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I watched Reversal of the Heart and it was amazing. I loved the animation and the storyline. It was perfect. Just one question: Was the baby dragon revived by sacrificing the knight or was the knight essentially turned into the baby dragon (just with the dragon's memories)?

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! And don’t worry, pretty much everyone has that question. The ambiguous ending was 70% on purpose and 20% a product of exhaustion with the project (it being a school project and all), and 10% not having the time (since the film was timed to the concerto). There are definitely some details I could have made stronger. But basically, after he realized his mistake (complete with manpain), the knight was turned into a new baby dragon as his punishment, like a become what you kill kind of transformation. Whether he has memories of being human in the past is open to interpretation. I like to think that someday, he might remember his past life. Hope this answers your question! :)

tigris115  asked:

What are your favorite things to animate? Animals, people, monsters

Animals and monsters, definitely. I’m not that good/comfortable with drawing people, honestly. They always come out too anime – not that anime is bad, no sir, but it’s not what I want from the drawing and becomes more of a fallback into my middle-school drawing comfort zone, you dig? Animals and monsters, hell yeah sign me up!

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How did you and Osric meet/start living together? :D

Long story short, a little over a year ago he and my housemate Eric started hanging out through a mutual friend, so Osric started coming over to a couple of our pool parties and movie nights. He was this shy but friendly guy who kept to himself at these parties because he didn’t know anybody yet, often quietly sitting on the couch wearing our Doctor Who fez. This was about a month before Kevin Tran first showed up on Supernatural. When I learned he was going to be on SPN I was pretty excited, since I’d just rediscovered my love for the show (despite the awfulness of season 7 haha). Somehow, I kept my cool, but it wasn’t that hard since Osric’s a chill guy, and I soon learned that his special talent was to get pumped about other people’s projects—and in a house full of artists, motivation is a rare and valuable asset. Osric then made it his goal to push us to actually do things. He also pushed me to pursue my current animation project and develop it into a feature film. I owe him for that, the sweetheart.

A few months later, one of Osric’s friends moved away, meaning Osric had no place to stay while he was in LA—and it just so happened that I had finished building a nice guest room out of the garage. Naturally, Osric became part of what we like to call the Tardishaus. So Osric has been crashing here on and off for the last 6 months. It’s been a blast. :) 

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Yes, it is very interesting that they threw this out there! Metatron basically stated a huge, unbreakable angel rule to Cas, and guess who is the best at breaking angel rules???  We’ve seen Cas break pretty much every angel rule in the past, and to present him with a rule that some other angel has already broken once? HMM INTERESTING. :D

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What on earth are you doing letting your foster cats run in the street? Letting cat roam is grossly irresponsible and unsafe on a number of levels. They trespass/shit on other people's property (sometimes spreading serious fetal diseases like Toxoplasmosis), kill local wildlife (several American bird populations are facing extinction largely due to cat predation), and can be injured or killed by cars, wild animal, or other people's pets, including those kept responsibly IN THEIR OWN YARDS.

External image

amazing. you’ve never had a cat, have you? besides being completely inappropriate, your message is also quite stupid, and reeks of a general google search of all negative things involving cats. you’re not even taking a real stance here, just shitting out your mouth (or hands? idk lol). are you anti-cat owner? anti-cat? we may never know

shamrock was a mostly outdoor cat–which was how he was raised with his previous owner. it would have been cruel to lock him inside (plus impossible at our place, since we have a doggy door for the dogs). every cat is different – some prefer to stay inside, and some live their lives outside, and some (like mine) do both. most seasoned pet owners (which I am sensing you are not) will tell you that sometimes shit just happens. you could keep your pet in the safest, most locked up environment imaginable (cruel, by the way if they don’t like that environment), and something could still happen to them. during the first 2 months we kept shamrock inside, but he was desperate to go outside so we introduced him slowly over time to the backyard, and for the last 4 months he led a very active life, coming and going, as was his nature. we live in a very safe neighborhood with very few wild animals and minimal traffic along the cross streets. that shamrock was hit by a car was an accident, and accidents happen. and we will miss him dearly.

now take your alarmist google search bullshit and kindly fuck off

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note: we called shamrock a foster kitty because we were taking care of him for a friend who could no longer keep him, and we were all looking for a home for him. but he ended up becoming our kitty anyways :’)

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What are your thoughts on the C3CW campaign? Do you think these sorts of things are actually beneficial and could impact the future of Dean and Cas? I would think that at this point they're well aware of both the popularity of them and the potential benefits their relationship could bring the network. Is it better to believe the intent for a romantic relationship s8 suggests and just trust the writers to continue with that storyline?

The C3CW campaign is a pretty great idea, and I support it because it brings about positivity for the fans and allows them to give feedback in a constructive way (as opposed to twitter). About half the season is already written, but who knows? Maybe some of that additional positivity will bleed through. The writers are definitely aware of the Dean/Cas popularity, and probably aware of the benefits such a move would give the network (according to Osric, the CW has been under a lot of heat for its lack of diversity, understandably, and they’re clumsily trying to change). I’m all for positive campaigns for the fans, if it gets fans to work together in a wank-free manner. And if it does help, then awesome! I’m still supporting the writers with where they’re going right now, but yay for teamwork!   

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I honestly believe that the Academy chose 12 Years a Slave because they knew that once they nominated it, the couldn't choose something else because they would get comments from the media telling them they're racists. Now it was a fantastic movie but there were many others that were up to par with it. I was wondering what your opinion on this was.

I think it’s less of an issue than folks are making it out to be. And, pardon me saying so nonny, but the assumption that they couldn’t choose anything else because it was a movie about slavery, starring many black actors, is in itself a little bit racist. On the other side of that, the academy is not above choosing films because of politics (which is not the case here, imo). A film about slavery is doubtless to be divisive either way. 

HOWEVER. I truly believe that 12 Years A Slave deserved best picture, because as a film, it is superb. There could have been 10 different films about slavery made this year, and it still would have blown every other film out of the water, because the story, the characters, the directing, and the acting involved was so top notch. I think it won against the other contenders (all great films!!!) because, imo, it was such an extremely unapologetic, visceral film.

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I don't understand why Dean/Cas shippers were so upset about last night's episode. I really, REALLY thought it was a great thing. People in relationships fight. You don't fight with someone unless you really, really care. Not like that. Know what I'm sayin'?

Many fear a regression back to the cold season 7 dynamic, but it’s really a kind of retouching of the end of season 6—but this time it’s different, because they’re both different, too. It’s different—and better!—because Dean has a new sense of self worth now, and he’s not bending over backwards to forgive Cas. Cas is floundering, which is going to put him in a position of realizing what’s most important to him very soon. Their fighting is much different than it was in season 6. Instead of a clash of morals/ideologies/and broader betrayals, for lack of a better way to describe it, they’re having a domestic. This is all based on their feelings, not whose side they’re on (yet, but that will also be based on feelings), and it is a very good thing for them in the long run!

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So what exactly is "wank" I don't understand the term. I gather its more than mere complaining?

I think of wank like this: wank is a British word for the act of masturbating. Basically, when a person doesn’t like a thing, they complain how they don’t like the thing, and they do it over and over for the sake of it, oftentimes really loudly, to the annoyance or embarrassment of their neighbors. Sometimes other people join in and it becomes a wankfest. Sometimes the wank reaches its loud pinnacle, pissing everyone off, and sometimes the people wanking lose interest over time.

Essentially, wank is masturbatory complaining. But unlike actual masturbation, which is normal and healthy, wank doesn’t make anyone happy in the end.

addendum: sometimes wank is started out of a genuine concern or thought that either isn’t fully thought out or phrased well, but given that this is the internet, things often get twisted or blown out of proportion.

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I think Cas falling is a GREAT sign for Destiel. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Dean/Cas relationship even if Cas is an angel, but MAJOR power imbalances in relationships make me slightly uncomfortable, and Cas being an angel is a major power imbalance. Now that he is human, him and Dean can truly be on the same level, and I think that means there is a real chance for a healthy relationship now.

Yes, anon! Independently of destiel/deancas, depowering Cas is a necessary step to ensure that he isn’t a constant deus ex machina there to solve the Winchesters’ problems. Not so independently of destiel/deancas: well, it sounds horrible, but now Cas can’t escape from Dean when difficult topics come up, haha.

Also now Cas is going to experience emotions as never before, opening up a whole new world of ~possibilities~ for interactions between himself and Dean. I bet we can expect a lot of bickering and a lot of misunderstandings at first—and then also a lot of warm feelings that will draw them closer together than ever, too! Not to say that Cas was emotionless as an angel (he clearly had strong emotions), but I’ve always put Cas in the same category as Spock and Data from Star Trek, both characters who have had their sudden bouts with human emotions, usually involuntarily, and were usually better for it in some way.

With Cas depowered, we’re seeing the playing out of the “Brought Down To Normal” trope coupled with a bit of the “Broken Angel” trope. Whether or not Cas becomes an angel again (I expect he will eventually, or at least be presented with the opportunity) his coming experiences with being human are going to be integral to his and Dean’s relationship—and MAN, am I excited!   


So I read the ask about what happened with the Enochian sigils on their ribs and I wanted to add that in 5x19 Hammer of Gods they get rid of them to summon Lucifer. Sam says to Kali “I just need you to squeegee some stuff from my ribs and he’ll [Lucifer] come running”.
And, I assume, they probably got rid of the Enochian sigils on Dean too to make absolutely sure Lucifer could find them.

I completely forgot about that moment. Good memory, you!!! So since that happened, it would mean that Cas would have no trouble finding Sam and Dean anymore.

As for the Men of Letters bunker, if it’s supposedly warded against all things supernatural (they said that at some point, right?), then the Winchesters will have to cross out a few sigils (if there are any) and show Cas inside. Or the writers could be like fuck that and just have Cas poof into the bunker haha.

some Edlund reactions

(I haven’t said anything yet, but only because the news broke at like 1am for me)

I’m definitely sad about it, since Edlund eps are some of my favorites. But I’m also happy that he’s moving on, since that guy is damn talented. Like rootsunknown said, Edlund is one of those writers who’s brought onto a show when it needs help. He’s very good at one-offs that help keep a show afloat, or make it soar above the surface. Having been to one of his panels (and heard a couple stories from Osric) I get the strong feeling that he’s never been the showrunner type–more the brilliant short-burst kind of writer. Which is excellent in its own way, and gives him the freedom to move around. Right now SPN is doing better than it has in a long time and can stand on its own 2 feet, and Ben’s moving on to Revolution (apparently a show that could use his talents).

On the destiel/deancas side of things, I’m not worried at all. Edlund might have been one of the more outspoken supporters of the pairing, but it was never his purpose on the show. In fact, only a few of his episodes had Dean and Cas in them together (in this season, not at all). The episodes he wrote this season, especially “The Great Escapist” were so EDLUND and wonderful for it, so I’m not disappointed at all. And him leaving does not mean season 8’s Dean/Cas progress is invalidated at all, or that it will be dropped. That would be stupid, and directly against the narrative that’s been established between the two characters. I’m still very positive about season 9 and excited to see what the writers do with it!

I’m gonna miss Ben (*single tear*), but objectively, it’s a good thing he’s leaving, because it means SPN doesn’t need to hold his hand anymore, and he can go work his magic somewhere else. If we need him back, he’ll probably guest-write an episode or two–hell, I’m sure he’ll poke his head back into our neck of the woods at some point. He does that. :) 

It’s perfectly fine if you guys are sad about him leaving. *hugs* Peeps can feel however they want about him leaving, and it’s perfectly natural to feel some sadness at his departure. I am definitely sad, and I’ll miss his whimsical Edlund touch to the show. But he’s moving on, the show’s moving on, and so will we, in time. Besides, I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of him in the long run. :) 

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oh wow i'm so glad we finally got a transcription of what Jim Michaels actually said because i ((personally)) don't think it's negative at all!! i actually think it's very deancas positive, but i'm an optimist haha. what are your thoughts on it?? because i know that you're a positive voice in this fandom and i really value your opinion :)

Hello, anon! I have a couple things to say!

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Hi Octoswan! So I was a bit confused on something that happened in the last few minutes of the finale. When Dean realizes that the angels are falling, he says "No Cas..." Most of the fandom seems to think he was worried about Cas falling, but I took it as Dean being like "No Cas why did you finish those trials?" meaning he thinks Cas did the trials on his own accord. What did you think happened?

External image

But I seriously do think it’s a mixture of both—of Dean being disappointed at the possibility that Cas went through with the trials after all (remember, Cas vanished with the intention of going through with it), and then seeing all the angels falling and realizing that shit, Naomi was right, and he’s crushed and worried about Cas falling with them. He just doesn’t know what happened to Cas at this point. So the “No, Cas…” was a mix of shock, worry and outright despair for and about Cas.

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Did you see that NPR article on Supernatural? How the fuck were Destiel shippers not even talked about, but Wincest shippers were? I'm pissed!

the article in question

Just looked at it. I’m guessing it was for shock value, since wincest would potentially be more “shocking” to the non-fandom/outside listeners than destiel. A good way to “poke fun” (or just plain insult) the SPN fandom in general. This is not really a new thing. They also talk about how small the fanbase is, how mediocre the ratings are, and S.E. Hinton brags about her fanfiction (ugh), etc. It’s tabloid journalism. No need to be pissed, nonny. It’s just an article by someone investigating from an outside perspective, looking for the “juiciest” bullet points.

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What WAS the deal with the #asksupernatural thing? I seem to have entirely missed it and now I'm really confused about what happened and why it apparently backfired so badly

the spn pr team asked fans for questions/input about the show on twitter and facebook, and considering the climate of the fandom post-season 9, it was a terrible idea. every frustration and outrage about the show in the last few years was thrown at them. they soon took down the call for questions, but the flood of complaints keep coming. it’s amazing, honestly. the spn pr team really unleashed the beast.

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I am a pretty passionate Destiel shipper, but you know what? I'll be ok if they don't get together. What do I want most from Spn? Well supported, logical story lines and character development. Dean and Cas don't get together? Fine. But give me a good reason. MAKE ME BELIEVE IT. That's really all I ask of Spn. And any other TV show I watch, for that matter.

Same here. I would be sad and perhaps a bit let down if it didn’t, but if the story gave me a valid reason other than ‘no homo’ — like a plot reason that made sense (dare I say a sad ending or something?), then I would be okay with it. I love Dean/Cas to bits, and I am very optimistic and passionate about it, but the overall story is most important to me. If they do end up canonizing it, then my gut feeling would be that it would happen at the end (like most Will They/Won’t They dynamics tend to do), and if that’s the case, then (1) fiesta hats all around, let’s celebrate! and (2) in the meantime, I continue to support it, meta about it, love it, and I’m ready for a good story. :D