Official art of Carock that neither zeldawiki nor zelda.wikia use even though it matches both the Japanese and American versions of his freakin’ sprites… Seriously, the picture’s not anywhere on either wikis’ versions of his page even though it illustrates him more accurately than the blue version.

I don’t get why. Like, what gives?

I think at least one of them used to use it… Why the change? Why is the best picture available suddenly off limits? I’m sure it’s subject to the same legal junk all the other LoZ images are.

I like this drawing but I actually have mixed feelings about it because a recurring theme in my fanfic is Ganondorf being unable to accept loss.

We actually see his wish in Wind Waker and, of course, Carock is not mentioned at all. On one hand, it could mean that he’s getting some character development and has accepted Carock’s death. On the other hand, Wind Waker is pretty much the reason why I portray Ganondorf with this characteristic in the first place.

However, the former is reinforced by the fact that he has some very good reasons to at least want Hyrule unflooded “unsealed” so the “cannot accept loss” characteristic is not needed for him to make the wish to “unseal” Hyrule (and claim it while he’s at it).

But then there’s another plot-hole… Why couldn’t Ganondorf cure Carock?

He has powerful magic and possesses the Triforce of Power. He likely could cure a rare fungal infection in the everything. But he might have to actually know it’s a fungal infection because healing magic would probably only slow down the necrosis and wouldn’t actually get rid of the infection… But it’s still kinda plot holey.

I have two other ideas about how Carock dies in the Adult Timeline but I don’t know if they’re actually any better… Basically, they’re death by old age (like dying peacefully in his sleep) or suicide (I’m not gonna ramble forever about why, some of it’s spoilery and I don’t really feel like it anyway so there).

Old age might work out OK, since you can see it coming so it’s less sudden and what-not. Also, I think it fits with Wind Waker’s mono no aware-ness better? Death by violence, suicide, or sickness feels like an unfair, unnatural cheat while death by old age feels more inevitable and like the natural order of things.

I can’t just have Carock be alive during WW, either, because of reasons… The main one being that he absolutely would not stay on the sidelines this time and I’m kinda trying to make this stuff fit reasonably well in LoZ canon so… Yeah. Not doing that except in an AU.

Incidentally, my headcanon for how the Downfall Timeline exists is that someone loyal to Ganondorf went back in time (either through his or her own methods or by stealing the Ocarina of Time and using it) to change what happened.

I’m not saying who does that in my fanfic (outside of NOT CAROCK) but I will say that Carock fought with Ganondorf that time due to that person’s interference and that Carock goes for the jugular.

Edit: “Why Ganondorf couldn’t cure Carock”
Yay! Plot-hole filled! Thank you, Bonjiro! :D
The Children's Trident, a legend of zelda fanfic | FanFiction

The Hyrulean Civil War rages on so Ganondorf has enough to worry about without some weirdo cultists from the west trolling his borders. However, after a cultist and a traitor try to kidnap one of his granddaughters, he crosses paths with a wizard and gets dragged into his mission to save his ward from the very same cultists.

Pairing: Carodorf (Carock x Ganondorf)


Reminder what a Tuttuk is here because of reasons.

In which Carock looks like a bloomin’ princess. XD

I drew this last month to unwind after finishing a character’s sprite sheet for a game I’m working on with my bro, his friends, and a few other people (I’m the pixel artist)… In other words, I needed to relax after making pixel art so I drew some pixel art. XD

The hooded faces in rows three and four were drawn specifically for the scene where Ganondorf and Carock first meet. They both took shelter in a cave during a sand storm. Ganondorf had ran in first and Carock came in seconds later (not knowing anyone was in the cave).
Ganondorf heard him coming and was like:

and when Carock saw him, he was like:

(In fact, faces 3x3, 3x4, & 4x1 are even blanched with OMGWTFBBQness…)
and then Ganondorf was like:

*cackle cackle* Like like likety like… XD

Anyway, I’m not sure what face 4x2 is even for, I just felt like drawing it… I guess it could be for a scene where Carock’s all like, “YEAH THIS WIND IS SO AWESOME F—YEAH IT FEELS SO F—ING GOOD” XD