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Clue || Chapter One: The Ballroom (Negan, Robin Ballard)

Gift For: This is for @noodlecupcakes’ writing challenge. My prompt was Detective Negan. 

Genres: Humor, Murder Mystery, Self-Insert, Series 

Fandoms: Clue (Board Game), The Walking Dead 

Pairing: None 

Summary: Negan arrives at his crime scene. 

Rating: SFW 

Warnings: Drinking, Flirting, Guns, Language, Murder, Violence

Story Masterlist

Negan steps out of his car, trying to rub the sleep from his eyes as he takes one last drag from his cigarette. One of the perks of being Head Detective is that he usually gets to work normal hours, but when a case is high-profile like this one, he’s basically required to get his ass out of bed. 

He zips up his leather jacket against the cold night air, wishing he’d thought to stop for coffee. He pauses by the front door of the gaudy mansion, frowning at the three shivering crime scene investigators standing there. “Why is nobody working my fucking scene?” he grumbles. 

“It’s a bloodbath, sir.” Negan waits for more, but is met with only silence. 

“I know it fucking is,” he complains grumpily. “That’s what you fuckers are here for.” 

“It’s too much, sir. It’s real bad. One of us is still in there, though.” 

Negan’s tongue makes a sucking sound against his teeth and he grins. “Ballard?” 

“Yes, sir. Nothing seems to get to her. She’s a little weird, to be honest.” 

“Don’t be a dick about it just because she can fucking sack up and do her job and you can’t,” Negan retorts, slapping the investigator on the back before heading inside. 

He’s not sure exactly where the murder happened, but it’s easy enough to follow the smell. When he rounds the corner and sees a short, cute brunette standing outside a loop of crime scene tape, he knows he’s in the right place. 

“CSI Robin Ballard,” he drawls, finally waking up a bit as his flirting instinct kicks in. “You gonna make my life easier today? Open and shut case?” 

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HVFF London 2017

Here are just a few pictures of the amazing Gotham cosplayers that showed up to Heroes and Villains Fan Fest May 27-28, 2017. I was so impressed with all of them as well as sheer amount of Gotham cosplayers. I also was so shocked by how warm of reception I received for both of my cosplays. Both my Yum!ward Nygma and my Kathryn Malone were loved by fans and even the cast. I still cannot believe how many times I was stopped for pictures, especially as Kathryn as that character had yet to debut in the U.K. by the time I wore the cosplay.
The personal is political
—  The phrase was popularized by the publication of a 1969 essay by radical feminist Carol Hanisch under the title “The Personal is Political” in 1970, but she disavows authorship of the phrase. Shulamith Firestone, Robin Morgan, and other feminists given credit for originating the phrase have also declined authorship. “Instead, they cite millions of women in public and private conversations as the phrase’s collective authors.” Gloria Steinem has likened claiming authorship of the phrase to claiming authorship of "World War II”.