carol get your shit together

So it’s 2016! And we all have equal rights and opportunities of course we do and so liberal, whatever, sure. What a time to be alive! But actually International Queer Heartthrob™ Kate McKinnon was just asked in a Ghostbusters interview about her character’s sexuality and someone off camera very quickly told her that she can’t answer that question. Not LEGALLY ALLOWED to even HINT that a FICTIONAL CHARACTER in a MOVIE… MIGHT NOT BE STRAIGHT. She had to sit there, at this new height of her success, her career breakthrough, and still be told that she’s less than. And that’s…well, heartbreaking. It makes me feel a bit sick. Sony have literally hired a lesbian and then contracted her to not talk lesbian. What kind of big bowl of fuck off is that.

So Sony? You may want to perpetually portray worlds on screen in which we do not exist, but in the real one? Oh, we exist. In fact, thousands of teenage girls across the world have just been Holtzmanned by your film whether you like it or not. FYI that’s a new euphemism for realising you fancy girls. Screw you.

*licks ghost gun and walks away*

*comes back for pringles*

*leaves again*