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That 'TV show like Parks and Rec but a failing broadway show' has kind of been done before? It's a stage play called "Noises Off" which was made into a sub-par movie all about the back stage antics of a failing traveling show, though granted, not a musical.

I am familiar with Noises Off- it was actually the first play I ever worked on, and I have a deep, deep love for it. It’s not quite a match for the scenario, though, since the first act takes place on stage? But, I mean, it’s not a bad comparison.

And, second, I don’t say this often- but fucking fight me, anon. I love that movie so much. Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, John Ritter, Christopher Reeve, Marilu Henner- it’s got a great cast, and it’s just fantastic. I did a liveblog of it a handful of years ago, back when I used to do that thing with some frequency. 

“And God said HOLD IT! And they held it. And God saw that it was terrible!”

Lloyd is my inspiration.

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I don't think so. All 7x10 did was show that Carol is romantically in love with Daryl for sure but they didn't show Daryl loving her that way at all. I think we need to see evidence of Daryl's love for Carol the same way she feels before canon happens.

I couldn’t disagree more. Did you hear Daryl’s over-the-top threat to Richard? Did you hear him pimping up Carol to Morgan at the beginning of the episode? The biggest and only lie we’ve seen him tell… and for her? Giving up his mission in the Kingdom for her? Prioritising her wellbeing over the war? Did you see and hear how incredibly hurt he was by her leaving him? Or how he had to turn around and embrace her and absorb her warmth for what could be the last time?

I would say, if anything, it’s Carol’s feelings that need to be emphasised. Tell me why you think otherwise. Because Daryl was so deeply hurt by her leaving him that he couldn’t allow the first hug to linger? Or because he had such a hard time leaving her behind knowing he might die in the war that he didn’t want the goodbye hug to linger and make it even harder? He had perfectly good reasons for wanting to break those hugs and everything else he did in that episode makes it perfectly clear she’s his #1.

What did Carol do that proved she is romantically in love with him? Nuzzled him? Yes, it was lovely. As was her letting him in and opening up to him and feeding him and smiling at him. But how does that win over everything he did? Just because he was miserable knowing everything she didn’t and couldn’t muster up a smile?

For the record, no romantic feelings were made CLEAR in 710. But it was made clear that they are each other’s #1. One another’s exception.


❀➹Daryl Dixon & Carol Peletier Parallels ❀➹
   ↪ 3.11 “I Ain’t a Judas” (*deleted*) // 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // 5.06 “Consumed” // 2.07 “Pretty Much Dead Already” // 3.07 “When the Dead Come Knocking” // vs // 7.10 “New Best Friends”  


Rick looks in Carol’s eyes and knows that’s a person who can pull the trigger. So there’s a commonality that plays out between […] them that makes it really interesting to act, because there’s an almost telepathic thing where you go, ‘I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking the same shit.’” - Andrew Lincoln