carol and daryl

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The reason Carol leaves is because she’s afraid of losing the one person she loves most, Daryl. She continues to push him away, because she can’t stand the thought of him dying. That would absolutely destroy her inside. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the last time Carol sees Daryl is when they are both digging a grave together. She gives him a long, hard stare as if she doesn’t want to have to bury him. Daryl and Carol look to each other for strength. They find strength in each other. Carol is afraid of getting hurt. She can’t stand the idea of the people she loves, especially Daryl, dying. For Carol love is pain and Daryl hurts (burns) her the most, because she loves him so bad. Let’s not forget when she told him, ‘I can’t lose you too.’ The reason she can’t lose him too is because they draw strength from each other. They only feel whole together, soul mates.



How does one of the greatest shows go to the worst show ever? By completely disregarding its audience. You cannot disregard your audience when it comes to a television show. God knows why AMC and the show runners keep Scott Gimple (easy to control maybe), but they fire Frank Darabont (who wrote and directed The Shawshank Redemption, IMDb’s top rated film) and fire Glen Mazzara. Do you think the show runners are listening to their fans right now (or ever)? Hell no. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE.