carol armstrong

Not Alone Ch. 1

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection

This is something Jen Dahl never feels, and according to her, never will. It seemed as if the world was always out to get her and to punish her for things she never did. Her life has been hard since day one and she thought that running away from her abusive, alcoholic father to New York to get a fresh start would be a good idea. So at the age of 18, she got herself a solo plane ticket to the big city. Jen got to enjoy three fabulous hours of newfound freedom in the big apple before she was cornered in an alley by men in all black, almost resembling ninjas. 

The rest was a giant blur that was broken up into a few parts. 





That was five years ago. 

Jen was the only one (that she knew of) that was mutated and was continuously treated like a dog. Chained up in a dirty cage, cold and hungry and she always felt so, so tired. Her hair was in long, thick, messy dreads that she made one year after being captured. She rarely got to wash her hair and thought it would be easier to just dread it. 

“The Secret Weapon” That’s what they called her. And by god, she truly was made into a weapon of mass destruction. After a few years of terrible, torturous experimentation, Jen was able to conduct electricity. She was able to control electronics and was also able to shoot powerful bolts of lightning from her fingertips. 

So she was chained up even tighter and those twisted scientists at TCRI took extra precautions so she couldn’t escape or attack anyone. 

Jen woke up to the evil looking Japanese woman, whose name was Karai, banging on her cage. She growled and looked at Karai menacingly through her dreads, looking almost feral. 

“Don’t give me that look. We brought you a friend,” Jen’s eyes widened and she raised her head a little to look at what the hell this woman was talking about. What she saw nearly made her scream out of pure anger. 

These monsters have kidnapped and mutated another innocent girl and she looked to be around the same age as Jen (early 20s). She also looked, well, a lot like Jen…except without the long dreadlocks. This girl had short brown hair and dark green, scaly skin and a scaly dark green tail. She wore a grey hoodie with a black. leather jacket over it. She also wore faded blue skinny jeans with dark red converse. She looked more pissed off than scared and Jen liked that. This girl was tough, so maybe an escape wouldn’t be as hard as she had thought. 

Jen knew the schedule and she knew her strength so she was going to use these two things to her advantage. Tomorrow at precisely 8am everyone will be fed a shitty breakfast then Jen will be taken for her first round of shots and the usual horrible things. They would return her to her cage then they would be fed a shitty lunch and several hours later Jen would be taken out of her cage again for more rounds of testing. This is when she’ll attack using what she knew how to do with that electricity she could now conduct and hope she could at least provide enough of a distraction to rescue the girl and get her, as well as herself, out of there.

So, the day came and Jen went along with everything that she was told to do. Never did she look at the other mutant to even give smalls hints that she was plotting a great escape because in the back of her mind, she didn’t want to get her hopes up in case she failed.

At the end of the day, Karai walked up to Jen’s cage and opened it up. Thankfully, after five long years of not showing any resistance, Jen no longer had to have her chains around her wrists so everyone in the building would never expect her to attack and try to get away. This means she had to wait for exactly the right moment to attack.

Jen followed Karai to the usual lab room where she would be getting her second around of shots for the day and to run the usual tests so see how their “secret weapon” was doing.

“You know what to do,” Karai said firmly and Jen sat on the cold, metal table and let the scientist, whose name was Baxter Stockman, apparently, stick her with large needles with strange looking ooze inside of them. He hadn’t been there long, only about half a year now, but Jen thought he was incredibly…weird. She would smirk a bit to herself, already knowing that Stockman must have been one of those super weird, nerdy, socially awkward boys in high school. He would have never survived in her poor little, crummy school in the ghetto. Jen was snapped out of her thoughts by a painful pinch in her upper arm. Stockman was using a particularly large needle today and it was filled with a neon blue liquid. It almost made her nervous about the side effects.

“Now, stand up and show me that amazing thing you can do.” said Baxter, stepping back so Jen could stand as he laughed in that weird way he normally did. Jen got off of the table and shot a wild bolt of bright blue lightning at a target they had set up for her. The next time they would ask her to do it…she would shoot the lights and some gas tanks so she could get to the others quicker. 

“Again. Harder. More power.” said Karai simply but sternly, standing several steps behind Jen. Jen looked over her shoulder at Karai for a moment before slowly turning her head back around to face the target. She hid her nerves and that daring smirk that threatened to spread across her face. She got in her stance…left foot behind the right, legs slightly bent…she charged up and right before she was about to hit, a loud alarm went off, startling everyone. 


“You’re under arrest!”

“Secure the area!” 

At least fifty police officers stormed in, along with what appeared to be some higher ups. Jen could only stand and watch in shock and disbelief as everything that happened in slow motion right in front of her. Baxter Stockman was arrested and Karai, of course, managed to slip away without a trace. 

“Go into that backroom, our primary objectives are in there. I’ll take care of this one,” Jen heard a blond woman say to another police officer. Jen stiffened when the powerful looking woman started to walk towards her and Jen almost thought about attacking her and making a run for it, with or without the other mutant. She was sick and tired of being here. “You,” Jen was snapped out of her thoughts when the blond woman spoke to her. “Are you okay? Come on, you’re coming with us.” she said and made a move to grab Jen’s hand. 

“Where are you taking me?” Jen asked then looked back to the other cage. “….us.” The other mutant looked up, 

“Well, allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Chief Vincent, Rebecca Vincent, and from now on, the four of you are safe.” she said, offering Jen a kind smile, especially since Jen had also finally allowed the Chief to take her hand while a couple of other officers worked on getting the other mutant out of he cage, who’s name happened to be Eva. 

“That…that sounds wonderful, but…the four of us? Aren’t we the only two?” asked Jen, gesturing to herself and to Eva who had just walked up next to her. Chief Vincent just sighed and looked behind her at the back room where the group of officers had went in. 

“We wish it was only the two of you, but…” she looked behind her again and saw the group leaving with two large pods. Inside of each pod…was a mutant, mutants like Jen and Eva and they seemed to be…frozen? Jen was in shock as she watched the men wheel the pods away to their large vans. In her five years of being here, Jen never had a single clue about what had been in that back room this entire time, nor did she really care. But now, more than ever, she wished she had.

“Come on you two, we’ve got warm beds and plenty of food waiting for you back at headquarters. You two, and the other two once they’re thawed out and conscious again, will be living in the ‘apartment’ at the back of headquarters.” Jen and Eva looked at each other with raised brows.

The ‘apartment’ Chief Vincent was talking about was kind of a chill space for the officers for when they were on break. There was a kitchen, a living area with two couches, a coffee table, and a large tv. In the back were two bedrooms with two beds in each for when some officers have night shifts and want to take a nap and one small bathroom with a shower. Jen and Eva had zero complaints, Jen especially. She had basically lived in a cage in a lab for the past five years and before that, she lived in a crummy apartment with her abusive father. So this was heaven. Jen couldn’t help but smile widely at the little place. Compared what she was used to, this was luxury. 

“This will be your temporary living space until we figure something else out…but I have more supplies coming your way. Blankets, clothes, food, entertainment…anything to keep you comfortable.” she said. She smiled at Jen a lot, almost like she knew the hell she’s gone through, like she was trying to make up for finding her five years after she had been mutated. 

“Thank you, Chief Vincent, we really appreciate you rescuing us from those monsters and for providing us with a safe place to stay. If there’s anything we can-”

“No, no. Please, just relax. When the other two are awake and are healthy, they will be moving in with you.” said Chief Vincent. Jen and Eva nodded and smiled at her. After a couple more thank yous the Chief left the girls alone so they could get to know each other. 

The chief walked quickly to her office and she shut the door. She sat at her desk and dialed the number she had come to know very well.

“O’Neil? It’s Vincent. I need you over here ASAP.”