Me, discussing a fic with Jen about Merle being a dick to Daryl:

Me, excitedly: Can you imagine Carol’s reaction?! And Michonne’s?! You wouldn’t wanna go up against those two. AND MAGGIE. MAGGIE FUCKING RHEE, MICHONNE FUCKING GRIMES AND CAROL FUCKING PELETIER.

@dragongirl420: Rick wouldn’t have to do shit. The girls would beat Merle’s ass. Look, I’m a tough chick, but those women can be scary af.

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A/N: I loved the idea of this cutesy little AU prompt. I don’t usually like writing baby fics but this is pretty damn fluffy. Let’s hope I do it some justice, enjoy!xox

AU prompt: you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married 

Carol had been Daryl’s best friend for as long he could remember. They met as pre-teens, Carol worming her way into his life and eventually his heart. It pained him to watch her date that Peletier prick, only together for barely a few months before he knocked her up, then dropped her like a sack of shit.

Daryl stood by her through the pregnancy, Ed turning bitter, claiming that the baby was Daryl’s and not his. Daryl didn’t give a shit what people thought, he was going to look out for that kid more than Ed ever would.

Then the little bundle of joy finally came along, damn near choked Daryl to tears. All coddled up against Carol’s chest, fragile like a china doll that he was scared to touch for the first few weeks of her life.

Carol assured him that he’d be fine with her though, her breath catching in her throat the first time he scooped Sophia up, wishing that he’d be the one to father her child.

Daryl was a constant in the little girl’s life, more so when he finally saved up enough to get his house renovated, Carol inviting him to stay with her without hesitation.

It’s not like they hadn’t shared a bed before, but that had been years ago and now things just felt…different?

Carol ignored the persistent tugging in her chest, that tugging that was telling her to let him know how she felt. 

That time had been and gone. They missed that chance when they were just kids, both too shy, too awkward, to ever push that invisible barrier between them. She had a child now, she couldn’t expect him to take on the both of them, if he’d even want the both of them that was.

Carol had just drifted off to this depressing thought when Sophia cried out, wailing like her little lungs depended on it.

“I’ll go,” Daryl sighed suddenly, peeling back the covers and padding down the hall before Carol could tell him otherwise.

From where she laid, she could hear him shushing Sophia softly, murmuring soft soothing words to her until she began to settle.

“There ya go darlin’, s’okay. Ya just go on back ta sleep now, good girl.” 

Carol smiled into her pillow at the way he soothed Sophia so easily, her baby girl used to being around Daryl’s presence by now.

“She okay?” Carol asked wearily as Daryl came back in, leaving the door open just a crack. 

“Yeah, jus’ wanted some attention,” Daryl said, yawning as he slipped back into bed, eyes seeking out Carol’s as she rolled to face him.

“She’s fine Car’,” he said, his thumb come up to brush her jaw back and forth a few times, a gentle caress that made Carol close her eyes and lean into his touch. “Go back to sleep.” 

She mourned his touch the second it was gone, not daring opening her eyes in case Daryl somehow read what was on her mind. He was good at that. Could read her with just a single glance. She couldn’t risk it. Told herself over and over that this wasn’t the time to have that discussion. That time had been and gone…