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Ya sure that is your costume? 

1. Brianne Kelly Morgan as crossover Mirror Bride. 
2. Walter Canella as André/Red Death. 
3. Brianne Kelly Morgan as Madame Giry. 
4. Ellen Jackson and Philip Griffiths as Christine and the Phantom. 
5. Caroline Scott as Degas policeman. 
6. Enrique Vega and Christopher Carl as slavemaster and Christine. 
7. Gina Beck as Rigoletto. 
8. Courtney Combs as Lion (wo)man (she actually did fill in for this role). 
9. Gina Beck as ballerina and Tori Johns as Christine. 

A Gift for LovingAaronRamsey

lovingaaronramsey was the first one of our winners from last week–How exciting! She requested a oneshot and so here it is for her (and your) reading pleasure! Enjoy!

PROMPT: I’d just like some fluff. No TO plot with Hayley, the baby, or Camille. Maybe something like Caroline finally goes to NOLA but they stay only friends then once Klaus sees her near a boy and gets really jealous and Caroline finds it adorable and finally tells him that he’s the one she wants and they kiss. Is that too much? Sorry lol

Okay, I started with that, I swear, but then it kind of became something else? I included lots of fluff for you, though! *nervous smile*


“So, what did bring you to my kingdom, love?”

Caroline moves to answer his question before freezing at the feel of his fingers on her bare backside. He slides the thin sheet covering her down to the small of her back, sending a cool chill down her spine as he trailed his fingers up and down her flesh. “You’re hardly on a throne,” she sighs, resisting the purr that almost slips out. “Spending your nights with a ‘highly inexperienced vampire slut’ and all.”

Klaus scoffs, his hands finding her hair and his fingers twisting strands around absentmindedly. “What did I tell you about listening to what ‘Bekah says? She’s just spewing nonsense because I found what she can never fully grasp.”

“Mm, and what’s that?”

“Love,” he states pointedly.

“Is that so?”

Klaus nods. “It is.”

“I guess I’m more like your sister than I thought,” she comments, the speck of humor in her tone undetected by her love.

“And how’s that, sweetheart?”

“We’re both still looking for our epic loves,” Caroline teases, locking her eyes with his, keeping her mirth obvious to ensure he recognized the joke. He is obviously not pleased with her response but can’t contain the smile that seeps through.

“Very funny,” he says dangerously, goes from innocent to predatory in seconds. Suddenly, his body is on hers and his mouth is all over her, only the thin white sheet separating their skin. As his hands roam down to uncover her body so he could have his way with her, she reaches out to stop him.

“As much as I’d love to, I have somewhere to be,” she tells him. The vampire’s body is betraying her mouth, however, for her hands clamp against the back of his neck to keep him in place as he devours every piece of the raw skin, careful not to inject his venom into her as he bites into her flesh.

“We have time.”

“I need to leave in 10 minutes—“

The hybrid’s kisses and bites do not stop. “Plenty of time.”

“I can’t be late,” she insists, taking her hand off of the back of his neck so he can trail downwards towards her breasts.

He smiles against her skin, “you won’t be late.”

“Gale will be so mad if I’m late.”

This makes Klaus stop. He looks up at her with an expression she can’t quite read. “Isn’t that that human boy? What are you doing fraternizing with that mortal?”

“I’m just trying to help him—”

“Help him with what? Getting into your pants?”


“I don’t think you should see him.”

“Well, I am. He’s my friend.” When the hybrid shoots her a skeptical look, she emphasizes her point. “Just friends.

“Well, then, I guess I’ll have to leave you with a little something extra before you leave to ensure he stays just a friend.”

Caroline goes to respond, but instead finds herself letting out a desperate moan as Klaus begins to make sure she won’t forget about him when she meets with the mortal boy.

Her body quakes. “Klaus!”


It’s times like this where Caroline is really grateful she’s a vampire. Because, if she were a human right now, she wouldn’t be able to walk. And, if she weren’t a vampire with an incredibly impressive running ability, she would have been 30 minutes late over 20. Klaus did work fast, but working fast three times is a little more time consuming.

Not that she’s complaining.

At least she’s here, and at least her friend hasn’t given up on her. She can see him from across the café at their normal table. She smiles broadly, shaking this morning from her head so she can actually concentrate at the problem at hand. 

Let’s do this.


“Hey, I was beginning to think you were going to be a no show,” Gale greets, standing up from his chair in the small café. He reaches up for here and places a hand on the small of her back, placing a friendly, chase kiss on her cheek before pulling out her chair and helping her settle in. “I got you coffee; nonfat iced chai tea latte with no crème and double sugar, right?”

Caroline forces a smile. “Yeah, um, perfect.”

Klaus scoffs from behind the menu he’s holding up to guard his face from his love’s view. He’d followed her and sat himself at a table a good ways away from them to ensure this Gale fellow didn’t get too friendly.

“What is it, Nik? He seems nice.”

Klaus shoots his sister a glare from across the table. He’d almost forgotten that he’d dragged her along. Nonetheless, he humors her by supplying an answer. “She drinks nonfat hot chai tea with no crème and normal sugar. Too much sugar makes her anxious for blood. Everybody knows that,” he states irritably. “And, if we’re being technical, she usually opts for a splash of O negative blood in there as well to even out the effect of the sugar.”

The Original rolls her eyes. “I think its sweet that he’s trying.”

“Rebekah, love, you think any human with a pulse and a penis is sweet. Take that bloke Mace for instance.“ 

“His name is Matt,” she growls. “And he’s—“

“Nice? Sweet? Charming?”

“Yes, actually, he happens to be all of those things.”

“Oh, give me a break.”

“You’re just mad because Matt got into your perfect little Caroline’s pants before you did. And if you’re not careful that mortal over there will get into them after you.”

This turns Klaus’s attention beck to Caroline and her “friend”. He tunes back into their conversation, catching the end of Caroline’s laugh.

“No, I didn’t say that at all,” she grins. “I definitely think is accent is adorable.”

“Ah, that’s got to hurt. Adorable? That’s the worst thing a guy could be called.”

“Is it now? So, what? I can’t think you’re adorable?”

Klaus’ mouth drops open. Is she flirting with that human boy?

Rebekah on the other hand, was even less amused. “Huh, maybe she’ll let him into her pants more readily than I thought. I was only being condescending when I initially called her a vampire slut, but now I’m beginning to believe I wasn’t far off point. This generation is so classless.”

I’m trying to listen,” Klaus growls in a low tone before tuning back into the more important conversation across the way. 

“Now, I didn’t say that,” Gale insists, inching towards her.

Klaus almost stood and snapped the neck of that damn mortal, but his love beat him to it, pushing him away. Nervous laughter slipped from her lips. “Yeah.”

Gale’s facial expressions dropped into a flatter form of the glee once dancing in his eyes. “Are you going to let me closer, Caroline?” 

This takes the vampire aback, but she’s quick to recover. She shakes her head and lets out a laugh that doesn’t quite make it to her eyes. “So, um, Gale, let’s get to this calculus, yeah?” She bends down to pull the book out her bag. "Mr. Zinke is killing me with all of these operations.” 

“Oh my god,” Rebekah smiled, putting a hand over her mouth to contain the laugh that dared to slip out of her lips. Klaus’s jaw dropped.

He couldn’t believe his ears, tuning back in to insure he’d mistaken what had just happened. 

“I’d almost forgotten that’s what we’re here for.”

 “I didn’t. I need you to teach this to me so I can pass this class with flying colors and my boyfriend won’t tease me. I had to tell him i was helping you with something to make sure he didn’t have a clue what was going on here.”

The human surrenders to her with a chuckle, grabbing his own book from under his chair. “Chapter 15, right?” 

He’s intruding on tutoring sessions?

He’s Niklaus Mikaelson, the king of New Orleans, the ruler of the night in a town that never sleeps, and he was feeling threatened by a kid who can add numbers together better than Caroline?

He groans. “You have got to be kidding me.” 

The laugher is spilling out of Rebekah at this point.

Klaus rolls his eyes at her and tunes in one last time to make sure Caroline will be alright before he leaves. “No, I don’t need help with English or History. My boyfriend is definitely well versed in those.”

Klaus smiles at the compliment and decides to lean back in his chair and listen to his love speak of him. He’s never above a good ego stroking.

Gale scoffs. “What, your perfect boyfriend hasn’t got a way with numbers, too?”

“No.” Caroline’s laugh fills the air. “It’s a wonder he can count to three.”

The hybrid frowns. So much for a good ego stroking.

“Well, what else isn’t he good at?” the human asks.

“He’s not bad at much… Actually, he’s good at lots of things,” she smiles, leaning in over the table with her elbows propped up and supporting her head on her hands to rest.

“Okay then,” he says, mimicking her movement. “What is he good at?” 

 “W-well, I mean, he’s artistic and intelligent and cultured and he can cook…ish and—oh, I don’t know!”

“You don’t know what your boyfriend is like? That’s kinda sketchy,” Gale joked.

Caroline rolled her eyes. “I know what he’s like… I just don’t really think about the big picture a lot. I think about the little stuff, you know? Like how he’s never up before 7:30 and if he is then he didn’t sleep at all. Or like whenever he’s sketching something in his sketchbook he uses pencil when sketching new things, new people, but pen whenever he draws things he knows really well. Things like me. “

“Okay, Caroli—“

There was no stopping her, though, she was fully ranting at this point. “A-And I know that he drinks Bloody Mary’s not because he enjoys them but because he finds it so completely ironic and somehow hysterical.”


“I know that he thinks I’m just going to get up and leave him one day which is why he doesn’t love me with words but rather actions because he knows that if he says it he can’t take it back but his body constantly betrays him and even though he doesn’t say it I know it. And he drinks orange juice out of the carton which drives me crazy mostly because he doesn’t even like orange juice and he just does it to annoy the shit out of me—“ 

his hands are on her shoulders now, trying to bring her back to earth.  “CAROLINE.”

What?” She finally exhales, throwing her hands up in a flamboyant defeat.  It is only then that she fully recognizes their proximity. She tries to pull back, but Gale impulsively—and, in Klaus’s opinion, stupidly—grabs her by the back of the neck and pulls her towards him.

The kiss doesn’t last long due to the hybrid’s quick reaction time and superhuman speed. In one swift moment, he flashes over to the pair and throws Gale as far away from Caroline as the room will allow.

Klaus hums in satisfaction to himself for just a moment, tuning out Caroline’s shouting at him and Rebekah’s now hysterical laughter.

“I’m also really good at telling blokes like you to sod off, mate.”


“Gale’s in the hospital but he’s alive,” Caroline sighs, throwing herself on the bed. The sudden movement makes Klaus’ hand slip as he sketches. He frowns when he realizes he was sketching in pen and closes the small book, letting the ink smear over her two-dimensional face. “Barely.”

He twists over her to her nightstand. He snatches the book from the small table before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and retreating back to his former position on the bed.  “I think he deserved it.” 

“I cannot believe you followed me.”

Klaus simply flipped through her book absentmindedly, paying her displeasure no mind. “I cannot believe you let him kiss you. Now you have mortal germs all over you; how disgusting.” 

Caroline opens her mouth to speak but catches the smile that dares sneak out and shuts her lips together. “Oh, so now I’m infected?”

“You have human cooties,” he insists, a bit of a teasing tone colliding with his words.

She takes this as an invitation, rolling over on top of him. “Oh, really?” He keeps his eyes to the book.

“I’m trying to read, love,” he says, his voice betraying him as it cracks into laughter halfway through as her lips meet his neck.

Caroline holds her mouth against his neck to keep in the laugh that’s already daring to fly out. How come the big bad hybrid could always make her laugh as he did? Wasn’t he supposed to be more sadistic, less inviting and comforting?

“I hate you,” she mumbles against his flesh, allowing her body to surrender and fall against his.

“Yeah, well, I love you too, sweetheart.”