carol danvers cosplay


My sister took these AWESOME shots of me in my Ms Marvel cosplay from this weekend’s Toronto Comicon! Look at how rad these pictures are! She did such a great job! Those windows just looks so comic book panel perfect! They created this awesome dynamic lighting that she just loved so much. And look! She made me look decent! That is a skill all in of itself!

The top image is The Mighty Power of the V

I love it.

The middle image was one of the last images we shot that day, just a quick, “Hey, take a picture of me in this chair! I hope my legs wont look fat!” and look! She managed to avoid just that! :D

I love Carol, and I love that in my own little way I resemble her. I feel powerful and free when cosplaying as her. As you can see I am wearing glasses, not a mask. That is because my eyes hate my contacts so I couldn't  wear them so the mask was out. But the style of my glasses resembles her mask. I might have picked these glasses for that exact reason. every day I might just be a little bit Carol at all times. :)

She inspires me to aspire to be Best of the Best, and be the Best I Can Be, and to strive to go Higher, Further Faster, More.

One of my next cosplays will be Captain Marvel, and I hope for it to be glorious.