Strong reminder that cacti should NOT be wild collected

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When people hear about plants that are poached by plant collectors to the point of being endangered/extinct we hear plants like orchid species, carnivorous plants like venus fly traps, sundews, and pitcher plants. One that gets thrown under the bus and forgotten in that word of warning though it always tends to be the succulents and especially the cacti.

Cacti are thought of as these plants that are utterly indestructible, taking on environments that many other plants cannot. This is true but it often comes at a price; most grow/reproduce super slowly in the wild and can take years just to reach sexual maturity, making them particularly vulnerable when mature plants are taken from their habitat and brought into horticulture. Also like other wild collected plants, there comes a huge risk of either bringing pests/diseases into domestic plant collections (via the poached plants) or making the collected plants all the rarer by killing them off from the pests/diseases that already exist in plant collections.

Except in extremely specific circumstances (a habitat being destroyed for urbanization/agriculture being one of those cases) cacti should not be taken from the wild, nor should they be purchased from sources which encourage the collecting of wild cacti. Leave wild cacti alone and enjoy/admire them from afar, and instead support responsible horticulturalists that sell cacti propagated from nursery stock (which do so from seed and/or cuttings). They may be smaller than their wild counterparts due to the difference in age, but they will reach that magnificent size with time, and will at least make sure that such old plants still exist in the wild in the first place.

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Halloween Hannigram: Morticia!Will x Gomez!Hannibal

jangma answered your post: Halloween {Prompts: Open}

Will or Hannibal as a scream queen (king?) horror movie vamp in the vein of Elvira, Vampira, or Morticia Addams.


“For twenty-five years, we’ve attempted to contact Mischa in the great beyond… and for twenty-five years, nothing. Not a whisper. I’m beginning to think that my sister truly is lost,” Hannibal proclaimed, looking over the dusty ruin of his sister’s old room. Winston whined, and tugged urgently at the hem of Hannibal’s perfectly tailored funeral best.  

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okay so in my plant bio class we’re eventually going to be studying plant types (like unusual/more interesting ones). we get to choose what plant type we study. not sure which I wanna do… they are:


carnivorous plants


thinking I might do orchids??? what do you guys think?