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[Tony is riding in the back seat with Strange, Bruce, Thor and Hope while Rhodey and Carol are in the front on the way to meet the returning Avengers]

Tony: I’ll give you ten thousand bucks if you floor it and don’t look back.

God, introducing the skrulls to the MCU offers up so much plot potential. And I kinda get why Feige and Gunn said that phase 4 is going to be more ‘cosmic’. If they’re planning the Secret Invasion storyline they can go cosmic without leaving Earth.

And hey, remember how Tony was selling the tower in Spider-Man Homecoming? Two words: Norman Osborn.

Combine that with my Thunderbolts theory, and Red Hulk, and the fact that they left Zemo alive at the end of CACW… it’s all starting to come together. Just saying.

Oh and Strange, and Stark, and if they introduce Namor in the Infinity War movie (they’ll probably use Steve and Tchalla in lieu of Xavier and Richards)… Illuminati.

All the signs, man, all aligned.


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“The odds were still stacked against us, to be sure. The path to victory was narrow and steep. We had threatened them, after all – and Hydra would have its answer. But both sides knew that, now, the inevitable battle was at hand. On the world stage, we would soon meet – face-to-face.”

Cover art for Secret Empire #008

Art by Mark Brooks
Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary: CBS Reunion Special Planned for December
Cue the Tarzan yell! For the 50th anniversary of The Carol Burnett Show, CBS is reuniting the beloved variety show’s star with original cast members Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner for a two-hour extravaganza, appropriately titled The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special.
By Charlie Mason

The star-studded reminiscence, to air Sunday, Dec. 3 (8/7c), will feature not only those o.g.’s plus costume designer Bob Mackie reflecting on their classic series, which ran for 11 seasons and garnered a whopping 25 Primetime Emmy Awards, it will also include A-listers such as Jim Carrey, Kristin Chenoweth, Stephen Colbert, Harry Connick Jr., Bill Hader, Jay Leno, Jane Lynch, Bernadette Peters, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short discussing the trail that the show blazed for them to follow in their careers.

anonymous asked:

hey! this is probably a really hard question but do you have a favorite joke/moment out of all the talk shows you like? or a few that come to mind

Oh my god! This is the best and easiest question ever! Let me link you to some of my favorite videos! Here is a short list to get you started:

  1. The Daily Show’s Questionable Graphics (Jon, TDS)
  2. Whores! (Stephen, TCR)
  3. Carlos Danger/One Crazy Summer (John, TDS)
  4. The Toss – Just a Quickie (Jon & Stephen, TDS/TCR)
  5. On Topic (Jon & Stephen TDS/TCR)
  6. Who’s Nailin’ Palin? (Stephen, TCR)
  7. Platonic Relationships (Stephen, TCR)
  8. How To Carve A Pumpkin (Stephen, TLS)
  9. Kid Theater with Tom Hanks (Jimmy, TS)
  10. Stephen Colbert’s All-Inclusive Wedding Cake Toppers (Stephen, TLS)
  11. Book Club: How to Be a Bad Bitch (James Corden, TLLS)
  12. Handsome Men’s Club (Jimmy Kimmel, JKL)
  13. MasterClass Junior with Kevin Spacey (Jimmy, TS)
  14. Only Jon Stewart Can Make Sense of the Trump Candidacy (Stephen & Jon, TLS)
  15. Shiri Appleby Tells Stephen What Jon Stewart Said About Him (Stephen, TLS)
    Televangelists (John Oliver, LWT)
  16. John Oliver & Cookie Monster Out-Takes (John, LWT)
  17. Seth’s Story: Seth Doesn’t Get Recognized on the Ferry (Seth, LN)
  18. Seth and First Lady Michelle Obama Give College Freshmen Advice (Seth, LN)
  19. Harrison Ford Almost Wasn’t In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (Stephen, TLS)
  20. Jon Stewart vs Stephen Colbert: Who’s the World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan? (Stephen & Jon)
  21. Stephen Tells RuPaul About His Drag Persona “Raven” (Stephen, TLS)
  22. On Your Mark, Get Set, Act! with Tom Hanks (Stephen, TLS)
  23. Tom Hanks Tries Baileys and Lucky Charms (Stephen, TLS)
  24. Bill Clinton - Hillary Clinton and the Changing Political Landscape (Trevor Noah, TDS)
  25. A Man, A Sam, and A Tiny Horse (Sam & Jon, FF)
  26. Web Extra: Jon Stewart Alternate Endings (Sam & Jon, FF)
  27. Q&A: The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened To Stephen (Stephen, TLS)
  28. Did Trump End The Birther Controversy, Or Is That His Biggest Lie Yet? (Stephen, TLS)
  29. Maybe Coming Soon with Chris Pratt (Stephen, TLS)
  30. Blanket Fort (with First Lady Michelle Obama) (Stephen, TLS)
  31. Carlos Danger Compilation (John, TDS & LWT)
  32. Emily Blunt Gives Stephen Colbert Some Acting Tips (Stephen, TLS)
  33. Stephen Helps President Obama Polish His Résumé (Stephen, TLS)
  34. Doomsday Video (John, LWT)
  35. Kevin Spacey Reads Carol Burnett A Poem (Stephen, TLS)
  36. Jimmy Kimmel Thanks President Obama (Jimmy, JKL)
  37. Presidential Interviews (Sam, FF)
  38. Ryan Reynolds & Conan Star In “The Notebook 2 (Conan)
  39. Envisioning President Trump’s First Term (Trevor, TDS)
  40. The Fascinating Emails of a Sixty-Something (Sam, FF)
  41. Let Hillary Be Hillary (Sam, FF)
  42. Gene Puts The Show to Bed (Seth, LN)
  43. Stephen Addresses The Kiss(es) (Stephen, TLS)
  44. Family Meeting With Vice President Joe Biden (Stephen, TLS)
  45. Strange Bedfellows (Sam, FF)
  46. Jon Stewart Reads Trump’s Next Batch Of Executive Orders (Stephen & Jon, TLS)
  47. Pitch Meeting: Book Report (Seth, LN)
  48. Oscar Bait (Seth, LN)
  49. Jon Stewart To The Media: It’s Time To Get Your Groove Back (Stephen & Jon, TLS)
  50. Ragtime Gals: Talk Dirty (w/ Kevin Spacey) (Jimmy, TS)
  51. Web Extra: Dick Cavett Has Some Notes (Sam, FF)