Do you ever have that weird relationship with a specific thing that doesn’t even concern you like if you show me a Carnotaurus I’ll insult it and show my middle finger at it and then insult it some more because I just ?? hate them???? so much?!
Those bitches have that “I’m fast & Imma shove my horns up your ass and I’ll eat you bc I’m better than you” vibe to me and I can not let those fuckers win even though they’re e x t i n c t 


A Commission for a friend. She asked me to draw her character with a Rex and it to be ARK related. So I drew her with Safira, her Rex. Kinda grew from there. The carno and argent are mine. 

In Game with friends, we were heading to the tundra, first time for them, to set up a base camp there. We used the Rex and Carno for protection as we travelled on foot, with our other friends following us riding Trikes. I had the only argent at the time. The four of us were in different tribes, 2 in each and we did this long before the tribe alliance and before the tamed animal nerf. Safira was a beast!


My personal spin on various species of dinosaurs!

Available in my shop as prints, shirts, and even tote bags if you are the toting type!

Check out the Dilophosaurus and Stegosaurus HERE!


Seeing everyone make their  Pokemon variations I just wanted to make some of my own so bad! So I jumped on the Bandwagon with the mighty Tyrantrum!

Had the idea of making it into a few iconic theropods (even though a few of these aren’t too related lol).
Before you ask, I didn’t make Spinosaurus because it strays farther away from Tyrantrum’s design than what I preferred. The only reason I didn’t make Allosaurus was because of time constraints).

DINOSAURS! (Weird, silly background for my instagram profile’s mosaic)

The animals are: Kentrosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Utaharaptor, Mamenchisaurus, Mononykus, Carnotaurus, Spiclypeus and Herrerasaurus, 

Let me tell you a thing. Now this thing here is what my nightmares were made of in my childhood...

This buddy right here!

I mean this dude right here inflicted fear into my little kid mind like no other thing before!

And bad enough to introduce one in the very beginning but nah, now there’s TWO!

I mean look at the horns on those suckers! Satan would be proud!

And I believe to this day that Eema had said it right when she called these things “a mouth full of teeth with a bad attitude!”