caroline crew

Wait a second, am I the only one who vaguely remembers Stefan saying “I’m a vampire, and this is MY story”?!

We all know Elena is an important part of the show, and that we will all miss her, but she is not THE show.

There are thousands more people working on TVD, who worked for years, for us. I think they deserve a bit more than just “The Vampire Diaries doesn’t exist without Nina/Elena”.

This is everybody’s story, not just hers, please.

–Caroline Crew

I was the future
when you were born

eating popsicles
before I knew they were
an accident invented

you should know better
than to follow my favorite slow
burn girls back to the summer

future accident invented
a better season for you

you should know better
than to burn your skin
without a pattern

that we measure fire
by heat alone
is a great disservice
to display


by Caroline Belle Stewart

from “UMass ULearn” by Jono Tosch

[Author’s note: This is a found story, constructed from voice-to-text Siri mistranslations of MFA gossip my first semester at UMass.]

Let’s talk about a blessed evening this evening if after I wake up Warhurst is popping drunk. Pemeria what’s the plan at the party? Ha ha what the Suttons eat: Something to eat, something. Can you stop drinking? If you might still be drunk I’ll visit. I just hope everyone on a diet at 5 o’clock dinner-theater eats.

Just thinking, for you have nothing else to do. Do you like the theater? Do you have time to actually bring your brain? You might want to go, you might appreciate this kind of pop cultural late-lingual atmosphere. Lutomma loved it, all the diamonds. They can watch, incinerating a sandwich. Shakley can feel lonely.

Let’s talk about how much we miss that/him, wishing that we could hang out with Shakley. Please forgive me, he’s the one, the custodian at the gym. Such an island. A close-knit people. Atavistic years, face painting. We were there together. I’m older.

Lutomma, who are you? How was Salter? What about the novel? Warhurst does like anybody that finishes. Is it hard to retain information to the enemy? He is a musician and he’s been toying with you.

Listen Shakley, listen baby. I was thinking of you in the Gainesville Minery. You like Captain Stormalong. Look up! What are you craving? Going to visit this weekend? Staying over? Music? Would be interesting.

I, limping too seriously about it, just say: I don’t remember. You’re real drunk. And she went oh no: I, super drunk! Yes you are, but denoting goodness?

Lately, you’re too pretty for you. You, the name for him. Let’s evening with them. Just, with the curtains on the door. Just let Lovinger fuck me instead, preferably in the face of you.

Lollipop, Lollipop, I don’t understand. If I have just the stuff then you close the reciprocals. I think, so I see. Sparseness, incidentals. I do like him, it’s hurtful. I like to collect experience. I’m going to get my feelings right. I’m just very dark, really dark.

Making a drink!

Jonathan*s bit of influence. Every time I try to he is missing, always.

Caroline Crew

Plastic Sonnet 14

It’s almost lunch.
Today has released
things into themselves:
ash water, milk curdle, thrum.

This is the finite kingdom
your heart has made—

a creature might forget
to weep in such florid weather.

Yet I dispraise this darkness
you busted, my civil tongue
knotted in a waiting decade.

In line we wait with the trick
in mind. Cascade light—
talk esteem, say everyone
around you is a one true love
& then ten & then on.


Plastic Sonnet 15

we two look two ways
looking for bees
to find another cavity
this is a major flaw

I look on
the whole thing
from the sidelines
the soul that flies
away from the body

I look weird because
I started to fail
as you would look
if wearing satin
to a river

please do not blame me
please do not
accuse me of wearing
the same sunlight

shut me safe
& most divine
in this the outside air


Plastic Sonnet 16

Architect of my hot sugar
do not make me for the high rise
build big & low on this bloody earth

I shake down alone
you can keep your classic
high all night

what do I care for stature
so saturated in this mud
my sweet home water

why conquer a horizon
when there is flex in lifting
upward as in crushing low

do not forget the basement
fielding this purple this red & tight
heart where records are lost


Plastic Sonnet 17

strike up & strike
the general direction
while I’m at either
there are sad songs
you should choose better
it is only that idiot god
that gets you haphazard
which is to say you make
my screen heavy reading
you can click to occupy
the public places
never spit on my pity
documents & I will keep
you as fine memory foam
in a tomb that is half dust
& all electricity cave
come on darling
be used