carolina fire

Step 1) Make Carolina not hate the AI based off her mother

Step 2) Make them friends

Step 3) Have a teary eyed “I forget you”

Step 4) Carolina pulls out Beta instead of Church because who would want to kill the Director more than Carolina? Agent Texas.

Step 4.2???) Beta is Carolina’s shoulder angel

Step 4.3?) Since she is the strongest AI she won’t have to erase anything to keep herself together and she can actually live a decent life helping her daughter

Step 4.4) The Reds and Blues all love Tex anyway

Union soldiers posing on sandbag fortifications and with Parrott rifles in Battery Stevens on Morris Island near Charleston, South Carolina, 1863. Battle smoke from nearby artillery fire is possibly visible in the background. By Haas and Peale.

Source: Library of Congress.

2000 - The burning of the confederate flag took place on June 17, 2000 in Newark, NJ, and was organized by People’s Organization for Progress. 

This was in response to the then-controversy of South Carolina’s flying of the Confederate flag atop of their statehouse dome. In July 2000, two weeks after this video was shot, the flag was finally taken down amid pressure. [video]

The Signs as Punk Bands

Aries: Memphis May Fire

Taurus: All Time Low

Gemini: Blink-182

Cancer: Green Day

Leo: Mayday Parade

Virgo: Panic! at the Disco

Libra: twenty one pilots

Scorpio: Bring Me the Horizon

Sagittarius: Rise Against

Capricorn: Breathe Carolina

Aquarius: Fall Out Boy

Pisces: Sleeping with Sirens

That “stupid band” saved my life.