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☂ MARY POPPINS the musical: All the London + Broadway + UK and US Tour + My favourite foreign Mary’s.

Laura Michelle Kelly: Original London Cast + Broadway
Scarlett Strallen: London + Broadway + Australian Tour
Lisa O’Hare: London + UK Tour + Australian Tour

Ashley Brown: Original Broadway Cast + US Tour
Caroline Sheen: UK Tour + US Tour
Steffanie Leigh: US Tour + Broadway (last Mary!)

Rachel Wallace: US Tour + New Zealand Tour
Madeline Trumble: US Tour
Verity Hunt-Ballard: Original Australian Cast + Australian Tour

Noortje Herlaar: Original Dutch Cast
Bianca Marroquín: Original Mexican Cast
Annemieke Van Dam: Original Austrian Cast

The Cheerleader

Your name: submit What is this?

After your dad died 3 months ago, your mom wanted to get out of your old town. You moved to Mystic Falls because you’re Mom got a job offer, she was a teacher and should now be the Director. When you came to Mystic Falls you felt alone, more than usually. You missed your friends in New Orleans, you missed someone to talk to. 


In your Mom’s Car:

“You’ll like the new school Honey.” Your Mother said with a soft smile.

“Yeah whatever, mom.” You replied looking out of the window.

Your Mom parked the car and looked at you, “I miss him too.” she smiled soft. “But we need to do this together.” 

“I love you Mom.” You said and hugged her soft. “But please, be normal..” You laughed soft and she nodded. 


When you got out of the car, you saw a really cute guy in a football shirt. You couldn’t stop yourself from staring at him. As he noticed you, he couldn’t stop either. He was smiling at you and you smiled back. Your mother gave you a little push and you turned to her.

"Y/N? Hello Y/N? Do you hear me?” You mother asked and raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah what?” You asked confused. “Didn’t I told you to be normal?”

“You’re staring at the guy like some maniac and I shall act normal?” She laughed soft. “I said your class is in room A103 and I asked if I shall I bring you?”

“No, Mom no..” You said and she tried to give you a kiss on your cheek but you stopped her. “Mom, I said act cool..Your the new Director. Kissing your daughter is not acting cool.” You laughed and walked into the School.


In the School:

After you finally found your class, 10 Minutes after the ring belled, you opened the door and walked inside.

“I’m sorry Mr..-” You didn’t know the name of your teacher..

“Salzmann.” He answered and smiled soft.

“Mr. Salzmann I’m sorry for being late. I didn’t found the class at first..”

“It’s fine but all the seats are taken, so you’ve to sit next to Stefan and Caroline.” He replied and pointed at your seat. “Over there.” He smiled.

“Hey Stranger.” They cute guy next to you smiled. “I’m Stefan. Stefan Salvotore, nice to meet you.” he said with flirty eyes.

“I’m Y/N.” You smiled back and took your stuff out.

“I’m the football shirt guy who was staring at you.” He laughed soft and you had too.

“Mr. Salvatore, If you’re feeling so attracted to Y/N, you can show her the school. After class.”

“Sure, Mr. Salzmann.” Stefan replied and laughed like everyone else in the class.


You hurried up to come out of the class. You didn’t want Stefan to feel some sort of forced,to show you the school. You thought you could make it on your own to the next lessons.

“Hey Y/N wait.” Stefan said and ran to you.

“Stefan, you don’t have to do this.” You said nervous.

“But I’d like to. Only if you want it of course.” He added shyly.

“Okay.” You smiled and walked with him trough the floors.


Stefan tried to bring you laugh, he told you really great jokes the whole time. You had a break lesson so he could show you the whole school.

“Can I ask you something?” You said with a coffee in your hand which Stefan had bought you.

“Sure.” He nodded smiling.

“Are you playing football?” You asked him. “Here in the school?”

“No, I wanted such a shirt because I like our Team so much.”

“Oh, okay.”

“That was a joke, Y/N.” Stefan laughed soft. “Yeah.. I’m at the Team. Why?”

“Well, where is a Football-Team there’s a Cheerleader-Team not that far.” You replied. “In New Orleans I was the head cheerleader and I just want to do something that reminds me of my home.”

“Caroline Forbes is the Head-Cheerleader here in Mystic Falls and I think they’ve training right now. Come one, I’ll bring you to her.” Stefan smiled and walked to the football field with you.


In the School - Football Field:

As you walked on the field, every girl was staring at you. You didn’t know why but maybe it was because you were the new girl.

"Hey Stefan!” Caroline said flirty.

“This is-” Stefan started.

“Y/N. I know.. What do you want?” Caroline asked annoyed but with a fake smile.

“On my old school I was a Cheerleader too, I wanted to ask If I could join.. your Team maybe?”

“Hey Ladies? Come here, our cute little sunshine here wants to join our team.” Caroline called the others.

“Give her a try, Caroline!” A girl with brown hairs said.

“Yeah. Elena is right. you should give her a chance.” Stefan smiled at Caroline and then to you. “I’ll take that.” He said and took your coffee.

“So Y/N, show us what you got. Tyler turn the music on.” Elena said with a smile.

And then you started with a simple somersault with a bolt. After you landed it, a backward flic-flac and at least a split.


“Whoooho!” Everyone applaud you especially Stefan.. you went back to them and took your coffee from Stefan with a sweet smile.

“You weren’t just a Cheerleader.” Elena smirked. “You can do much more. You were a head Cheerleader, right?”

“Yes.. I was." 

"You’re totally in the team.” Elena said with a smile but Caroline looked pissed. “Isn’t she? We need her.”

Caroline looked to Stefan and he looked to you.

“Okay fine.” She said jealous. “But the break is over so we have to start training tomorrow.” She said and went off.


The ring belled and you wanted to go into your next class but before you could get in there Stefan grabbed your Hand gently and stopped you.

“Stefan? What are you doing? The lesson has already started.” You asked confused.

“What are you doing tomorrow night at 9pm?” He asked smiling to you and you smiled back shyly. “Nothing? Good, I’ll be there at 8pm” Stefan laughed and walked together back into the school.

Drabble for today. 

The single parent/teacher AU. I hope you like it.

“Oh, Hopey, what’s the matter?” Caroline asked the little girl who was weeping in the corner of the playground.

As a first grade teacher, Caroline had a child crying on her at least three times a week, but never with this much anguish in their little faces, and rarely ever during lunchtime.

The little girl just looked at Caroline with big brown eyes, and threw her arms around the teacher, before starting to sob into Caroline’s neck.

“Shh, shh, it’s going to be alright, Hope,” Caroline soothed, stroking her brown curls down.

As the little girl’s heartbreaking sobs subsided, and breathing return to normal, Caroline pulled away from the girl a little to look into her eyes again.

“Do you want to tell me what’s up?” Caroline asked.

“Eva was teasing me about not having a mum,” Hope choked out.

Caroline knew Hope’s family situation was less than normal. The little girl was picked up from school by a different family member every day of the week. From what Caroline had gathered, Hope lived with her father, two uncles, an aunt and an aunt by marriage, but her mom had passed away during childbirth.

“What was she saying, sweetie?” Caroline asked. Bullying was not tolerated at the school, so Caroline needed to nut out the problem to see whether it was a one time thing, or whether it was recurring.

“She said my mummy doesn’t love me, and that’s why I don’t have one. But my mummy’s actually dead.”

It was breaking Caroline’s heart watching the poor little girl confront the fact her mother was dead. Eva was from the third grade, so Caroline would have to talk to Bonnie, who was her teacher, about having a talk with her students regarding bullying, and picking on the younger students.

“I’m so sorry that’s happened, sweetie.”

Just then the bell rang signalling the end of lunchtime.

“How about you stay out here for a little bit, Hope. You can finish your lunch and maybe come in when you feel a little better. Does that sound okay?”

Hope nodded sadly and took a few calming breaths.

“I’ll just be in the classroom if you need anything, okay?”

Hope nodded again, and leant against the nearest tree, and began eating her lunch.

“Cassie, would you be able to take the class for ten minutes,” Caroline asked her teacher’s aid. “I just need to make a phone call.”

Cassie agreed, and Caroline went into the office, picking up the phone and dialling Hope’s home phone number.

“Whoever you are better have a good reason to bother me,” a gruff male voice said irritably on the other end of the line.

“Hello, is that Mr Klaus Mikaelson?” Caroline asked politely.

“It is. Who are you and what do you want?”

Caroline sighed; did he have to be rude?

“I’m Caroline Forbes, I teach your daughter…”

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megansarah11  asked:

Can you do a story of where they the end of s5 when they come back form the other side where Henrik comes back walks up to Caroline and hugs her and asks her to take him to his family and she does(oh the the baby is Tyler's not klaus')

Also Kol and Katherine come back and they all go to NOLA together.

Thanks lovely Megan @megansarah11! Such an inspired prompt, I only hope I’ve done it justice – supernatural isn’t my forte. I used a One Tree Hill title (and coincidentally one of my fave episodes) just for you, lovely : )

Also, this is where I completely rewrite everything that was bad about season 5. For your information - Katherine did die somehow but she never became human (because that storyline was terrible) and she is the ONLY one who knows Klaus and Caroline slept together. I’m also going to go ahead and just forget the magical baby even existed, so too Hayley and Cami.

How a Resurrection Really Feels

“Kol, stop touching the radio,” Caroline chided, slapping his hand away from the dials.

“It’s not my fault you have the worst taste in music, darling,” he offered.

“And yours is so much better?” She snorted, by way of response. “At least my favourite musicians are popular and, might I add, still alive.”

“If I’d known you two were going to squabble like children, I wouldn’t have come along,” Katherine interrupted from the back seat.

“Yeah, why did you come along anyway? Doesn’t my brother want to kill you or something?”

“Is it me or do you get more stupid every time you come back from the other side?” She drawled.

“Oh I get it now, you want to get busy with Elijah and blondie here wants to do the same with Niklaus,” he surmised. “They may be my brothers but for the record you both have terrible taste in men, if you ask me.”

“Well, funnily enough no one was asking for love advice, for obvious reasons,” Caroline muttered, too tired to even address his comment about the Original hybrid.

“And I do not want to get busy with Elijah,” Katherine shot back, her denial sounding a little too forced for Caroline’s liking. The man could definitely wear a suit so Caroline figured her taste really wasn’t all that bad. “Not that I have to explain anything to your idiotic ass but I figured bringing Klaus his youngest brother might make him less likely to want to kill me.”

“I could have done that myself,” Kol growled. “I didn’t need an entourage to return my brother to the family fold.”

“Well, you know what they say Mikaelson, finders keepers,” Katherine teased. “Given your weakened powers since crossing over I suggest you remember that.” Turns out being on the other side had rendered Kol basically useless but for how long they didn’t know.

“Henrik, are you okay, sweetie?” Caroline asked, choosing to ignore their incessant bickering and peering at the boy through the rear view mirror, who was staring aimlessly out the car window. He’d been relatively quiet since she first found him in the woods.

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