes. “The predator under my skin isn’t going to be boxed up forever, isn’t going to let me live in my comfortable little world. I need to learn to live with that.”

“You think Klaus will help with that?”

Caroline laughed. “Oh God, no. When has Klaus ever let me be? He’s going to push. He’ll prod at all my uncomfortable spots. He might be willing to wait until I say yes, but that ass will stack the deck in his favor.”

“Which is why you think he’ll protect us.”

“Yes and no,” Caroline murmured. She watched her friend, tried to find the words. This wasn’t completely about protection, because being near Klaus was both safety and danger, but Caroline had stopped letting other people keep her safe when her mom died. Safety was a concept she found for herself, inside her own strength. The predator under her skin was stretching, settling into her bones and she’d stopped fighting that so hard. But while Bonnie was fierce, a creature of magic and sacrifice, she wasn’t vicious.

New Orleans was a chance for Bonnie to learn what it meant to be part of a community. Not the lone witch surrounded by vampires. She just hoped the recent silence meant the worst of the bloodshed was over, because slipping Klaus would be far more difficult than losing the Salvatore brothers in Mystic Falls.

Caroline knew down to her bones that he’d see the changes in her the moment Klaus saw her. Predators knew like, and weaker, younger she might be, but she’d never been prey. And the last year had taught her some hard lessons.

“Honestly, Bonnie? I want to live. I want to be happy. Damon and Stefan, in the end they’re a small threat. I could give you list after list of why I’ve broken down to two options, but my reasons aren’t important. What do you want?”

“What do I want?” Bonnie repeated. She stared at Caroline for a long moment. “I… I don’t know.”

“Okay,” Caroline nodded. “Then let’s fling ourselves into the world until you figure it out.”

Bonnie opened her mouth, closed it. Stared at her. “You mean that?”

“Of course,” Caroline shrugged. “New Orleans is an option, not the option. It’s important to me that you have choices. I wasn’t sure if you’d want people or space.”

“And if I say, Russia?”

“I’d say it’s cold there in the winter, but Russian is as good a place to start learning languages as any other.”

Bonnie sat there for a long time, considering. Finally, she took a deep breath and nodded. “New Orleans.”

Caroline started, staring at her. “Are you sure?”

“No,” Bonnie admitted. “But you’re not wrong that I need to find myself, figure out what’s important to me. And if I learned anything from Kai, it was there is a wealth of magic I don’t know about. I… I think I’d like to make friends with other witches.”

“We’re going to get dragged into a shit-storm of vampire politics,” Caroline warned. “Klaus isn’t going to play nice, not anymore.”

“With me or you?” Bonnie asked. She gave Caroline a slow smile. “And as for the rest, how scary can it be when we have each other?”

“Right,” Caroline muttered. “Nothing like your informative years spent fighting Originals, escaping Prison Worlds and killing the oldest immortal to prepare you for college. We are going to college, right? I can get us into Tulane, and it’s best we avoid depending on Klaus as much as possible.”

Bonnie’s eyes danced. “We’re doomed, aren’t we?”

“Might as well go out with a bang,” Caroline grinned, picking up her phone. She stared at it before sliding off the car. “That conversation can wait. So, Bon Bon, you’re the co-pilot on this jaunt. Where to?”

“Not a straight shot?” Bonnie jumped off the car and arched both brows. “Enzo can only distract for so long.”

“Please, this is our first road trip. Let’s make it interesting.” Caroline shook her head. “You and me and the open road. We’re not letting anyone determine what we want any longer, okay?”

Bonnie gave her a knowing look, but followed her back into the car. “Hey Care?”



“You’re welcome,” Caroline murmured. Then she smiled, letting her worries go, just for a moment. “Let’s go be awesome.”

Sing Me a Song

This came out of a conversation earlier tonight. Featuring ‘Caroline’ by Alex Clare, 'Caroline’ by Noah Gundersen, and even a line from that old classic, 'Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond. Enjoy!

“Caroline, Caroline, Caaarroollineee…”

“Oh Christ, is he drunk again?”

“I honestly hope so.” Elijah straightened his cufflinks, grimacing at the sorry sight in front of him. Rebekah’s lips curled as she sniffed the air, catching the obvious stench of at least three whole bottles of bourbon, all of which had been downed in the past half-hour, and the effects of which were clearly being felt.

“I can swim in your eyes so deeeeep…”

“Nik, would you please give it a rest, you’re not going to drunkenly serenade her into appearing, so will you stop abusing our ears?” asked Rebekah almost pleadingly as Klaus slurred through the lyrics, hammering the keys nonsensically. It was to no avail, Klaus was deaf to everything except his own morose singing.

“Is there any particular reason for this?” asked Elijah tiredly, “He’s been acting odd all week. Yesterday I caught him staring at some bracelet, drinking through a bottle of vodka.”

“Oh he’s mooning over Caroline-bloody-Forbes, again, probably because she won’t take his calls,” said Rebekah, rolling her eyes as she picked up one of empty bottles in distaste. “Oi, snap out of it!” she called, chucking the bottle at Klaus’s head, but it just bounced off and clanged on the keys, not even deterring the hybrid’s singing for a moment.

“We had each other for too short a whiiiiillle,  you caught my soul with your gentle smile….”

“You’re sickening,” Rebekah deadpanned, spinning on her heel and massaging her temples. “’Lijah, if you need me, I’m finding my own apartment until he’s normal again.”

Frowning still, Elijah caught his sister’s arm just as she passed. “You don’t think this girl is in any… danger, do you?”

She scoffed, “What do you mean?”

“Well he’s clearly – infatuated – and in this state he could be unpredictable, should we should be thinking about warning her – “

Rebekah held up a perfectly manicured hand to stop her brother. “Elijah, if Caroline Forbes showed up right now, he’d probably cry. Believe me, she’s fine. We, on the other hand, are stuck listening to this caterwauling, so if you’ll please excuse me…”

But Elijah kept hold of his sister’s arm as a loud cacophony hit their ears, causing them both to wince as Klaus finished the song with more relish than it probably needed. They looked over to see him sitting still and looking miserable as ever as he took down his sketchbook from where it lay open on top of the piano, flipping through it, stopping to stare at every other page with longing.

“Is he done?” asked Rebekah hopefully.  Klaus barely spared them a glance, but he remained quiet, which she was grateful for.

“Well that was quite the display,” said Elijah, straightening up. “Now perhaps if we could just clean this place up –”

If I marrieeeeed Caroline, so happy I would beeeee…”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, how many songs are there about Carolines?!” screeched Rebekah as Klaus launched himself into new verse.

“Niklaus, this childish behavior is quite enough,” said Elijah sharply as he stepped closer to his brother, but before he could forcibly pull him away from the piano, the chime of the doorbell could just be heard over the din.

“Rebekah, could you please – “

“Right. Because I’m here to open the doors,” muttered Rebekah petulantly, but she strode over to the entrance and yanked on the doors anyway, coming face to face with last person she actually expected to see.

“Caroline. What are you doing here?” she asked flatly.

Pulling herself up to stand tall, Caroline took a deep breath, readying herself for what was probably a long and impressive speech, but it was stopped short by the noise coming from the living room.

“I wouldn’t need much of anything if Caroline was mineeeee…”

Rebekah closed her eyes, taking a calming breath before looking over to see Caroline backing away ever so slowly, looking distinctly alarmed.

“So – so this is a bad time. And I probably should’ve called. So I’m just going to –”

But before she could step back further, she had a very angry Rebekah standing an inch in front of her with a death grip on her arm. “Listen to me carefully. You are the only one who can shut him up. So congratulations! – you get to stay.”

“I think I’d rather dieeee, than to be away from youuuuuu….”

Rebekah huffed, giving the blonde in her hold a sickly sweet smile. “Wait here. Go anywhere and I will hunt you down.” Flashing back inside, she found Elijah trying to haul Klaus away from the piano and failing miserably. 

“Niklaus, I’m sure you don’t need to sing your feelings,” he tried to reason, but felt Rebekah pulling him away, a steely glint in her eyes.

“Caroline Forbes is outside. Sober him up, I’ll bring her back in an hour, and then you and I are both finding a good hotel to stay in tonight.”

Elijah gaped like a fish, but he turned back to his brother who had finally shut up at the mention of Caroline’s name, and was staggering to his feet.

Sweeet Caroline,” he started, but before he could get much farther, Rebekah slapped him upside the head.

“God, you’re hopeless,” she muttered, flashing back outside, where Caroline was desperately muttering into her phone.

“Look, Enzo, I don’t care what I was singing about when I was wasted; this was a bad idea and – Rebekah!”  Caroline stared after her phone as it soared through the air, Rebekah having flung it far, far away.

“None of that!” she chirped, far too cheerily to be reassuring. “Now, let’s go shopping, shall we? It seems you’ll be spending quite a bit of time here.”


A potential way for Klaus and Enzo to meet.  Includes Carenzo BroTP and a heavy dose of Klaroline at the end.

“Well now… this looks like fun.  Although it is polite to introduce yourself to the King of the city before you start to tear into the blood supply.”

                A dark haired, dark eyed man, looked up from the girl he was drinking from.  Klaus had never seen him before, and he had made it his business to know the vampires of his city.  If you wanted to put a halt to any potential rebellions, you had to know the potential rebels, after all. 

                And this man was a stranger.

                “You got a little turned around walk home and some awful, big boned man attacked you.  Brave girl that you are, you managed to get away,” he said, looking his meal in the eye and compelling her.  “Now, off you go.”

                The girl took off, frightened but otherwise alive, and the man gave Klaus an easy grin.

                “Sorry, mate.  Wasn’t aware I needed to report in anywhere.  I’m a bit new to the travelling thing, to be honest.  Came here after the war and then never got the chance to explore until recently.  Name’s Lorenzo.”

                Klaus cocked his head and surveyed the man, this Lorenzo.  He spoke with an accented drawl, and held himself with a confidence that said he probably didn’t know who Klaus was, but that he could appreciate despite that. 

                “Well, welcome to New Orleans, Lorenzo.  I’m Klaus.”

                His new friend was charming.  Once he learned who, and what, Klaus was, he showed some surprise, but didn’t really treat him any different.  At first Klaus had felt a little put out – was the man an idiot? – but then he learned a little about Augustine and seventy years spent on his own, and the man’s devil-may-care attitude made a little more sense.

                He reminded Klaus a little of his good old friend the Ripper, only Enzo could kill without literally ripping his victims apart, making him a far better companion when one wanted to keep the peace between vampires and humans.

                “You never did say where you came from,” Elijah stated one night, because while Klaus found Enzo’s company amusing, his elder brother didn’t feel the same way.  Perhaps it was because Enzo treated life as though it were a game – much like Kol had – and Elijah had never approved of such frivolity.

                “I didn’t, mate,” Enzo replied, and then his attention was caught by another group of vampires, and asking to be regaled with tales of the war and how he had survived, and the question went unanswered.

                Klaus didn’t mind, he didn’t particularly care where Enzo had come from, but Elijah continued to watch him with distrustful eyes that made Klaus clap him on the back and tell him to lighten up.  Their kingdom was as close to peace as it had ever been, Hope was finally safe from witchy machinations, and couldn’t Elijah lighten up a little bit?

                “There was this tasty little nurse – in more ways than one – and-”

                Enzo had been telling yet another story, when his phone began to ring shrilly over the noises of the bar.  He pulled it out, and his whole face lit up.  Klaus had seen Enzo show bored amusement, the thrill of the hunt, and even condescension, but never before had he seen the other vampire show such genuine warmth.

                “Sorry mates,” he called over the crowd.  “But this really can’t be ignored.  Hello, Gorgeous.”

                Klaus felt amusement, that Enzo who fed indiscriminately and seemed to revel in being a vampire, apparently had a Gorgeous somewhere that could settle him down with nary a word.

                Then he heard the voice.

                “Where the hell are you?”

Klaus was positive that he could live a thousand more years and never forget that voice.  It even held a tone he was used to – exasperated disapproval – although there was a heavy dose of fondness layered throughout that had rarely been heard in his presence.

                Caroline Forbes.

“Lovely to speak to you too, Gorgeous.  I’m lovely by the way.  Exploring the wonders that New Orleans has to offer.”

                “New Orleans?” it was barely more than a whisper, then she cleared her throat and her voice became stronger.  “What are you doing in New Orleans of all places?”

“I told you I was going travelling.  I even offered to bring you along.”

                “You know why I couldn’t come.”

Her voice was soft again, and Klaus felt his muscles tense.  She sounded sad, and he watched as Enzo’s brows furrow with worry.

                “Gorgeous… it’s happened then? I can be there in a day.”

                “You don’t have to…” her voice trailed off and Enzo gave an unimpressed snort in response.  “Thank-you, Enzo.  I… thank-you.”

“Be there in a flash.  Just hold on until I get there.  And don’t turn into a fool for Salvatore before I get there.”

                “My mom is dead.  I’m hardly going to be a fool for anyone right now.”

Enzo hummed in reply, pulling a phonebook out from under the bar and flicking through it quickly.

                “I’ll see you soon.”

They both hung up, and Enzo stopped flipping through the phonebook and began to dial instead.  Klaus was by his side in a flash, the phone falling from his broken hand in a second.  The action made the whole bar go quiet, except for Enzo’s pained curses.

                “Niklaus, what on Earth?” Elijah asked, pushing through the crowd, but Klaus didn’t pay his brother any mind, his focus instead on Enzo.

                “Caroline Forbes,” he said, keeping his voice pleasant.  “How do you know her?”

                “Gorgeous?” Enzo asked, flexing his hand as it healed and looking at Klaus with utter confusion.  “Why the hell would you care about – oh, bloody hell.  You’re her Klaus?”

                Klaus would never admit to enjoying being called Caroline’s anything.  He didn’t feel the least bit smug, to know that Enzo knew about him in relation to Caroline.  Not at all.

                “Answer the question, Lorenzo.”

                “After you kill me, could you call her?  Let her know why it is I couldn’t make it back?”

                Klaus blinked with confusion.

                “I haven’t killed you ye-”

                His words cut off as Enzo’s fist came in contact with his jaw, sending him stumbling back in surprise.  The bar went so silent that not even a breath could be heard as Klaus regained his balance and looked at Enzo, his eyes flashing.

                “Do you have a death wish?”

                “No, but it’s what I do, you see.  Caroline… she deserves better than what you lot give her.  You, Stefan, her friends.  Of course, she’ll never say that, and the last time I killed someone because she cried, well she wasn’t particularly happy.  So now, after you kill me, I’d appreciate if you tell her.  She’s expecting me, you see.”

                Because her mother is dead.

                She had been close to Liz Forbes, Klaus knew.  The sheriff had been one of the things keeping her tied to her small town.  Had been one of the reasons he hadn’t truly tried to court her into joining him in New Orleans.

                “You will leave the city,” Klaus said, and Elijah shot him a quick, confused look, but he ignored it to focus on Enzo.  “You will leave, and if I ever see you again, I will kill you.”

                “You can’t really be letting him walk away,” Marcel murmured, stepping up next to Klaus.  He kept his gaze on the other vampires in the bar, but spoke to his sire.

                “I am, because I owe Caroline Forbes a favor.  This is me repaying it.  You get to keep your life, because of her, never forget that Lorenzo.”

                Enzo looked at him with a narrowed, considering gaze, then gave a sharp nod.

                “I’ll be sure to thank her,” he stated.  “Don’t suppose that merciful side of yours would extend to getting me a flight?  No?  Well… I’m sure I can figure something out.”

                Enzo eased around him, headed for the door, and was halted by Klaus’ voice just before he exited.

                “Tell her I’m sorry for her loss,” he said to Enzo’s back.  “And that if she ever needs to get away… she is always welcome here.”

                “But I’m not?” Enzo responded with some amusement, amusement that Klaus didn’t at all return when Enzo met his gaze.  The dark haired man inclined his head slightly.  “I’ll tell her.”

                Then he was gone.

                It was five days later, when Klaus received the call.


                “You threatened to kill Enzo.”

“Hello, Love. It’s been a long time.  I was sorry to hear about your mother.”

                “Everyone is sorry to hear about my mother.  You didn’t kill him in the end.”

Klaus sighed, because she was like a dog with a bone when she set her mind to something, and couldn’t she just say thank-you and leave it at that?

                “You had just lost the sheriff.  I thought to spare you anymore immediate mourning.  He’s not welcome back here again.”

                “I know.  And that’s why I won’t be coming, not for a little bit.  I’m finally taking him up on his offer to get me out of this place.  We’re going to Australia.  He says he got us a job on a cattle farm.  It should be… interesting.”

Klaus gritted his teeth, not at all wanting to hear about her running off with another man.  For someone considered to be kind, Caroline could sometimes show great cruelty.  He wondered if she even realized it –

                “We’re not together, you know.  Enzo… Enzo understands me in ways Elena and Stefan and the others didn’t.  He might possibly be the best friend I’ve ever had.  But we’re not together.  We’ll never be together.”

“Why are you telling me this, Caroline?”

                “Because I’m going to Australia with him, but you once promised to be my last love.  So I don’t want you to think I’m off being with him… because I’m not.  And I’m not coming to New Orleans right now.  I need… I need him right now, because he gets me.  But someday, I’d really like to see New Orleans and all the things you told me about.”

As far as confessions go, it was a weak one.  It made no promises, didn’t even speak of her own feelings for him.

                And Klaus feels more hopeful than he ever has.

                “Someday,” he agrees.  “Someday I will.”

                “Someday.  How have you been?”

And it’s the first conversation they have that isn’t because she needs to distract him, or because he’s charmed her into a dance. 

                It’s simply them, and they talk for hours.

A Week of Steroline Texts II

Multiple requests for this one. Hope you enjoy! :)  

Thursday Oct 15 10:00am

Caroline: Is it ready yet?

Stefan: Almost

Stefan: Are you sure you’re up for this?

Caroline: For the last time, YES!

Caroline: Stop worrying Stefan, they won’t suspect me.

Caroline: I play welcome wagon lady better than anybody

Stefan: I still don’t like you going in alone

Caroline: I’ll be fine.

Caroline: See you in a few

Friday Oct 16 2:00am

Caroline: I can’t sleep

Caroline: Today was just…too crazy

Stefan: Me either

Stefan: Do you want me to come over?

Caroline: Yes.

Caroline: But you shouldn’t

Stefan: Right.

Stefan: Probably not a good idea…after what happened today

Caroline: Yeah

Caroline: I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have kissed you like that

Caroline: It’s not fair to you

Stefan: I told you, I’ll wait as long as you need

Stefan: Take your time

Stefan: And please don’t apologize for kissing me, I don’t know if you noticed, but I kind of liked it.

Caroline ;)

Caroline: Good night Stefan

Stefan: Night Caroline  

Friday Oct 15 10:30am

Stefan: We have a problem

Caroline: What? What’s wrong?

Stefan: Matt’s gone

Caroline: I’m coming  

Friday Oct 15 11:00pm

Stefan: Are you okay?

Caroline: Yeah, I just had to get home.

Caroline: Early class tomorrow and saving Matt today really wiped me out.

Stefan: Uh-huh.

Caroline: Hush.

Stefan: You’re avoiding me

Caroline: No!

Caroline: Maybe a little.

Stefan: Please don’t.

Stefan: We’re still friends Caroline

Caroline: I know, I know.

Caroline: It’s just hard

Caroline: Being around you…I start to forget why it is I am waiting.

Stefan: I know what you mean.

Caroline: Maybe it would be best to take a little break…

Caroline: Spend some time apart?

Stefan: Is that what you want?

Caroline: No, of course not.

Caroline: It’s just impossible to think clearly when I’m with you.

Stefan: I understand.

Stefan: Do what you need to do

Stefan: I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Caroline: Thank you Stefan  

Monday Oct 19 3:00pm

Caroline: Okay, I was wrong.

Stefan: About what?

Caroline: Life kind of sucks without you to talk to about it

Stefan: I see

Stefan: Coffee?

Caroline: Yes, please.

Stefan: See you in ten.

Caroline: :D

Monday Oct 19 10:52pm

Caroline: Today was fun.

Caroline: Thanks Stefan

Stefan: I enjoyed it too.

Stefan: See? We can still hang out as friends

Caroline: Let’s be honest, it wasn’t exactly easy

Caroline: There were a few close calls…

Stefan: Hey, you’re the one who grabbed my hand during the movie

Caroline: It was scary!

Stefan: You’re a vampire Caroline.

Caroline: So!

Caroline: Whatever, you’re the one who held the hug about ten years too long

Caroline: Not that I’m complaining.

Stefan: Hmm.

Stefan: Sounds kind of like a complaint to me

Stefan: I can stop the hugs if you want…

Caroline: No, no.

Caroline: Don’t get crazy.

Stefan: Alright, if thats what you want.

Caroline: Maybe we could do it again…

Stefan: Hug?

Caroline: No, I mean yeah that…but the whole thing…

Stefan: You mean like a date?

Caroline: Yeah

Caroline: Would that be okay?

Stefan: I’d love to.

Stefan: Tomorrow?

Caroline: Okay :)

Tuesday Oct 20 5:30pm

Caroline: I’m running 20 minutes behind

Caroline: Bonnie stole the shower first

Stefan: Thats okay

Stefan: I like you dirty

Caroline: ;)

Tuesday Oct 20 12:15am

Stefan: Thank you for a wonderful evening Caroline

Caroline: Such a gentleman.

Caroline: Walk me to my door, a kiss on the cheek goodnight, now this

Caroline: A girl could get spoiled

Stefan: Thats the plan

Caroline: You’re sweet.

Stefan: Sometimes.

Caroline: Pretty much always.

Stefan: Only for some people.

Caroline: :)  

Wednesday Oct 21st 9:00am

Stefan: What was that?

Caroline: I wanted one last night…

Caroline: So I decided to wake you up with one

Stefan: But why did you run off after?

Stefan: I wake up to you kissing me…and then you’re gone?

Stefan: Not fair Caroline.

Caroline: I have things to do! No time to doddle.

Stefan: Sure.

Caroline: See you tonight ;)  

Thursday Oct 22 12:38am

Caroline: Thank you for a lovely evening Stefan.

Stefan: I am literally laying right beside you Caroline.