caroline abbot

So technically I guess I’m way too old for these but the shop was right there and having an odd number was really annoying me because ONE OF THEM DIDN’T HAVE A FRIEND so meet Caroline, the fourth addition to my AG family nearly 18 is not too old for dolls no not at all and buy her an outfit too of course I didn’t SHE NEEDED HER NIGHTDRESS TO SLEEP IN OK

I had some left over heart fabric so I made two of a kind Regency dresses.

I also have some extra fabric left over.  This stuff will make for great quilt backing or odds and ends.


Thoughts: Where Angels Fear to Tread

  • I love it. I don’t know if it’s partly because I love the novel too much and Rupert’s great in it so that I’m biased; but really I don’t have much to complain. It’s a reasonably good adaptation, very smooth, with excellent acting, great music (I want the soundtrack!!!) and the right atmosphere.
  • Rupert is incredible. As I’ve said in an earlier post, he’s so completely different here: the stiff, clumsy way he moves, the funny way he grimaces when he talks, the comic gestures he makes - plus the plain outfit and hair and moustache - all make him look funny and plain and unattractive. The wonderful thing happens when Philip undergoes inner transformation - after the opera and in the final scene - he turns beautiful. The clumsiness is gone. He glows, at precisely the right moments. What a delight to watch. :D Oh and, a subtle expression of Philip after Miss Abbot’s confession broke my heart into 1000 pieces.
  • Love Helena BC too. Don’t know if it’s her choice or the director’s idea, I prefer her calm and at some point angry confession in the last scene to the book version.
  • Things to complain about: 1) The broken arm scene. For some reason I’d have been happier if they had kept Philip’s line “Kill me if you like! But just you leave my broken arm alone”. 2) The milk drinking scene. The book isn’t very clear but I always picture it to be Philip lying/half lying on the couch and Gino brings the jug to his lips. Not them sitting across the table. 3) Caroline should look like a goddess to both of them in the milk drinking scene. This is lost. 4) It doesn’t really matter but I’d think Philip speaks better Italian than Rupert did in the film…anyway he sounds cute when he speaks Italian. XD
  • Love the final scene. The darkness, the train drowning out the mother’s voice, the steam, the hug…perfect.