Documented cases of deer (and other “strict” herbivores) munching on carrion or killing and eating small, weak animals (such as baby birds) are not entirely uncommon, though people are frequently shocked to learn that it occurs. It is speculated that some deer may crave calcium or other minerals which they can get from eating the bones of animals, or they may resort to consuming animal protein when they can no longer find plant proteins in the wild. This deer ate all 4 legs off of a frozen rabbit that was left out as bait for coyotes.

Raccoon Dog (Carnivora: Canidae: Nyctereutes procyonoides)

Often mistaken for a badger or a raccoon, the raccoon dog is actually more closely related to wild dogs. That being said, they act more like raccoons as they scavenge for berries along riverbanks. Raccoon dogs are often hunted as pests. Their luck in the illegal fur trade is no better, often attracting the attention of animal welfare groups. Their adaptability in the wild allows them to quickly become an unwelcome invasive species out of Asia. However, this sneaky trickster is well honoured in Japanese folklore as a master of disguise. Raccoon dog, or “Tanuki”, figurines are often places outside of Buddhist to bring good fortune by showing off a friendly smile.