Some touken danshi western sword version parody~

I know there are different versions of these sword legends, so, I just chose one of each which I liked the most ahaha

(Might add more non-katana touken danshi in the future~)


EXTRA featuring King Arthur’s spear, Ron.

How to tell which is Caliburn and Excalibur if they wore the same clothes…

I wish Carwennan, King Arthur’s dagger, had made an appearance in BBC Merlin. Apparently, it had the magical ability to shroud the wielder in shadow. That would have been really cool. Like, maybe it could have belonged to Arthur’s mother, Igraine, and was put down in the vault during The Purge. And there could be rumours about it, but Arthur’d be like, “Rubbish; it’s a dagger. What would be the point of enchanting it? It’s already a formidable weapon,” and would sneak it out and give it to Merlin.

For personal protection, you know, and Arthur would make Merlin learn all of the ideal places on a person’s body that he should strike if he’s ever attacked. Because protective!Arthur is one of the best Arthurs.

And this is now my personal headcanon, okay. No one can tell me otherwise.