The CARYL Games

Every season TWD writers seem to pull off what I like to call “The Big CARYL Fake Out”. 

This cruel mechanism is actually quite simple and it usually consists of only a few steps, which are just jarring enough to scare the crap out of you, instill just the right amount of anticipatory doubt and basically make you nervous about what is to come. 

The longevity of this little game varies but it seems like the closer together Carol and Daryl are, the longer the “fake-out” and the bigger the implied consequences of the process promise to be. 

Let me illustrate this for you; 


TWD Season 2 

Pushed Together; 

Carol and Daryl bond through his search for Sophia and we see them getting closer and more emotionally vulnerable with each other. 

Pulled Apart; 

Sophia’s death, Daryl’s own perception of self failure and Carol’s way of grieving resulted in an explosive confrontation between the two. 
Daryl wanted to leave, harsh words were said and at one point it seemed like he was actually going to hit Carol. 
She stood her ground. 


Daryl stayed with the group and made an effort to “fit in” 


TWD Season 3 

Pushed Together; 

Carol and Daryl got even closer together over the winter on the road. Carol felt comfortable to ‘flirt’ and the writers showed just how affected Daryl was by Carol’s presumed 'death’. 
After he found her in the tombs there was so much more tenderness and electricity between them. 
Sparks were ready to fly! 

Pulled Apart; 

Merle returned and Daryl left the group to go off with him. Carol was heartbroken 


His absence and subsequent return highlighted just how close Carol and Daryl were and are by using the events to escalate the unconditionality of their bond. 
Carol understood why he felt he had to go, just like he said she would. Once home she welcomed him back but didn’t shy away from warning him about sliding back into Merle land. 
That moment showed that Carol is Daryl’s home and vice versa. 


TWD Season 4 

Pushed Together; 

Carol and Daryl are POOKIE level close and give off a bigger “couple” vibe than ever before. 

Pulled Apart; 

Carol is banished and the prison falls. The group scatters and the hope that Daryl and Carol would find their way back to each other. 


As Melissa McBride said “They got back together”


TWD Season 5 

Pushed Together; 

Carol and Daryl spend an ENTIRE episode together alone, reconnecting and just exploring their individual transformations. The mutuality of their relationship was shown clearly and showcased Daryl as the one taking care of Carol this time around. The emotional investment in both of them was balanced beautifully 

Pulled Apart; 

Grady Hospital exchange, Ty’s death and the different ways they grieved, rebuilt some of the walls they breached in the past. 


They are both still TRYING… 


Season 6 is coming to tie up loose ends and conclude the game started in Season 5 with this rounds emotional payoff. 

Who knows just how PUSHED together they’ll be in the next “Big CARYL Fake Out”… 

Nicely played Gimple but I suggest speeding this up just a little tiny bit… 
You know you want to! 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


CARYL - Hope Bubble #?!?

When you start to have doubts about CARYL just remember this; Season 4 separated Carol and Daryl physically, emotionally and mentally for 13 out of the 16 episodes and when they finally got back “together” in the premiere episode of season 5, this was the emotional payoff for all that isolation; 

Season 4 not just separated Carol and Daryl but it also separated the audience from what was going through their minds and hearts all that time AND yet despite the implied disconnect the audience found the emotional explosiveness of the CARYL reunion completely believable and in character for them;

Season 4 created situations that implied the possibility of future conflicts between Carol and Daryl because of the choices they made individually and the difficulties they caused by their actions. After their reunion it became obvious rather quickly that their relationship transcended all that without a hitch. 

Season 4 introduced other character dynamics for both Carol and Daryl and introduced bonds that some considered a possible replacement for each other. 

Nice try! 

Season 4 showed Daryl wandering through the wilderness with Beth and despite the fact that the TPTB and Norman Reedus continued to claim that Carol’s fate “laid heavy on Daryl’s mind” and that he missed her quite badly the whole time. 
The general audience didn’t hear Daryl or Carol reference each other throughout 4B and them “missing’ each other, out there, didn’t translate all that well on screen BUT the reunion after all that time showed that the strength of their bond never faltered and was still going strong. 

Season 4 showed that it wasnt just the audience that had faith in the CARYL bond but TPTB did too. 
Separating Carol and Daryl for all that time took guts and assurance that the connection they had could stand the test of time and wouldn’t result in lack of fan interest in its dynamic. 

The gable paid off! 

Season 4 was supposedly meant to be the end for both CAROL and CARYL and yet look at what Season 5 looked like for both of them. 

Instead of destroying it, the separation acted as a catalyst to bring them even closer. 

There was hope to be had even back then and despite the fact that USS CARYL was almost literally kept in the dark, we still had faith.. 

I mean we went from this; 

To this; 

With nothing in between the two scenes at all. 

Who knows what Season 6 delivers but the mere notion that something can change so fast for CARYL is enough for me to anticipate and believe what could be coming for us. 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


*gifs by the awesome @oohhshiny*

Talking Dead TWD Season 5 “Consumed” The CARYL Conversation

Chris Hardwick: “That was Norman Reedus talking about Daryl and Carol’s relationship, which brings us to the next live poll…
Are you sad that Carol and Daryl didn’t hook up? I mean come on, what the… Yes I was hoping to find me a kiss in that bunk bed…or noooo that was not the time for romance. Yvette, what do you think?”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Are you sure you want to ask me…?”

CM Punk: “Do you want me to answer this for you…

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Yes, say it!”

CM Punk: “It’s completely ridiculous that they couldn’t hook up

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…because…”

CM Punk: “…because this is the zombie apocalypse…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…and…”

CM Punk: “…and they are very close…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…and…say what you said before…”

CM Punk: “…what did I say before…let me…”

(Attempts to wrestle Yvette’s notebook away)

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…sexual chemistry…stop it…sexual chemistry…”

CM Punk: “I might have wrote it down…there was some sexual tension going on there, I don’t care where they were

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Let me say this, let me say this I feel there’s an understanding and an unspoken understanding between the two of them they are seamless in how they interact…When they work together it’s not like ‘Carol go here, Daryl go here’…they know, they feel each other, they move without even talking, they…
Even the Thelma & Louise moment…it wasnt like, are we gonna do this…they just did it…”

CM Punk: “They werent even saying anything to each other…they were like this…”

(Demonstrates eye fucking…staring with Yvette)

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…and they knew, they knew what it was, that’s just…”

Chris Hardwick: “Its almost, it’s almost pretty even 50% said NO they are not sad that they didn’t hook up…

Yvette Nicole Brown: “We know who those people are…

CM Punk: “They want to see Daryl hook up with Beth but that is so weird and ridiculous…”

Chris Hardwick: “Noah is much more age-appropriate for Beth…”

*Conclusion - They all SHIP CARYL*