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Do you take prompts? If so, Killian and Emma are getting hot and heavy and suddenly Emma reaches for Killian's brace and he freaks out.

To answer your question, I’m always accepting prompts :). Hope you like it!

Emma enjoyed these moments, thoroughly. The ones where she had the apartment all for herself and her pirate, and luckily for her, there have been more of these moments ever since Rumpelstiltskin had been banned from the town.

They still haven’t gone all the way, both not wanting to rush into things and enjoy the journey of exploring their intimacy. She loved how they seem to find this perfect rhythm for themselves, limbs tangled together, fingertips exploring the exposed flesh with greed and how their lips seemed to seek one another incessantly.

His hips rolled down between her parted legs, a whimper slipping out of her lips as the need to have and to be filled started to overwhelmed Emma, slowly losing any of the self control she had been having over the past two weeks. Now, more than ever, she wanted to say ‘screw this’ and just take everything. 

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"Killian, I'm scared."

Emma was standing in front of her full length mirror in her bedroom, her eyes fixed on the small bump that was recently making itself show. Her hands went to rub her stomach, eyebrows furrowed. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice Killian entering the room, his hands now snaking around her waist until they rested on hers. She lifted her eyes up to look at his reflection, his blue gaze meeting hers.

Her back was now fully pressed to his front as Killian nuzzled her neck and pressing a soft kiss on the exposed skin. His chin was now resting on her shoulders, his far too knowing eyes studying her features.

“Care to share what’s worrying you?” Killian asked with concern in his voice, his thumb drawing small circles at the top of her hand.

“Nothing.” She shook her head as she tried to dismiss the thoughts that have been swirling around in her head. Killian’s hands went to her shoulders, and slowly spun her around so she was now facing him.

“You forget that I can read you pretty well love.” Emma let a small smile slip before taking a deep breath as to gain some courage to voice out loud what was troubling her.

“Killian, I’m scared.” His eyebrows furrowed in concern as he tried to understand why she was scared. He then looked at her belly, where her hands were clutching the small bump that had appeared over the past weeks.

“About the baby? The labor? Us?” Emma let out a resigned sigh, and looked back at him with an anxious look.

“All of it. I mean, I’ve already got Henry, but I never did the mom stuff when he was a baby. I’m scared that I might not be up to the task of taking care of such a small human being, especially in this town. There’s always something. What if something bad happens to either one of us?” Emma blurted out, her voice getting louder as she finally voiced out loud what was troubling her since she found she was pregnant.

“First of all, you seem to forget that I’m a survivor Swan, and so are you. Don’t worry yourself with something that has yet to happen, or won’t happen. We’ll figure this parenthood togethe, aye?”

Emma really wanted to believe him, especially when he seemed so sure of himself. She was about to retort, but Killian stopped her before she could as he cupped her cheeks.

“And you are going to be a wonderful mother, and no matter what happens, you have a family here to support you.” She smiled back at him, cursing him for always knowing how to soothe her worries, and she let herself get comfort by him.

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“My cat steals underwear and I come home to find you chasing my cat to get your underwear back.”

Ignore the mistakes, it’s not beta.

It has been a couple of weeks now that Killian had moved into this building. It wasn’t much but it was all he needed. It was a studio apartment big enough to accomodate his needs. There was also a window that led to the emergency staircase which he always left open for his cat. The furry little thing used to belong to his brother, but after he got married and decided to start a family, the animal wasn’t their priority anymore. KIllian had accepted Liam’s begging and kept him at his place.

Ever since he had moved there, Smee (the cat), always came back with a lovely surprise for him. Not the usual gift that cats gave their master, it was a lot more fancier and less messy. The first time he was completely baffled to wake up with his cat sitting on his chest, waiting for him to wake up, with a pair of black lace panties in front of him. He figured that he must have entered in one of the apartments in the building as he explored the staircase outside.

The next couple of days went pretty much the same way, it wasn’t always when he woke, but sometimes it was while he was studying, watching television or even cooking. Smee would always bring him a pair of panties (thongs, boy shorts, bikini and so on), which he suspected belonged to the same woman if he relied on the size.

One morning as he got out of the shower, his towel still wrapped around his waist as Killian heard someone’s voice, more specifically a woman’s voice.

“Come back here you fur ball!” He heard the woman yell, followed by a loud curse when Smee sneaked in the apartment through the window. He sauntered with his usual prize, a pair of red laced thong this time, as blonde woman peeking through his window. From where he was standing, (leaning on the wall next to the window) she couldn’t see him, but he did, and heard her exclaimed a victorious ‘a-ha!’ when she caught sight of his cat sitting on the kitchen counter with her underwear.

A grin appeared on his face when the girl entered his apartment mimicking his cat, and walked towards Smee, and managed to grabbed her underwear. That’s when Killian decided to let his presence known as he cleared his throat, making the blonde jump in surprise.

“Holy crap!” She yelped a hand (the one with the red thong) clutching her chest. He couldn’t help himself fromlaughing at the whole situation and saw a glint of annoyance cross her beautiful green eyes.

“Can I help you with something?” She gave him a once-over, before her eyes locked with his.

“Yes. Your stupid cat has been stealing my underwear for the past couple of weeks. I had to go buy myself some new ones.” She shot back, as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Ah.” He exclaimed as he walked towards his dresser and grabbed a plastic bag that was laying on top of it. His hand dived into the bag and took one of the numerous panties Smee had brought him. “So these are yours?” He asked innocently, eyebrow raised.

Her eyes widened in horror when she realized that he had kept them all. He wasn’t about to throw them in the garbage was he? She stomped towards him grabbing the bag from his hands in one swift movement.

“You’re a pervert.” She seethed as she turned back around as she was about to climb out the window. Killian couldn’t stop himself from grinning at the encounter with his neighbor. Before reaching the emergency staircase, she stopped and turned her head back at him, her index pointing at his cat.

“You and your cat.” With that said she walked out.

Smee descended from the counter and went next to him, brushing himself against his calves. Killian bent down and grabbed him, and caressed his head. The cat answered with a loud purr as he congratulated his cat for stealing those underwear.