The ask box is now closed.

While this has been such a wonderful venture, there does have to be a time to bring it to an end.

The further we get into the semester, the harder it is to keep up with extra projects on the side.

You all have been so incredible to talk to, and we’ve really appreciated the opportunity to get to know you this summer.

We can only hope that you have the best first year at Carolina, and many more good ones to follow after.

We’d love to stay in touch with you, so please shoot us an e-mail whenever, or add us on facebook. (Jenny Kreizman & Connor Brady)

Have an incredible year!

Lots of love,
Connor & Jenny

p.s.:  The blog will remain a little active throughout the school-year, with posts about big upcoming events, things to know, “feature” type stuff….etc.  But, the ask box will remain closed.