carol farris

This is probably my favorite superhero movie so far this year. The Green Lantern really was amazing. Ryan Reynolds portrayed Hal Jordan perfectly: somewhat distraught and irresponsible, impossible hilarious, pretty kickass, and hardheaded.

Carol Farris, Hal Jordan’s love
interest who was played by Blake Lively, was irresistibly cute. I LOVED that she was not the typical “damsel in distress”. She was not stupid and it was pretty hilarious. She figured out Hal’s identity quick, and it was awesome!! You NEVER see the girl smart enough to figure that out!!

Also, the bad guys were pretty ridiculous and freaky. Parallax, although he had an altered background for the movie, was still an enormous threat. Even Sinestro couldn’t do anything to it, which I found funny.

Oh, and the after credits scene totally didn’t fit the movie, but being the fan boy that I am, I’m still glad they put it in there.

All in all, Green Lantern was fun and exciting. Plot could’ve used a bit of a clean up an the boss fight should’ve lasted longer, but I enjoyed it overall.

Green Lantern: B+