carol smillie

                                    The Real Life Dolls behind the product

Annabel Croft and Carol Smillie have been friends for many years, with children of similar ages. A chance conversation about periods led to an in depth discussion about the problems regularly faced as women and mothers of teenage daughters.

Having left home at 15 years old to pursue a life on the international tennis circuit, Annabel’s mother gave her a pair of protective pants to avoid any accidents while sleeping during that time of the month, ‘a godsend’ in those years!

So why, we wondered, has there never been a modern equivalent on the market since?

DiaryDoll is a girl’s best friend at the time when she needs it most. Used together with your normal sanitary protection, they will buy you enough time to save any humiliation  and no-one need know any different!   

Put an end to those period dramas, with DiaryDoll period pants x