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The Sapphires — “Gotta Be More Than Friends”, 1964. The group consisted of  Carol Jackson (lead vocalist), George Gainer and Joe Livingston.

Can Suburban Mom insults become a thing?

“It’s a ‘bake sale’, Judy, not a 'baked-goods-you-bought-at-the-store sale.’”

“Oh, Diane! What an… interesting track suit! Such an… exciting color!”

“Karen, if I put you down for snacks at the PTA meeting next Tuesday, will you remember to bring them this time?”

“Oh, Carol, I heard Jackson made the honor roll! You know, Kevin’s been on it three years in a row, now? But this will only be your first bumper sticker, right?”

“See you on the soccer field sidelines, Helen.”

“Oh, Jan, you want to run the carpool? But don’t you have a station wagon? Maybe I should do it, I have a minivan.”

you know you’re fucked when you think about something really romantic and you don’t want it to happen to you…
you want that to happen to your otp


Invincible is Michael Jackson’s final studio album and was released on October 30, 2001

Although recieving mixed reviews, many critics calling the album a flop or failure and Jackson’s relationship with Sony Music imploding shortly after the release, the album peaked at #1 in eleven countries including the USA and UK, and sold 11 million copies worldwide

Trees Lounge - Steve Buscemi tries on the director’s hat

Have long been a fan of Steve Buscemi as an actor, and was interested to see his directorial debut. It was a nice middle of the road indie film about a bunch of losers who hang around the local watering hole. A decent story but not overly memorable. Caught this one on video a year after its initial release due to word of mouth and halfway decent reviews.

double feature suggestions: Barfly, Factotum

3 stars out of 5

Released 1996, First viewing September 1997