caroline crew

Salt water might blind you
with certain promises but it won’t
get you drunk with real thrill
or show you anyone’s insides.
You think a tidal wave is real
power? It probably took
a million small insects to dye
an emperor’s robe and it
isn’t how we treat our equals
but those smaller that counts.
—  Caroline Crew’s poem for Dottie Lasky, and then I exploded. (via Nashville Review)

Yes, because all of this would be nothing without you One Direction Crew THANK YOU 💚👏👏 Caroline Watson and her team , Lou Teasdale, The band Dan Richards, Jon Shone, Sandy Beales , Josh Devine and thank you to people who contribute to the organization of these tours 👏👏 👏👏 #5YearsOfOneDirection

Wait a second, am I the only one who vaguely remembers Stefan saying “I’m a vampire, and this is MY story”?!

We all know Elena is an important part of the show, and that we will all miss her, but she is not THE show.

There are thousands more people working on TVD, who worked for years, for us. I think they deserve a bit more than just “The Vampire Diaries doesn’t exist without Nina/Elena”.

This is everybody’s story, not just hers, please.

There is a vast canon of women writers that is mine, but I have to go out and find those authors. They are writers you don’t read in school. For everyone one Elizabeth Barrett Browning, there were hundreds and hundreds of Victorian women writers, many of whom were outselling Dickens. And I don’t know them! Twenty years from now, people will be reading some of my peers: women poets, poets of color, queer poets. I think about what I have to do to make sure these future readers get to access to all these amazing writers. And I think about how loud we all need to keep shouting.
—  Caroline Crew, interviewed by Molly McArdle for Brooklyn Mag
There is a history of naming hurricanes after saints. If you want yours
I recommend avoiding martyrs and consider only reference books
that have been burned. Your history of hurricanes is honestly disappointing: they keep
dying at sea. There’s a history of almost anything as long as you make a God to watch it
and also some zealots to take notes.
—  Caroline Crew, “Dear F.M.,” published in Banango Street