This is Carol Huynh, receiving her gold medal in wrestling at the Beijing Olympics. I’m posting this because first of all, Carol is just an all-around awesome person and a role model for women in sport.

I’m also posting this because today the IOC announced they would be cutting wrestling from the Olympics. Wrestling is one of those oldest Olympic sports, both in modern Olympics and in the ancient Greek Olympics. It’s as if the IOC did away with the 100m sprint or javelin throwing.

I used to wrestle and I am shocked and saddened by this. Canada is a strong wrestling country (16 medals in it!) and we had finally got women’s wrestling included into the Olympics. This is an incredible blow for the sport and all the men and women involved with it.



Carol Huynh captured BRONZE in freestyle wrestling Wednesday afternoon.

Diana Matheson scored in the 92nd minute to give the Canadian women’s soccer team the BRONZE medal with a 1-0 victory over France. This marks the country’s first Summer Games medal in a traditional team sport since a silver medal finish in men’s basketball in 1936.

Tonya Verbeek won a SILVER medal in women’s 55kg wrestling.


FILA Athlete’s Commission Chairwoman and 2004 Olympic gold medalist Carol Huynh of Canada delivers her “Lead the Change - Be the Change” video message for the June 2014, Women and Sport Conference in Finland.

I first heard of Carol Huynh when she was in the Beijing Olympics… Then I read about her in some vietnamese magazine and was like damn, she only started when she was 15. Also, her and her family came to Canada from Vietnam. Ahhhh, how I love her and would love to be her. 

I mean, I’m vietnamese… and just started wrestling this past year so like, aren’t we alike now?! Haha.