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To all my CARYL shipper friends around the world. Tonight we will once again after a long while witness the King & Queen reunite. So many have fallen off or have given up on this ship, but not us. We have pushed on like a movement through all the overpowering seas and we can finally see land again. As the beautiful sunset dissolves and the night comes prepare yourself for Daryl & Carol will find each other once again in that death-filled world that surrounds them. I am so proud to be here to witness this with all of you. I am so proud to be a SHIPPER with all of you.

It baffles me that there’s some people (mainly men, and NR is among them) that when talking about Caryl and their bond, they say that “it’s deeper than romantic” or that “yeah they are soulmates but they are just friends nothing more” or “I don’t want to see them being together because their bond is too special, is one of a kind” or even “it would lessen their bond if they become a couple” It’s really sad that some people believe that adding romance to a close friendship would somehow cheapen it. And I think is telling evidence of why some relationships don’t last. I just can’t understand why some people think that the person with whom they have an intimate relationship with can’t also be all those other things for them. Because having someone in your life that is your best friend, that knows you better that anyone else, that is your soulmate BUT ALSO is your romantic partner, in my opinion, is just one of the most beautiful things a human being can experience. If you ask me, my husband is all of those things to me, and it saddens me that there’s so many people out there who are missing on something as wonderful as that.

Call me a delusional shipper but Carol and Daryl standing close together during Sasha’s funeral gives me a bit of hope that they remain close in S8, because I’m still holding onto the hope that the premiere will be like the S6 and S7 premieres, i.e, interwoven with flashbacks of the direct aftermath, hopefully maybe Carol’s reunion with TF and Daryl, and to then the future (I assume a few days passed since the direct aftermath to Sasha’s funeral). I mean, I’m praying here.


IT’S WALKING DEAD TUESDAY! CAROL & DARYL SHIPPERS! <3 Be you cus you are amazing..<3

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Struck a nerve, didn’t I?

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He didn’t want to leave.

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But he had to because there’s a war to fight. It’s clearly shown he doesn’t necessarily want to leave but he has to. He can’t just hide out in that house with her forever and neglect their friends and family by not going off to help them fight.

Carol would not want Daryl to do such a thing. She wouldn’t want Daryl to hide out with her. When she found out, she went to fight. She would want Daryl to do the same, not hide.

Trust me sweetie, I don’t need to re-watch the episode again (even though I will later because I love it so much) but not for you. I’ve re-watched the episode more times than I can count. I’ve damn near studied each and every single second that went by between these two. I listened and read the interviews given. I’m well aware of what’s happening and what’s going on. (oh hey! The Walking Dead episode name 5x09… you know because I KNOW the show and often have things known off the top of my heart, thank you very much!)

OH! And I do love Carol. Me defending Daryl doesn’t mean I don’t love Carol, I don’t know why you would assume that?
I understand Daryl. I emphasize with Daryl. I’m like a female version of Daryl.
So yeah, when you’re coming in my ask box and spewing things that… don’t make sense (sorry to offend you) I’m going to say something back.

Also, you’re a hypocrite. You said ‘’ You don’t like Carol? Why do you prefer Daryl? What kind of Caryl shipper are you? ‘’
Well, if you want to go down that route, what kind of Caryl shipper are YOU? You’re insulting Daryl. You claim that Daryl doesn’t do enough for Carol, doesn’t love her and was SO angry at her for leaving.
I defended the character because what you said is just wrong.

What did you expect me to say?
‘’ Oh, you’re so right! Daryl is so not good enough! How DARE HE not make a move! How DARE HE push a very vulnerable Carol on a tree and start making out and making babies! How insulting! He SO doesn’t love Carol! He was so PISSED that she left that he had his hand in a fist! OMG! PISSED OFF DARYL RIGHT HERE!!!! ‘’

Well, sorry. I’m not delusional. Because THIS, down here, isn’t the face of someone angry. It’s the face of someone who is hurting. Who is confused. Sad. Heart-broken. Not anger.

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Kinda Irritated Daryl looks like this:

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Angry Daryl kind of like this:

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BUT! Neither his face NOR his voice suggested irritation or anger in any way shape or form. It was HURT.

*Takes a breather*

Now. I need a cigarette. I obviously can’t change your mind if you are convinced that Daryl doesn’t do enough, Daryl doesn’t love Carol or Daryl was angry at Carol.
All I can do is provide my insight as politely as I can, despite your original message, which was kind of rude, just a tad.
I can provide gif’s which support my opinion. All of which I have done. I have gone above and beyond to try to make you see things in a better light for your own benefit, if you ship Caryl, why would you want to think that Daryl doesn’t love Carol or do enough for her?

I’ve done my part, you do yours. It’s up to you. If you’re sure about your opinion, that’s fine. Keep it. But don’t get angry just because I’m providing my insight, something I assumed you would have wanted if you sent me the message? (Not sure what else you were expecting from me…) and defending Daryl. You’re defending Carol the way I’m defending Daryl which is insane because Daryl and Carol LOVE eachother and wouldn’t be questioning the other. 

If we’re both Caryl shippers, shouldn’t we come together as a whole and celebrate the beautiful ship and appreciate everything we’ve been given?

Shouldn’t we lift eachother up?

Shouldn’t we do our part to make the Caryl tag a better place? (At this rate, I’ll have to ignore your anon’s because by posting your ask, even with my responses, it’s still rather negative).

Shouldn’t we be there for one another? To give hope? To be positive? To be kind to one another?

Shouldn’t we just be NICE?

Just a thought. Now I’m done. I’ve done my best.

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When everyone else was being judgementel over Daryl’s loyalty to his brother it was Carol who went into his cell and just simply welcomed him back without any reproach. And when bringing up the subject of his brother to him her only was for him. 

“He’s your brother, but he’s not good for you.. don’t let him bring you down..” 

It didn’t sound like the others sounded, like berating or judging the decision, it just sounds like concern to Daryl is all

Carol KNOWS the relationship between Daryl and Merle is complicated. Unhealthy for Daryl himself. And that Merle could be dangerous but she will not come after Daryl about because she understand him, his loyalty (whether Merle deserves it or not) and his love for his brother in spite of the somewhat abusive nature of the relationship. She is not gonna put him on the spot about it. Her only concern there was his feeling on the matter. 

Its why they could share a moment like this.

(such a cute little giggle it gets me every time) 

He does the same for her. Like when she came up on the group outside of Terminus she wasn’t sure her reception would be. After everything at the prison she had to wonder..

She was hesitent for good reason, but Daryl showed her under no uncertain terms that he didn’t care what happened. Thee was pure acceptance. 

‘Whatever happened.. happened.. lets start over.” 

This is what we are talking when it comes to acceptance. When it come that unconditionality. . Its something neither one of them had before but recieved first from each other, which in turn had allowed them to open up and receive it from others too. 

Two people that are not trying fix each other. They don’t need it. They just need the trust, unconditional love, trust, and the space to grow on their own. Neither one cares what the other has done, they just care about who they are to them, and about whats good for the other. 

This is the best kind of love there is to me. And they have it. 

Under-Appreciated caryl moments (by season)

•the concerned look when he hands her the pickaxe and she starts smashing Ed’s brain

•Daryl speaking softly to Carol when him and Rick first return without Sophia
•"we’re gonna locate that lil’ girl and she’s gonna be just fine.“
•Carol crying in the RV at night and Daryl leaves to search for Sophia
•DARYL GIVING CAROL A FLOWER(!!!!) to cheer her up and give her hope
•Carol bringing Daryl dinner and kissing his head after he was shot
•Daryl stepping in for Carol when Shane argues about leaving without Sophia
• "I can’t loose you too…”
• Daryl’s way of apologising by taking Carol to the Cherokee rose bush
•Daryl catching and holding Carol after Sophia comes out the barn
•Daryl saying “don’t look” and shielding her from the sight by continuing to hold/ hug her
•When he walks into the house the morning after he yells at her and awkwardly/ apologetically smiles
•Carol on Daryl’s bike after he saves her from the farm

•First clearing out the prison and they take the guard tower together
•Daryl giving her a massage (then getting all embarrassed)
•Carol thinks he’s romantic
•"wanna screw around"
•d: “I’ll go down first” c: “even better” d: “stop”
•Daryl’s heartbreak when he thinks Carol is dead when he finds the scarf and the knife
•Putting the Cherokee rose on the grave and the gentle touch to the cross
•CHIN TOUCH and carrying her carefully back to her cell
•"stay safe"
•Carol looking for Daryl in the car and her heartbreak when Rick tells her that he went off with merle
•Carol visiting him when he returns and them laughing together in his cell

•"I liked you first"
•"sorry pookie" and the playful nudge
•*generally asking if the other is doing alright*
•c: “you alright?” D: “Gotta be”
•Daryl getting angry and upset after Rick kicks Carol out AND Daryl asking about Lizzie and mica

•Carol finding Daryl’s crossbow
•d “you alright” c “gotta be”
•Daryl offering to carry her water bucket but dropping his own in the process
•Daryl realising she isn’t doing so good, following her, and try’s to bring her back
•lying/ sitting on the bed together
•Daryl stopping Carol from having to see/ kill the child walker
•c “you don’t know me” d “yeah? You keep telling yourself that”
•finding the hospital truck and Carol offers to go in cause it’s unstable and she’s lighter but he jumps in anyway
•Carol holding his hand and the fear in his voice telling her to “hold on” as they fall
•Daryl getting distressed and frantic when Carol is hit by the car and taken away
•Carol knowing Daryl is not okay, following him, FOREHEAD KISS, and bringing him back
•Carol making Daryl shower before she “hoses him down” and washing his vest when they get to Alexandria

•Daryl abandoning Abraham and Sasha to go back home (to Carol)
•Daryl’s face when they hear on the radio that they have Carol
•Carol making tracks knowing Daryl will find her
•d *chin touch* “you okay” c “no” d “come ‘ere”

{okay this was a lot longer than I originally planned but oh well. BUT FEEL FREE TO ADD ON. CARYL ON FELLOW SHIPPERS}

Walking Dead's Norman Reedus reveals Daryl's gay storyline that was planned but didn't happen

The Walking Dead Norman Reedus has revealed he’d had a chat with writer Frank Darabont at an Oscar party where he shared plans for Daryl to be gay.

The actor, who plays Daryl, told the Mirror Online at The Walking Dead European Tour ahead of the show’s finale, he’d had a conversation at the party where it had been discussed but nothing ever came of it.

“There was a time on the show where Frank was going to have me be gay, but he won’t admit it,” he confessed. “If he admits it’s like he’ll kill you. He referred to it as ‘prison gay’, and I didn’t know what that meant.”

The pair were heading to David O'Russell’s party after he made 2010 boxing movie The Fighter.

“We were there and he said 'what do you think if we made Daryl gay?’ and I was like let’s do it, let’s do it!”

“He was like 'I knew I picked the right guy for this job!’”

“It never happened obviously, but I’m not against it and if it happened I would be down for it and I’d try to kick a** at it but I don’t know if that’s where we’re going with it,” he explained. “It hasn’t come up other than fans, and Tom [Payne] joking about it.”

Reedus went on to joke the rumours only started because Payne wanted it - and to get more Instagram followers but added “he’s a cute guy”.

Shippers of Carol and Daryl may not be so keen on the news, but never fear. Reedus said they “definitely share a special relationship.”

Asked why he thought nothing had really happened between them, he said: “Once you throw someone up against a tree in the moonlight it’s done forever. You know what I’m saying? Anyone can do that.

"It’s playing out exactly how it should.