carole spams

  • Me: Carol? What dafuq is Carol?–*trips and thousands of pictures of Carol and Therese spills from bag*
  • Me: What a dumb n-name. *Rolls movie poster and gathered the pictures*
  • Me: N-No this isn’t what it looks like *Frantically sweating*
  • Me: *photos from waterloo scattered* No, listen! This is f-for a friend JUST LISTEN TO ME

                                                      sorry for my spam again :3 lol 

                                               but you know what else I’m not over?

the fact that Daryl was so fucking bothered by Carol’s sobbing, by the idea that she was upset, that he had to try to do something about it in the middle of the night. Even knowing the dangers of going out at that hour. He had to try.

Andrea was present too, listening to Carol’s sobs, but it was Daryl who couldn’t stand that thought

                   that maybe he could do something to give her a reason to be able to stop

[ yes, of course a part of it had to do with his own feelings of self-worth but there is still a reason it is intertwined with Carol. That he sought it (and slowly finds it) through her ]

the part that kills me the fucking most is the head nod he gives before he leaves because it was as if he wanted her to know he was doing it for her ♥