carolin candy

Poldark FACE …in which Ross has an epiphany. 

  • Caroline: We are throwing a Halloween party in the mansion. It’s gonna be the greatest thing ever.
  • Klaus: Someone will die.
  • Caroline: Of fun.
  • Klaus: And of murder.
  • Caroline: There’s going to be nectar, pumpkins…
  • Klaus: Bloody goblins.
  • Caroline: Fake ones. It’s gonna be awesome. We have decorations.
  • Klaus: Dead people that we just murdered.
  • Caroline: Not murdered, but pictures of dead people from TV or movies.
  • Klaus: Multilated bodies.
  • Caroline: But fake ones. Candy, dancing, ambrosia. All kinds of food and snacks.

“He’d been smitten since the first time he laid eyes on her, and it wasn’t until he became President that they really had the time to discover each other. He rarely disciplined her, or even raised his voice to her. Once, looking out the tall windows from his Oval office desk and noting a suspicious movement in her jaw, he called, ‘Caroline, are you eating candy?’ There was no answer. He repeated, ‘Caroline, are you eating candy?’ Again, silence. Finally, in exasperation: ‘Caroline, answer me; are you eating candy? Yes, no, or maybe?’ But if she wept, he dissolved. He found it hard to correct her. Often, you would hear the President’s plaintive voice, coming from the adjacent room, pleading, ‘Caroline, please hang up, I have to use the phone.’ And if she was away, he worried. He called her every evening, no matter where she was. Once, he walked into her room with a bundle of books, but Caroline was nowhere in sight. Miss Shaw told him she’d gone to a friend’s birthday party. His face fell, and then he kind of just let the books fall out of his arms, watching them hit the floor. Sounding as though she were a wayward teenager, said, ‘What in the—she has got to start staying home at night.’” –K. Willis.

  • Klaus: It's true, Caroline, you can probably get by without my advice. But why would you? I'm the smartest, most skilled man in this place.
  • Caroline: Are you stuck in that candy machine?
  • Klaus: I paid for my candy, I'm getting my candy!
  • Caroline: Mmmhmm. Stefan, why aren't you mocking him?
  • Stefan: *reveals hand stuck inside a coffee pot* I dropped a quarter in here.
  • Caroline: Okay, I'm leaving.