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A Concept #5

Have a request? Ask away!! - Look at her little fingers" he cooed as Caroline squeezed her daddy’s index finger. “Beautiful” you whispered tiredly. You watched as your husband held onto your happiness in his strong arms. He looked so calm and so in love, Harry couldn’t wait to be a father and looking at him be a daddy couldn’t make you happier because you have him a child. A gorgeous, healthy baby girl. You cliched your chest and let out a weak breath- still recovering from the eight hour labor. “Mummy’s tired my sweet, sweet girl” Harry whispered. “Very much so” you whispered back. Harry smiled and carefully handed you Caroline. She was half awake and delightfully she quiet and calm. Harry moved your haircut if your have and caressed you forehead making you close your eyes and let out a small whimper. “What’s the matter petal?” He panicked thinking you were in extreme pain. “I- I’m a mother” you said opening your eyes to look up at him with tears streaming down your face. “We made the most precious baby girl in the world” you cried out. Harry sniffled as he sunk down back to his chair and pulled it even closer to the bed. He pressed his salty lips onto yours making you kiss him back with as much strength that you could while he let out shaky breaths to make his cries softer. He put his hand on Caroline and his other hand on your flushed cheek, rubbing his finger against your warm skin. “Mummy and daddy” he pressed. “I love you so much y/n” “I love you so much” your voice cracked as he kissed your tears away. “We love you little Caroline. Always” “Mummy and daddy will always cherish you” he sighed “Little Caroline” he whispered.

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Can you do jealous Cami again and she accidentally walks in on klaus and Caroline, Caroline sees and purposely fucks him harder so that he moans out her name, also Hayley being put in her place would be appreciated. Basically do all smut with Klaroline doing voyeurism?


Here’s a new one from @accidental-rambler <3

 AN: Established Klaroline in the future. Hayley is present in NOLA but the unfortunate incident of 4x16 did NOT happen, so no baby. Also, anti-Cami and anti-Hayley. Hope that’s what you had it mind :)

Harder to Ignore

Caroline strutted into the mansion purposefully, dropping her suitcase just behind the threshold - the move perhaps unusually careless for her, but she was a woman on a mission.

She had been in Aydlett, North Carolina for a week, visiting the now-71 year old Liz Forbes who, despite her age, was still an incredibly lively woman. Caroline blessed the day her mom had made the decision to leave Mystic Falls and take up a job from a town in another state. Now she could enjoy her retirement and supernatural drama-free life, without worrying about whatever troubles the Salvatore brothers would cook up weekly.

Since her mother still pretty much detested Klaus - even though she acknowledged and appreciated that he had always seemed to put her only daughter first - it was decided that he wouldn’t intrude on their family time together.

Right now, having come back from her trip, Caroline really needed to get her fill of a certain Original hybrid, though. Of course, during the course of the week, they had sexted and even had a few rounds of phone sex - but it wasn’t nearly enough. Not to mention, she was still horrified after almost being caught halfway to orgasm by her mother.

Using her vampire hearing, Caroline located Klaus and headed in the direction of his office. It was midday so the mansion was relatively empty, with Elijah usually out and about extinguishing the latest fire; Kol and Rebekah probably cheerfully adding to the trouble. Which was fortunate, seeing as Caroline was really frustrated and for her, frustrated equaled loud.

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Let It Go || Klaroline Gives Back

Many thanks to @heroriginalbadass​ for donating to @klarolinegivesback​! Here is the promised drabble incentive, I appreciate you tolerating my annoying questions. I really hope you like it! I also want to thank @thetourguidebarbie for organizing and @ssklaroline for the beta work, you ladies rock!

“Enzo, where is my textbook,” Caroline announced from the living room, arms crossed in annoyance.

Her roommate popped his head out from their shared bathroom, looking freshly showered. “I know better than to touch your textbooks, Gorgeous,” he insisted innocently. “You’ve been getting too specific in your violent threats, and I value my life.”

“I left it on the coffee table this morning, and now it’s gone,” she explained in a huff. Her gaze narrowed in suspicion. “And I know I didn’t clean up our apartment for an afternoon delight with my mystery girlfriend.”

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It’ll Be Alright

It had been a week since she turned it off, and she was absolutely reveling in it. After watching Stefan, Elena and Enzo go through a murderous rampage without a care in the world, she even surprised herself at how in control she truly was. 

It’s like her mind had been liberated. No more worrying about what people might think of her. No more caring if someone doesn’t like her decisions. And certainly no more filtering how she truly felt about something.

Elena in particular.

She knew that she’d be forgiven, because that’s just what Saintly Elena would do.

“It wasn’t you,” she’d say.

“I know exactly how you feel right now,” she’d tell her, tilting her head and pretending that she actually gives a damn.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” she’d coo.

But, Caroline had already made a mental note to not ask for forgiveness. It’s not like Elena did. She just went about her merry way, pretending that she didn’t almost try and kill Caroline, or say such nasty things to her.

So why shouldn’t she return the favor?

And poor Stefan, pretending to turn off his emotions just to get her to release Sarah.

It was fun for awhile, watching to see how far Stefan would truly go with this whole charade. But she knew it wasn’t real. She knew that the reprecussions of him turning it off would be murderously higher than her own. But still…it would’ve been fun to witness.

Oh, she took advantage for sure. Seeing how far his loyalty truly lies. Hooking up, feeding right along with him, but when it came time to truly test him. It was Elena that gave it away. Putting her in danger was the final straw. His true loyalty and his true love for her would far outweigh any feelings he may have thought he had for her.

So, she made another mental note and let’s just say her and Stefan are another thing she won’t be doing once she turns it back on.

She might take up Enzo on his offer though, seeing as he doesn’t want anything to do with her until she’s squeaky clean again.

Or there was another option…

A darker option…

An option that would either be the best decision or the absolute worst decision. But aren’t those always the most fun?

She turned the knob to her dorm room, relieved to have some peace and quiet for once. Bonnie was off pouting and Elena was probably crying with Damon and making sure everyone knew how horrible she felt about this dreadful emotionless Caroline debacle.

She just shook her head and snickered. She was pretty certain that she liked herself a lot more now and honestly couldn’t see why the others didn’t too. 

She crossed the floor and tossed her purse onto the bed. It was then she finally noticed a large brown paper clad gift sitting upright on her pillows. Attached was a small white envelope with a very familiar and slightly ironic note, seeing as she was just thinking of him.

She ripped open the letter and rolled her eyes, wondering what nonsense he had to say now.

“My dearest Caroline,

I heard you have decided to neglect your moral responsibilities and turn off your humanity. I would like you to know that I commend you for it. You have always been a very bright light in this world, but even suns need to set for a time.

With that said, you are always more than welcome to join me in New Orleans. I’m sure I can find more than enough trouble for you to get you into.”

She laughed at this and was seriously contemplating it. It would be quite a ride, and leaving this boring town and spending time with baddest guy she knows, actually sounded a lot better than being around her moping friends.

She read on…

“You are brilliant Caroline and you are the only one who can or should decide when you’re ready to face your realities.

I truly hope that this gift will help you, once you find your way.

Yours Always,


“Yours always,” she said out loud in a mocking tone that almost sounded like him.  She crumpled up the note and tilted her head, looking skeptically at the brown package. 

“What did you do?” she asked out loud.

She thought about not opening it but the temptation was too great. So she popped her finger through the brown paper and in one grand gesture, tore it away.

Her hand was still in the air when she looked down at the gift. It stayed that way for quite some time, frozen in place as she gathered herself and tried to fight off the impending emotion.

But it was too much…

As she looked down at the carefully sketched image, her emotions resurfaced.

It wasn’t all consuming. It didn’t completely overtake her, but as she lowered her hand and a single tear rolled down her cheek, she began to smile.

She smiled and then laughed and soon enough…she wept.

She grabbed hold of the picture, her mother’s face so bright and lifelike staring back at her.  

He hadn’t missed a single detail. Every line, every crease - the way her eyes sparkled and her smile reached ear to ear. 

She wanted to reach out and stroke her face, to feel her hair in her hands and her arms wrapping tightly around her.

“Do you like it?” she heard a voice say behind her.

“That…” she started and did another laugh-cry while turning to face him. “That was a dirty trick, Klaus!”

He smiled and folded his arms across his chest as he leaned against the door frame. “Did it work?”

“Yes, it worked, you stupid ass!” she said, feeling like her old self again.

“And?” he asked, straightening himself and taking a step toward her.

“And, it’s horrible,” she spat and began to cry again.

“I know,” he told her and took another step.

“I didn’t want to feel this! I didn’t want to miss her!”

The emotions that were gradually taking their place, rushed in now, engulfing her and tearing at her insides.

She paced in place, shaking her hands and trying to rid herself of the pain. Her breath was ragged and when he closed the distance between them she looked up into his familiar blue eyes.

There was sympathy and compassion there and all the things that he wasn’t supposed to have, but she didn’t question him. She knew that no matter what, Klaus would always look at her this way.

When he took a final step she allowed herself to sink into him. He wrapped his arms around her and she buried her head into his chest, her tears staining his shirt.

“It’ll be alright, Caroline,” he promised and stroked her hair. “You’ll be alright.” 

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KC: Your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and sorry not sorry I love this dog

Last one from @nemesis729 , but I hope you like it!

Puppy Love || Klaroline

“Aww,” Caroline cooed as the golden retriever butted its nose into her knees. “Who’s this handsome guy?”

“Excuse me,” Cami asked, uncomfortably looking between her boyfriend and the strange blonde. She was normally all for meeting people at the street fairs she dragged Klaus to, but they had just gotten into a huge fight. She was feeling a little on edge, especially with the way Klaus’s eyes tracked the other woman’s blouse as it slid up her back when she crouched to play with the dog.

“Your dog,” Caroline clarified, giggling as the dog started to lick her hands. “He’s gorgeous.”

“Oh,” she replied, still stiff with tension as the stranger continued her play. “This is Hope, she’s actually my boyfriend’s dog.”

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Klaus pissed off the wrong witch and now he's been turned into a kitten. Our resident Vampire Barbie suddenly has a new pet. Fluffiness and hilarity ensues.

This prompt was filled by one of our fabulous guest writers, @a-little-blonde-distraction – a whole lot of fluff and hilarity included!

^^Kitty Klaus

The Adventures of Kitty Klaus

“What do you mean, you can’t change him back?!” Rebekah bellowed at the sheepish but tickled witch currently thumbing through her grandmother’s grimoire.

“Every witch practices from a different grimoire, so it’s nearly impossible for me to figure out the countercurse. Besides, do you know how many transformation and transfiguration spells there are? I mean, you’re the immortal one, feel free to spend your time scouring through spellbooks to unspell your brother…” Bonnie argued, feeling the urge to leave, when just then the only reason she was there rounded the corner to join the conversation.

Bonnie smiled as she saw her blonde best friend, swallowing her chuckle so as not to enrage the less affable blonde vampire who was still haughtily glaring at her.

“Well I think we should get some lemonade out of the lemons handed to us, if you know what I mean…” Caroline stated , plopping down in the armchair nearest to the witch, who paused in her mystical studies to watch her friend.

“What the hell are you talking about, Caroline? What lemonade is to be gained from this situation?!” Rebekah exclaimed, her hands going up incredulously.

“I mean… He could’ve been turned into something microscopic and hard to find, like a bug or something. At least this way he’s easy to find and keep track of… Besides, Kitty Klaus is kinda cute…” Caroline murmured, reaching down with her right hand to rub the top of the tiny Norwegian Forest cat’s head with her fingertips.

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This is for Giulia who wanted Klaroline and a puppy from me.

He loves Caroline Forbes, truly, deeply and with a painful twisting at the knowledge of how entrenched she has become in his life, of knowing how empty his bones would feel if he were to lose her and also knowing he would do practically anything to get her back. He sees the evidence of how much she has become part of his existence in the Parisian apartment they’re currently calling home. From the soft colors that she’s picked to ordain the place to the freshly cut flowers that seem to crop up every day in vases throughout their dwelling. He loves to give into her desires because even if they’ve been together for nearly fifty years she’s still iffy on jewelry and dresses and anything that once had a price tag attached to it or could have if it had been procured in the current century.

But decorating whichever place they’ve decided to settle in for the moment, picking out the sights they’ll see, orchestrating elaborate dinner parties that he only messes up once in a while–its not his fault that some of the people she invites over are duller than dirt and he feels a need to liven up the time with some well placed compulsion or simply eating the ones who irritate him the most.

It’s usually worth whatever punishment she comes up with in the following days. The silent treatment never lasts long, she can hardly put a dent into any of his funds with her elaborate shopping sprees, and inviting his siblings over to annoy him often backfires on her and ends with her demanding that he kick all of them out again. 

But this will not do. 

This tiny ball of fluff that is currently scampering across the foyer, tripping over its own legs and ending up rolling head first into the wall, quickly followed by the ridiculous cooing from Caroline as she scoops the puppy up and checks that its okay. 

Klaus will not stand for the invasion of this annoyance in their life. “It’s not staying here.” She’s ignoring him, still doing the soft sounds at the animal as it happily licks her face and she smiles at it in a way she hasn’t smiled at him since the latest dinner incident. “I don’t do pets.” 

Unless they were horses but those were less of a pet and more of a companion. Plus they didn’t come into the house and provided transportation. What use was a dog? 

He knows he’s not going to win the argument when Caroline fixes him with her steady gaze. “And I don’t do blood baths during my dinner parties but someone didn’t pay any attention to my wants so I’m keeping him.” 

Of course this is her revenge.

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Klaroline having sex in a supply closet

Is That a Broom in Your Pocket or…?

“Bonnie, are you alright?”

Caroline races through the door of the hospital room, worry and grief overtaking her for the entire ride over there.

“What the hell happened?” she asks, looking at her best friend’s leg in a cast and her arm in a sling.

“Ugh, so stupid. Kol and I were trying a new trick at the skate park where we go up, be fancy with the board and then bring it back down. Turns out when you come down, it’s kind of important to have the board underneath your feet.”

“Oh Bonnie,” Caroline says with sympathy and sets down the flowers she brought and sits next to her on the bed. “Why do you always let that idiot talk you into picking up these kinds of hobbies?”

“I can only assume you’re talking about me, darling,” the said idiot replies as he walks into the room.

“You know it.”

Kol and Klaus Mikaelson, were supposed to be flings for her and Bonnie. A wild one night stand with two cute Brits before the boys packed up and headed back to their motherland. Instead, a one night stand turned into the longest relationship Bonnie had ever been in and Klaus had pressing matters to attend to back in London and couldn’t stay.

She didn’t mind at the time, since she had a million and one things on her plate and a man just didn’t fit. But seeing Bonnie with Kol certainly makes her wonder what could’ve been with Klaus. Not to mention, the damn man was the best she’d ever had.

“Actually, Care, it was my idea to try the trick. Actually, I think picking up skating was my idea from the beginning.”

“See,” Kol says to Caroline, before walking over to sit in the chair next to Bonnie. “My girl has stupid ideas just like I do.” He grabs her hand and then leans over to give her a kiss. Bonnie giggles, and cradles his cheek with her uninjured hand. “Just a couple of idiots.” They kiss again and then again and then the room suddenly becomes too crowded for three people.

“Well…I’m just gonna go get some coffee,” she says awkwardly and backs out of the room.

She laughs and shakes her head before turning on her heel and stepping into the hallway. She turns right and is halted as she collides with someone else.

“Ohf,” she says and stumbles back. She thinks she’s going to fall but a pair of strong arms wrap around her and pull her close.

“Easy, love,” a familiar voice says, a voice she couldn’t forget even if she tried.

She looks up into the face of Klaus Mikaelson, his features unchanging since that night. His hair still a little long, his stubble still in place, and those lips…oh God, the memory of them on her skin still sending her libido into overdrive.

“Klaus,” she says, trying to clear the fog from her brain and wondering if he’s really here.

“Hello, Caroline,” he coos and loosens his grip and allows her to take a step back.

“Hey…wow…hi,” she fumbles with her words. “What- what are you doing here?”

“In town for business,” he tells her. “My brother and Bonnie are letting me stay with them for a few days.” 

“Oh.” She’s suddenly annoyed with Bonnie that she didn’t mention that Kol’s enigmatic, best-sex-of-her-life brother was going to be back in town. “When did you get in?”

“Just, actually. Took a cab here. Kol was supposed to pick me up at the airport but I believe Bonnie has had an accident?” he asks and peers around her at the door.

“She’s fine. Kol’s taking care of her. Which,” she gives him a knowing glance, “is why I’ve left the room.” 

“Ah, I see, and where are you headed to?”

“To find some coffee, I guess?” 

“Can I join you?” He smiles down at her and she feels her knees do that wobbly thing.


They walk for a little while in a slightly awkward silence. Both thinking of the last time they saw each other but neither wanting to bring it up.

“So,” Klaus finally say. “How have you been?”

“Good…good. I’ve been good.”

“Good,” he nods and they fall back into silence.

“Look,” Caroline says, mustering up some courage to tackle the elephant in the room. “The last time I saw you, it was great…and I would be kidding myself if I told you I didn’t think about it from time to time.” 

“Time to time?” he asks, as if that’s the most absurd thing he’s ever heard.

“Well, yeah…I mean, I just want you to know that this doesn’t have to be weird. You know, if you weren’t expecting to see me while you were here or you know, if you just want to forget that it happened. I mean…I get it. It was fun but I’m not expecting anything from you.”

“Caroline,” he stops her ramblings. “That night is on my mind all the time.”

“It is?” she asks innocently, finally looking him in the eye.

“And before you start to even think that I wouldn’t want to see you, you should know that I had every intention of seeking you out the moment I was here.”


“One simply doesn’t forget the best night of his life.” He closes the small distance between them and places a hand on her shoulder, lightly caressing it before lifting his gaze to her once more.

“The best night? Really?” Her voice darkens with lust, as she places a hand on his chest and tilts her head up, their lips inches away from each other.

“You have ruined me, woman,” he whispers.

“I’m so glad I’m not the only one,” she whispers back.

They almost close the final gap between them when the door behind them opens and a man in a blue uniform steps out from it. She takes a step back, realizing that they’re in a very public place. The man walks away, a mop in hand and Caroline’s face lights up.

“Come on,” she tells him and pulls him toward the door reaching out to hold it before it shuts all the way. She turns around and pulls him forward and into the closet.

The room smells of chemicals, and is filled with bathroom supplies, mop buckets and unopened boxes on shelves. This is not how she pictured their reunion, if they were to ever have one. But it would have to do.

They stumble back and he grabs hold of her waist, wasting no time in gathering her in his arms and pressing a hard kiss against her mouth. She parts her lips and his tongue slips in, and she moans when it glides against her own. 

His hand slips underneath her, hoisting her up so her legs can wrap around him. He squeezes her ass before placing her against some shelves. The force of their action knocks some items from the top shelf loose and it’s suddenly raining toiletries. Caroline squeals in laughter as he ducks his head into the crook of her neck. She reaches behind and grabs the steel beams of the shelf for support as he drags his tongue and teeth across her neck and her collarbone, dipping his tongue between her breasts intermittently before finding her lips once more.

They part briefly to discard the first layer of their clothes. She reaches down for the hem of his shirt, lifting it up and over his head and he returns the favor. He moves forward with vigor, his knees knocking into the shelves and sending another wave of toiletries crashing down upon them.

A broom falls down and clunks Klaus in the head, who winces and tries to rub the pain away. He tries to bring his attention back to the task at hand but Caroline has been lost to a fit of giggles, which he succumbs too as well. 

“Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea,” Caroline snickers and rubs the spot on his head that the broom had collided.

“It was a great idea, love. Just poor execution.”

“Well maybe…” she says and wraps her arms around his neck, “…you should take me to dinner tonight and we can try this again properly?”

He smiles and kisses her gently. “I’d like that.”

They put their disheveled selves back together and Caroline hops off the shelf. He pulls her in his arms and gives her one last kiss before they open the door and head back out into the hospital hallway.

“What the hell?” A grumpy old man in the same blue jumper she saw earlier startles them.

“Oh, thank God you’re here,” Caroline says smoothly to the man. “Someone made a terrible mess in there.”

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Klaroline - Pretty please?

Thanks for the request anon :) I had fun with this - turns out I like drunk Caroline as much as Klaus does. Hehe.


Klaus glanced down at the slightly tipsy Caroline on his arm, not missing the way her eyes jumped around the surroundings on their journey back home from a night out on Bourbon Street. She clutched his arm with both of hers wound around it and a hand gripping his; head resting on his shoulder as she hummed happily to herself.

Drunk Caroline was one of his favourite sides to her. She was carefree and jolly, and always a bit more affectionate. There was no sign of worry about what the French Quarter held late at night and no constant contemplating about the city’s matters. Caroline fulfilled her role by his side and in the Mikaelson family as the rulers of the supernatural realm that was New Orleans with great ease, but with the side effect of hardly allowing that part of her to slip.

Which was why they tried to spend any time they weren’t busy together, and if they could, out having fun.

“Are we walking home?” Caroline blurted suddenly in confusion.

“Considering we walked here, I’d say so,” Klaus replied, amused. There was no need to drive around in the French Quarter, and a sober Caroline would have recalled that.

“Do you know what I love about New Orleans?” she asked with a wistful sigh, peering up at him and resting her chin on his shoulder. He kept their slow, steady pace; trying not to rush her and simply indulge in their time alone.

“The company you keep here?” he supplied teasingly, offering her a wide smile with his dimples in full effect. Poking one of them with her finger, she squealed and giggled as he pretended to snap at her appendage and laid her head back against his shoulder.

“I love the night! Its pretty, and the stars are always out at night, and its always warm,” she told him, hugging his arm tighter and adding a skip to her step that only made him walk faster to keep up. It’d be a cold day in hell before Klaus Mikaelson was caught skipping down the sidewalk, even if it was with his beloved Caroline.

Shaking his head, he curled up his hand to tug at the long, leather sleeve that covered half of her hands. “And yet, you have my jacket,” he pointed out.

“I love your jacket. I love you,” Caroline cooed, hunching her shoulders together and burying her nose into the collar. He could hear her inhale deeply before relaxing back into his side with a passionate moan. “Why do you always smell so good?

“Obviously, to keep you,” he answered, willing himself to ignore the heat that had sparked through his veins at her throaty groan. He couldn’t get her home quick enough, but he wouldn’t rush her. If there was one thing he had learnt about loving Caroline, it was that it was always worth the wait.

“Keep me, what?” she questioned, blinking up at him blankly and having missed his point completely. Chuckling under his breath, Klaus dropped a kiss to the top of her head and shook his head.

“Never mind, love,” he murmured into her hair. Furrowing her brow, she seemed to shake it off quickly when something across the street caught her attention from him.

“Has that park always been there?” she asked, eyes widening and brightening up in excitement. “Lets go!”

Klaus fought against her attempt to steer him away from the sidewalk and push him towards the children’s park that was deserted in the dead of the night. “Caroline, how about we go home and visit tomorrow?” he suggested placatingly, only to earn himself a pout.

“Please, Klaus? Pretty please?” Caroline requested, peering up at him from under her lashes in what he had learnt was called the ‘puppy dog look’ (apparently he had his own version which worked very well on her). She kept pulling him in the direction of the playground; the pout dissolving into a cute smile as he began to relent and stopped dragging his feet. With a roll of his eyes, he waved a hand for her to lead the way, causing her to gasp in excitement. “Yay! Lets go on the swings!”

“Don’t hurt yourself, sweetheart,” he commented as she dragged him by the hand towards the swingset. If it hadn’t been for the way she struggled with the slide lock on the gate to enter the playground, he would have thought she had sobered up already.

Reaching around her, Klaus opened the gate for her and held it for to allow her to enter. She smiled haughtily; walking past with a confident stride, head held up high and back straight as she went over to the swings. Of course, their adjoined hands meant that he was forced to follow right behind (though he would have done so regardless).

“I haven’t been on a swing in years,” Caroline sighed happily as she settled onto the middle on. After making sure she was steady, he took the swing to her left, sitting in the opposite direction so he could keep watching as contentment filled her features. “This is fun! Isn’t this fun?”

“I suppose it is,” he replied casually, using his legs to give himself a bit of momentum to move the swing. Despite her excitement about going on the swings, Caroline remained at pace that matched his own. Her feet barely left the ground, and when he looked up at her face, her eyes were lowered to her shoes with her head resting against the right chain she gripped on each side of her. “You alright there, my love?”

“Hmm?” she hummed distractedly.

Smiling, Klaus pushed himself back slightly so he could lean in and catch her eyes. “Shall we go home? You look like you’re falling asleep,” he suggested, softly caressing her cheek with his knuckles.

“No, just a little bit longer,” she insisted, shaking herself awake and pushing the swing with her feet. It took a few tries before she was swinging back and forth without the constant need of effort, and her giggles flew by him with the wind as she twisted the chains to spin herself around. “Ow!”

Caroline came to an wobbly stop, and he immediately reached out to keep her upright as the swing jerked when she abruptly placed her feet onto the ground with only one hand on the chains keeping her balanced in her seat. She was shaking her other hand, hissing as she gingerly curled her fingers into a fist.

“Let me see,” Klaus murmured, reaching out to take her hand in his. Her first two fingers were flaming red, and he was sure if she had been human, getting them caught between the chains as they unravelled would have left them badly bruised if not fractured. Sighing, he pressed his lips to the warm, healing skin gently. “You have to be careful, love. We can’t grow back fingers, and I happen to be a fan of yours.”

He smiled at the blush his innuendo brought out on her, knowing she would have sobered up due to the injury. “I think I hurt my hand, too,” she whispered, hinting with a small pout to her lips. Grinning, Klaus held her hand flat in his and pushed up the sleeve of his jacket before kissing her palm tenderly. “And my cheek.”

He brushed his lips just above her fingernail when she tapped her face to show exactly she meant. A shuddering breath left her body at the sensation, and he couldn’t help but feel the same way, if simply by her own reaction. Pulling back, he stayed within her personal space so they were sharing the same air and could feel the warm puffs of breath as she exhaled on his jaw. It was sweet yet intimate, and he could tell he was starting to get to her by the way she bit the inside of her cheek cutely.

“Anywhere else?” Klaus prompted, watching as her eyes darted down to his lips and lingering there before meeting his once again.

Caroline pressed a finger to the cupid’s bow of her mouth; her silver painted nail gently brushing against his lips as she reach up. “Here?”

Leaning back, he pulled her hand down before taking her chin between his finger and thumb to peer at the area she had pointed to. “It looks alright to me,” he said in exaggerated skepticism, furrowing his brow in concentration.

“Vampire healing. Make sure?” she asked suggestively. Smirking, he nodded and took her upper lip between his, swiping his tongue over the offended area as if to soothe away the phantom pain. Caroline responded fervently; deepening the kiss by dipping her tongue in to run across his and moaning in pleasure when he repeated the action.

He pulled away with a series of small kisses, pressing them against her upturned lips when she tried to follow him. “Better?” Klaus questioned huskily, clearing his throat. Scrunching up her nose adorably, she shrugged half-heartedly and pouted. “Perhaps we should go home so I can give you the once over?”

“Might be a good idea,” Caroline agreed, taking his proffered hand and allowing him to pull her to her feet. He adjusted his jacket on her, pulling at the collar on both sides to fix it back into place. “But Klaus? Don’t make it quick.”

Raising an eyebrow, he gave her an incredulous look. “When have I ever?”

Decimation's and Apologies (No Type Chapter Two)

Olivia got absolutely no peace on the ride to Abby’s house; she and Quinn tortured her with the song ‘Jesse’s Girl’. They replaced the name Jesse with Fitz, screaming so loudly that Olivia retreated into a permanent state of annoyance. Usually, Olivia preferred to go home on Mondays and get a start on the homework she had been assigned, however Abby and Quinn insisted that she log some friendship hours.

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