A screenshot of the sun I designed. Just draw an agonized face on a circle…the bg and color people really made the scene sing….shoutout to Carol Wyatt, Yaoyao Ma Van As. and and Ivan Aguirre.

Color credit to James Mc Dermott, Jason Boesh, Jack Cusumano, Elisa Phillips, and Kyle Kapps

City Streets are one of my favorites.  and espeeically if they are destroyed.  Here’s a glimpse of the damage rained down by the very hungry killa-pilla 

Special thanks to the color team, David Cole, Carol Wyatt, Yao Yao Van As and Jason Boesche. And especially our BG lead Joey Mccormick, and Art Director James Mcdermott

You guys met Zeep right? He’s got his own flying cube right here.  I got to design all of their cube likes ships for “The Ricks must be crazy”  Zeep’s is a lot more slick than Ricks and has a mirrored surface.  Check out his fast ramp too.  Big thanks to Jack Cusumano for coloring this.  and the BG color team for doing an awesome job at designing Zeeps Miniverse.  Carol Wyatt, Hedy Yudaw, Jason Boesche and of course our art director James Mcdermott.


Man i Could really go for some fancy rich asshole cat food.  check out what these 1%’ers get to eat while they pillage the fuck out of their society.  Its just like another civilization i know of.  Any ways,  I love drawing food and the color team did a fantastic job.  it looks so delectable 

Color credit to James Mc Dermott, Jason Boesh, Jack Cusumano, Elisa Phillips, and Kyle Kapps, and of course Caroll wyatt and Hedy Judaw for the AMAZING BG paint on this one


Did you See the Blast Shields rick installed in Episode 4 Total Rickall?  I got to design them!  The first one is the concept art I made and then here’s how it appears in the episode..  Big Thanks to Andrew Delange for doing the Final Clean.  and of course the BG color team.  Carol Wyatt Hedy Yudaw and Jason Boesche

anonymous asked:

I am absolutely fascinated with the rick and morty backgrounds, and I would love to know a little about your process, programs, and any other advice you have for aspiring background artists! Fantastic work!

Hello! Thank you! I’m so glad that you like the Rick and Morty backgrounds! We use Photoshop to paint them (they are designed in Photoshop as well). Normally we look to the art director, James McDermott, for his concepts and ideas. You can check out his website here As we paint the backgrounds, either James or the color supervisor, Jason Boesch, will let us know if the colors are working, or if we need to take them in a different direction. A lot of times it depends on how the characters will look on top of the backgrounds. I learned so, so much from James, Jason, and the lead painter, Carol Wyatt. My best advice is to look at everything around you for inspiration. Think of how something might feel if you touch it (for example, is it smooth? cold? soft?), or the way light reflects off different objects. I also keep a folder on my computer filled with different things that inspire me, whether it’s photos, other artist’s work, screen grabs from movies, etc. 

Hope this helps! Good luck with your art work!