Misha Collins at the SDCC 2013 GISHWHES meetup

The meetup ended up being somewhat of a bust because Misha, bless him, didn’t clear the meetup with Comic Con security. :’) But it was fun hanging out with the GISHWHESians!

(I was about 200ft away for most of it, but the zoom ended up being pretty nice)

Just a thought about a lot of the spn anticipation. At last year’s SDCC SPN panel (which I attended), the panel was very fun and funny, but we didn’t learn a whole lot about season 8. By not a lot I mean we didn’t get like, an outline of the series (which i wonder if some peeps might be expecting). They bantered, mentioned flashbacks and purgatory, but not a whole lot else (correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s what i remember). We’ll get tidbits and teasing and a general vibe of the first few eps, not much more, and it’ll be cool if we get more, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t. (And this is not me being a wet blanket! Just realistic because that’s what panels are about) Those are my two cents before the SPN panel on Sunday, which I’m exited to attend and try to share with you guys!


Panel moderator asks Holland Roden what it was like to kiss Dylan O'Brian, referring to the clip of Stiles and Lydia kissing in the new Teen Wolf trailer
(one of the only salvageable clips from my camcorder)

Recorded 90% of the panel, but I have a 5 hour drive home, so later! As for the panel itself – good, pretty much the info we all expected, and good questions and answers. And great gag reel! :D