LGBT+ Movies Y’all Should Check

Alright, so here’s my list of LGBT+ movies, which is by no means comprehensive and all-representational, but is based on what I’ve seen and what’s been recommended. 

Like @dramatic-koala, I’m gonna * the one’s I really liked and/or have heard really good things about and I’ll follow each title with title (representation) (genre) (country of release/movie setting). I’ll also denote if I think it’s particularly concerned with identity-exploration or if the main characters include people of color. I haven’t seem ‘em all, so I’m half-guessing some of the representations~


(wlw) Lesbian, bi, pan

(mlm) Gay, bi, pan

(t) Transgender

(poc) People of color

(lgb/lgbt) Related to LGB/LGBT+ history or other issues

(id) Related to identity exploration, acceptance, etc.

(dis) Disability

- Carol** (wlw) (drama/romance) (US)

- Moonlight** (mlm, poc, id) (drama) (US)

- Happy Together* (mlm, poc) (drama/romance) (HK)

- But I’m A Cheerleader* (wlw, id) (drama/comedy) (US)

- I Love You Phillip Morris* (mlm) (drama/comedy) (US)

- Pariah* (wlw, poc, id) (drama) (US)

- Love, Simon (mlm, id) (drama/comedy) (US)

- The Kids Are All Right (wlw) (drama/comedy) (US)

- La Vie d'Adèle** or Blue is the Warmest Color (wlw) (drama/romance) (FR)

- The Handmaiden** (wlw, poc) (drama/mystery) (JP, KR)

- Brokeback Mountain* (mlm, id) (drama/romance) (US)

- Velvet Goldmine* (mlm, id) (drama/indie) (UK, US)

- My Own Private Idaho (mlm) (drama/indie) (US)

- Beach Rats* (mlm, id) (drama) (US)

- Jongens* or Boys (mlm, id) (drama/romance) (NL)

- A Single Man* (mlm) (adaptation/drama) (US)

- Paris Is Burning** (t, drag, lgb, poc) (doc) (US)

- Lilting** (mlm, poc) (drama/romance) (UK)

- Una Mujer Fantástica** or A Fantastic Woman (t, poc) (drama) (CL)

- Milk* (mlm) (bio/drama/romance) (US)

- Philadelphia (lgb) (drama) (US)

- Boys Don’t Cry* (t) (doc/drama) (US)

- Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho or The Way He Looks (mlm, dis, poc) (drama/romance) (BR)

- Beautiful Thing (mlm) (drama/romance) (UK)

- Pride (lgbt) (drama/romance) (UK)

- Ma Vie En Rose or My Life in Pink (t) (drama/comedy) (BE)

- Heavenly Creatures (wlw) (drama/crime) (NZ, US)

- Beginners (lgb) (drama/comedy) (US)

- Tangerine* (t, poc) (drama/crime) (US)

- 120 Battements Par Minute* or 120 BPM (lgbt, mlm) (drama) (FR)

- Inxeba or The Wound (mlm, poc) (drama/romance) (SA)

- J'ai Tué Ma Mère or I Killed My Mother (mlm) (drama/indie) (CA)

- Thelma* (wlw, id) (drama/fantasy) (NO)

- God’s Own Country* (mlm) (drama/romance) (UK)

- Mosquita y Mari (wlw, poc, id) (drama) (US)

- Princess Cyd (wlw, id) (drama/romance) (US)

- Noordzee, Texas* or North Sea Texas (mlm) (drama/family) (BE, NL)

- Bound (wlw) (drama/crime) (US)

- Saturday Church (t, id, lgbt, poc) (drama/music) (US)

- Appropriate Behavior (wlw, id, poc) (drama/romance) (US)

- Laurence Anyways (t, id) (drama/romance) (CA)

- Weekend (mlm) (drama/romance) (UK)

- Closet Monster (mlm, id) (drama/mystery) (CA)

- Handsome Devil (mlm, id) (drama/sport) (IE)

- C.R.A.Z.Y. (mlm, id, lgbt) (drama/coming of age) (CA)

- Holding the Man (mlm, lgbt) (drama/romance) (AU)

- Those People (mlm) (drama/romance) (US)

- Mysterious Skin (mlm, id) (drama/coming of age) (US)

- Bound (wlw) (drama/crime) (US)

- Kill Your Darlings (mlm, id, lgb) (thriller/drama) (US)

- The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant (wlw) (drama/romance) (DE)

- The Miseducation of Cameron Post (id, lgb) (drama) (UK, US)

- Disobedience (wlw, lgb) (drama/romance) (US)


La double vie de Véronique (1991) Krzysztof Kieślowski

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001) Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Carol (2015) Todd Haynes

The Shape of Water (2017) Guillermo del Toro

!Patton Addition!

Of Gifs from the Christmas episode i haven’t seen on Tumblr.

Patton’s adorable worried face when Virgil doesn’t want to participate. Aww! 

  Patton’s little Stewie giggle after Roman says “Bravo, Patton.”

Plotting Patton! So cute! When he decides to change the words to make Virgil feel better. 

Sweet confused and worried Patton when everyone starts arguing. 

“Three Small CATS!” Aww I love him! 

Patton’s face when Logan says his lines for the first time. He’s like so happy!

He’s like “Yay! Logan!“

After Logan’s extra delivery of “11 lit vocab cards!”

He’s like “Yes! You’re so cool Logan!”

His little dance before Virgil gives him his gift! Can he get any more adorable?!

….Yes! YES HE CAN! 




Aww  YESSS ! Perfect reaction gif!


……so pure……So Pure……..SO PURE!!!!!  PURE ANGEL!

This turned out way more hilarious than i intended! XD 

“9 Patton PUNCH lines! “

Worried DAD about his dark strange son!