Carole Middleton Appreciation Post

For some reason, Carole gets a lot of hate.  People say that she’s manipulative, doesn’t work hard, the list goes on and on.  To me, she’s an incredible role model.  She has spent her entire life working to give her children all the things in life she wanted but couldn’t have.  She worked hard to create a loving and stable home.  She’s exactly the kind of mother I want to be.  Someone who works hard and would do anything for their children.  I want my children to have an easier life than I did and I want them to have opportunities that I didn’t.  I’m not saying my parents didn’t provide for me, they did.  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend a really great high school and now a great university, but there have been things my parents haven’t given me (I’m not talking material things) I want my children to say, if they are ever asked, that they had a really happy and fulfilling childhood, because that’s something I can’t say.  For this reason, I look up to Carole as inspiration to be a good mother.