Each night, I look forward to the things that make the show memorable & unique. Sometimes it’s throwing a different rap verse here or there (“Reading My Eyes” over “Bleed It Out” the other night), sometimes it’s finding fans in the crowd (shout out to the dude in the purple bear costume a couple shows ago)…usually these things come spontaneously while the show is going on. Not sure what will happen as the #CarnivoresTour continues to make it’s way west, but I’ll be looking forward to more of these moments as we go.

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In this new LPTV Carnivores Tour hits Canada. Phoenix and Mike show their “rider” as they film for Chideo. Brad and Chester have a spectacular interview.

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Thank you to everyone who came out for the #CarnivoresTour. Thank you to AFI and 30 STM. Thank you to my bandmates and our inimitable crew. What a great run. Next stop, NYC for the UN Climate Summit, then Brazil…

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