Harry Styles’ Album as Life’s Small Pleasures:

Meet Me in the Hallway: raindrops on the car windows as you drive, familiar smells

Sign of the Times: rainbows made from waterfalls, the first day of spring

Carolina: driving with the windows down, the smell of the ocean 

Two Ghosts: the moon shining in your bedroom window, holding hands with someone you love

Sweet Creature: dandelion fuzzies in the wind, unexpected compliments,

Only Angel: driving over hills and feeling your stomach in your chest, skinny dipping,

Kiwi: the bass in your chest at a concert, laughing until you cry

Ever Since New York: freshly washed sheets, breakfast in bed

Woman: inside jokes with best friends, pull-through parking spots

From the Dining Table: foods from your childhood, getting a letter from someone you love


guilty pleasure persona 5 things bc i love love love this game so much. it’s bringing me back to the good old days when i did loads of persona things for deviantart and the community was always so excited about it :’^)

the last one was from a text post from @unintelligent-equestrian that made me think of yusuke as soon as i saw it. He tries his best.

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