caroline cosplay


Some of the people we met at Comic Con (Part 2)

28th May 2017 - MCM Comic Con London.

Taken by me.

Part 1 - (x)

Part 2 - Here.

More Cosplays - (x)


Sailor Moon - Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay
Sailor Chibi Moon - Vivid Vision
Sailor Mercury - Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay
Sailor Mars - Jessica Nigri Fan Page
Sailor Jupiter - Andy Rae Cosplay
Sailor Venus - Pompay’s Cosplay Page - Jessica Roh
Sailor Pluto - Stella Chuu
Sailor Saturn - Kristicles Art & Cosplay
Sailor Neptune - Yousei Cosplay
Sailor Uranus - Holly Wolf

Photographers: Vivid Vision, Randy Gee Photographee & Photography By Darshelle Stevens


ALA Day 3 - Smash Bros {Fire Emblem}

Ike | bravepalmtrees

Marth | cheerupcharms

photographer | sqyphotography [xigheart]

We weren’t able to make it to either the Fire Emblem or Nintendo gathering this year ;_; but it was still SO MUCH FUN running around in capes and blue hair taking photos with other Smash bros ♥ 


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