carolina's boyfriend

washsicle  asked:

- wash introducing carolina to his mermaid boyfriend. - "wait if he's a fish then how do you fuck?" - uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FELIX THE SEA WITCH GIVES TUCKER LEGS


okay so carolina—who is on the beach security and safety side of the local law enforcement-which has, in the past, had her butt heads with Tex who’s the bail-bondswoman——realized very quickly that wash was hiding a boyfriend from her because a, lina has learned to read him like a book (maybe not always an easy read book, but a book nonetheless) and finally she gets him to open up about tucker because, well, he looks happier and like he could talk hours about him (and he does) and she hasn’t seen him this unwound since the car accident a year ago after they got back from the marines

and she’s just so quiet as he’s gushing about tucker cuz look it took forever to make wash tell her about the mystery beach guy she’s never seen but that apparently he’s dating but she knows she KNOWS there’s a bold detail she’s missing that he’s not telling her, and well, on the one hand, wash trusts lina and knows her enough to know she won’t go tipping off the press about two living mermaids if she knows, but he also needs to ask tucker first because that’d be hella rude to not ask about and tucker trusts wash’s judgement so you know what yeah, sure man, let’s do it


C: “….so how does…? how do you two…? DO you two…?CAN YOU TWO???”

T: “hell yeah we do, it’s hot, it’s steamy, and i ain’t one of those guys that kisses and tells, but if you want details- *eyebrow wiggle*-”

W: “well he’s a seahorse and there’s uhm we’re you know physically compatible enough uh”

C: “….wait seahorse doesn’t that mean he can get pregnANT WASH ARE YOU USING PROTECTION TUCKER ARE YOU TWO USING PROTECTION???” 

and tucker never knew he could enjoy a safe sex talk but here he is, laughing his ass off, because yes, yes they are being safe, but also because wash is so red and embarrassed and Wash can’t believe he is being schooled about safe mermaid sex by LINA WHILE HIS FISHY BOYFRIEND LAUGHS AT HIM WHAT EVEN IS HIS LIFEEEE



here’s where it’s gonna get weird cuz 

and also here’s the kicker where imma be tomato’d and booed at for probably: I am heavily draped and leaned over onto the idea that Tucker wasn’t *born* a mermaid, that he used to be a plain ol’ human quite a long time ago until one fateful drunk spring break night on the beachside he found a strange sword, and Crunchbite (a deep-sea mermaid) pulled him into the water and turned him into a mermaid.

and this might be a bit of a cop out buuuuut okay so tucker doesn’t need a sea witch to give him temporary land-walkin legs because he’s half human. If he concentrates hard enough and wants it enough or wills it enough (…or, alternatively, is drunk enough) he can magic his tail into legs and walk about. H O W E V E R it is only temporary.  he can’t stay out of the water for much longer than about three hours (maaaybe four if he pushes himself) and that’s if the forecast or environment around him isn’t hot and dry, before he practically has to go dive-bombing back into the water to rehydrate, at which point the moment of water to skin contact, the legs will immediately reshape into his tail.

Junior however, can’t shift temporary legs. He’s too much a mermaid to achieve that. If they could find a sea-witch to magic them some permanent legs, Tucker would be all up on that (after, of course, talking with Junior about that because holy shit that is a hella life changing decision)

I’m not certain how sold I am on Felix being a conniving son of a bitch sea-witch… but that would be one hell of a deal with the devil Tucker would be making and he wouldn’t even know it except now i’m thinking about Felix the Douche Sea Witch, who could, actually, walk on land and look human, who calls the former mermaid and discharged soldier Locus his partner doing what they can not only to get the estate and property/name rights through underhanded means from Kimball and Doyle over the marine center and hand it over to Charon, but also get his mitts on Tucker’s sword and do horrible things with it and oh my god i just got sold


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Scars are sexy Model!Reader x Maine

No gifs shall be used because i couldn’t find a good one. But this is a model!Reader fic, may do more if you guys like them!


“ Still can’t believe she’s a model.” York said.” I mean, y/n,  of all people! A lingerie model!”

His rant was stopped when maine let out a low growl, he didn’t really appreciate this kind of talk about you.

Sure they were all surprised back during their freelancer days when they found out you were a model. But that was a long time ago. Project freelancer had ended and everybody was alive, safe, and living their own lives. Most of them living close by together.

So when you all returned to earth, you and maine moved in together, and you went back to modeling.

Not that he was complaining.

“ Quit bothering maine york.” Carolina snipped, silencing her boyfriend. “ Besides, don’t you have to go pick up y/n from her shoot?” She asked and maine nodded. He gave them both a hug and a polite wave before leaving to go to your photo shoot.

He entered the building and felt out of place, which always happened. Flawless people would walk by him in odd outfits, looking like gods as he walked past covered in scars and wearing an old shirt and sweat pants. But he was here for you, that’s all that mattered.

A secretary smiled at him.” Hello Mr.Creed, y/n’s photo shoot in happening in the third room on the left.” He grunted a thank you and walked off. He had been here enough times the secretary knew him, with a face like his how could she forget?

He opened the door and squinted as his eyes got used to the bright white lights. Once they adjusted he had only two seconds to see you before you nearly tackled him to the ground in a hug.

“Hey baby!” You said and kissed his cheek.” You’re early, how come?” He shrugged his shoulders, trying to hid the blush due to his scantily clad girlfriend cuddling up on him. You wore black lacy lingerie with garters and thigh highs.

Lord have mercy on his soul.

As the shoot started up again after the break he merely stood in the back and watched silently. During the entire times you did multiple poses with a cute smile and bedroom eyes, keeping eye contact with maine the entire time.The crew had learned to have him behind the camera since you would always be focused on him, made taking pictures easier for everybody.

“ Alright y/n, ready to lose the top?” The photographer asked and you nodded, Unclasping the bra and tossing it to the side.

You had done nude shoots before, so it didn’t make you uncomfortable or anything to strip in front of cameras. You were proud of your body, all of its scars and marks and muscles. You didn’t hide any of that, a main thing you preached was body positivity, all bodies were beautiful, big small, scarred and not scarred.

Which gave you an idea.

Maine! join in!” You said, causing everybody to stop and look at the man in question. Who’s eyes went wide and was shaking his head side to side furiously.

“ I don’t know y/n…” The photographer said and you let out a puff of air.

“ Come ooon! It’ll be great, we could do couple pictures, and this photo shoot is about body positivity, right?”

“Well yes, but-”

“Then it should show both male AND female bodies!Plus we’ve both got some badass scars we can show off!” The photographer sighed and motioned for Maine to come over.

Maine slowly walked over to you side as they began to take more pictures.

“ Nu uh, shirt off.” You ordered, he raised a brow and smirked at you.

Who said you were in charge? He seemed to say.

“ If im going topless, so are you big boy, now lose the shirt!” You said and he rolled his eyes.

He could never say no to you.

Maine took off his shirt and threw it to the corner of the room, now the camera crew thought he was a scary guy before but now.

Holy Christ.

They could see his large toned muscles, and the thousands of scars that covered his body. It didn’t help that he was glaring at the camera.

“ Ummm big guy, “ One of the crew said shakily.”Could you maybe, sm-smile?”

He let out a low growl.

“ Okay that’s cool too.Just…keep looking like a serial killer, that works.”

You looked at your boyfriend who wore a smug grin as he scared the workers.” Hey!” You said and flicked his nose, causing him to look at you with narrowed eyes.

You smiled and pressed your lips against his before rubbing your nose against his with a soft smile.” I love you baby, you and your perfect body.”

His entire face went red and his lips went into an :0 shape.

You’ve got him now.

After sweet talking maine the real fun began. The crew got amazing pictures of both of you flexing, kiss, and his picking you up and twirling you around, both of you smiling and laughing.

Once the shoot was done you both got dressed and went out for ice cream, you were ecstatic. It was the most fun you’ve had during a shoot! Just imagine if maine became a model too! You could do more photo shoots together, and go to shows together and-

Maine merely smiled and listened to you ramble about all the things you could do together. See the ways you gestured wildly, the twinkle in your eyes, and your dimples when you smiled.

He would do anything for you.


“ No..fucking..way.” York dropped his coffee as he stared at the magazine in the pile of mail the newspapers the mailman dropped off.

On the cover of the magazine was a small comments were and there saying stuff about body positivity, the title being “ Scars are sexy!!!” But the people on the cover was what caught his eyes.

It showed you and maine, both topless, your chests pressed up against each other. Your noses were touching and you were both smiling, looking at each other with soft eyes.


“ York what the fuck are you talking about?”