carol x mccoy


I spent way more time on this than necessary?


Ain’t no party like an X-Men party, cos at an X-Men party you’ll have and died and been resurrected, been cloned several times, time-traveled to the distant dystopian future to fight your clone’s evil future self, and given birth to yourself after resolving a love triangle with two of your clones in a kinky time travel three-way, all before the first call for shots. 

Carol sitting next to Bones on shuttle rides. Carol distracting him when he becomes uneasy flying. Carol teaming up with Bones to help him give Jim check-ups. Carol giving him a smile every time she visits him in sickbay.  Carol remembering that he gets sea sick and teasingly warning him not to throw up on her.

Bones gravitating towards Carol whenever they’re both on the bridge. Bones holding her hand at the end of the tough missions. Bones sending her interesting data so she can study it on missions or in her free time. Bones becoming a more frequent visitor of the labs whenever she’s posted in there. Bones promising he’ll try not to throw up on her specifically before worrying that that might not be the most romantic thing he could have said right then.

Carol laughing at his ‘why did I say that?!’ expression. Bones relaxing into a smile as he watches her. Both of them slowly leaning in for a happy kiss.

if you’re lost you can look - and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you - I’ll be waiting 
time after time