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Reedus added, “I can’t get her out of my trailer, you know what I mean?” The two seemed to be having a good time on set of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, and before McBride stole the phone away from him, Reedus added one last remark. “She’s a cute chick! You know what I mean? I’ve been making googly eyes at her since season one, it’s about time,” Reedus said before what sounded like a big kiss with lots of suction to it.

- Norman Reedus Interview-Bombs Melissa McBride To Talk Daryl-Carol Love 10/16/2015

There are a lot of people thinking the other guy in my latest Altean!Lance drawing is Keith… I have to dissapoint you. 

This is all part of an au (no fic is planned, I just like to doodle) in which there was already a 2nd generation of Paladins and Altean!Lance (he’s also Alluras Brother) is the blue one and the red one is his boyfriend/fiancé. He dies obviously. Lance survives just like Coran and Allura and when Keith and the others show up… well he’s not too happy to see Keith in the place of his former Partner. They’ll find a way with each other eventually ;)

I just like Langst… 

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"Herah... can we talk?" Kaaras asked, a blush already on his cheeks because he couldn't / believe / he was asking this! He generally did not do things like this. But he had the most awkward and frustrating erection he'd felt in days, and she was the only thing on his mind right now.

CAN WE TALK | @kaaras-adaar | //XDDDDD

She glanced up before closing her awful romance drivel and gave him a bright smile. Her eyes skimmed up to his, and sparkled a little as she met them.

“As my boyfriend, I do believe you are entitled to speak to me, caro, yes.” She shifted over on the bed a little to make some room for him. Her hand patted atop the furs and she set aside the book. “What can I do for you?”