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How are you?

good! i just started a new job which has me very busy and very tired but im glad to finally be making some money so i can pursue some of my hobbies. as soon as i get my first paycheck i think im going to buy some carnivorous plants like venus flytraps and pitcher plants! 


BEAR01 by a Psychiatrist’s view
Via Flickr:
A brown bear from LIMA, Peru


Baby sun bears are born blind, hairless, and helpless, and are completely dependent on their mothers for their first three months.  Their mothers will carry them in their mouths or, unusually, by cradling them in their arms while they walk on their hind legs, a behaviour seen in no other bear species.  The cubs nurse from their mother for around 18 months, and will stay with her until they are two years old.  Females are ready to find a mate of their own by the time they are three, and males reach sexual maturity at around four.


The clouded leopard is so called because of the distinct, cloud-shaped patches on its coat.  These same patches are, in China, believed to resemble mint leaves, and so in China these cats are known as “mint leopards”.  In Malaysia, the arboreal habits of these predators have given them the name “tree tigers”.

looking forward to season 2 violet pointing at sunny in a fursuit and telling olaf “this is chabo the wolf baby”