I love magical realism about traveling carnivals/funfairs. It writes itself. It’s not just that they are these mysterious liminal spaces that come and go from your town. But they are so evocative of memory. The smell of sugar and motor oil. Flashing lights and dance hits just a few years out of date. Screaming, and laughing, screaming laughing and laughing until you’re screaming. I dare you to go on the big one, the really big one! I double dare you.

 Maybe you were a little kid, the taste of popcorn on your tongue, standing up as straight as you can because you are tall enough for that ride, you are you promise. Or it’s a first date and your trying not to get candy floss stuck in your braces. Their sweaty fingers grab your sweaty fingers and pull you towards a rollercoaster you’ve been on before but this time it seems so much more exciting. You scream enough for two. When you failed your driving test your friends took you on the bumper cars where you could crash all you wanted. You snarled and laughed. Come and get me world, I don’t care today. The first time you take a kid, watching that they don’t get sick, keeping their shoes out of the mud, and you watch the lights reflected in wide eyes.

Tell me that isn’t magic already, I dare you.

*Me at 22 when I was kissing that dude at 3 a.m.* *Him* “Let’s go into the carnival grounds nearby. No one’s around. We can get over the gate. It’ll be fun.” *Me* “Fuck, man. Haven’t you ever seen horror movies? You don’t just wander into abandoned carnivals or fairgrounds!”

*Him* “But it’s not abandoned. It’s busy all the time. They have workers there. In trailers. They’re just sleeping right now.”

*Me* “True, but…eh…I still feel like I am being lured into the role of a heroine in a bad slasher flick here. Getting to screw on a carousal just ain’t worth it, dude. Not with axe-wielding serial killers around.” 

threat ~ jonah marais

requested: yes

Hi! I’m so sorry to put more pressure on you but I wanted to request a Jonah imagine where jonah gave y/n a stuff toy and she’d been cuddling it all day instead of him. Jonah got jealous so when they were about to sleep, jonah asked if she loved the stuff toy more than him and y/n says “of course!” “not” and you could take it from there. I love your writing and thank you!

summary: after winning a soft companion for y/n, jonah gets jealous of the cuddling aspect of the new relationship

warning(s): i don’t think there’s cursing?? idk man read at your own risk of that
also i’m really sorry it’s short. i hope the quality makes up for it???

word count: 819

My feet were sore as my fingers entangled with Jonah’s. The view in front of me was beautiful. A perfectly lit up Ferris Wheel, a colorful carousel, children running around the theme park with cotton candy shoved into their little mouths. Different scents filled my nose as they had the entire night, giving me this joyous feeling that led me back to my childhood.

I dragged my feet behind me as we walked around. As beautiful as the day had been, we’d already stayed at the carnival for maybe three hours and i am absolutely exhausted, “should we head home?” 

jonah stared down at me with a chuckle, “one more game” 

i playfully rolled my eyes and nodded my head, letting him drag me forward towards the big machine that he’d been staring down all night. it was one of those strength testing games, where you had to hit a little thing as hard as you can to win things. i’d never seen the point in it, but if this was jonah’s choice, then fine.

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Fell Poth Part 7

Characters belong to @nekophy @angexci @nateeev and @blogthegreatrouge 

Cameos of Sugartale, Fruittale and Mamma CQ which belong to @sugartalesans @missladytale​ and @alainaprana

Razor and Gem are my ocs but they don’t appear until later. 

Non-canon idea of Error universe jumping out of boredom and Mamma CQ being a pocket universe in the code of the Tale Multiverse which is separate from the Fell Multiverse. There is also a Swap Multiverse. 

Each multiverse is run by one Sans. Classic Sans runs the Tale Multiverse, Razor runs the Fell Multiverse and Gem runs the Swap Multiverse. Swapverse may appear later on in the story. 

TW:  CUSSING,  Sans Fights that are way off the canon, mentions of suicide attempts, self hard, depression, abusive parents etc. 




“You really thought prison would stop us?!” Cupcake backed away his eyes wide. “Now the punishment is tripled you ungrateful piece of trash!” “S-stop!” Cupcake sobbed. “You truly are a fool! This isn’t your punishment boy.” A grunt caught his attention  and his eyes widened more as Pal was thrown onto the ground. “N-no he’s not involved in this!”  Fell Reaper sneered, “He wants you all to himself!” Fell Geno punctuated the last word with a blow to Pal’s ribs making him groan in pain. “You dumped us  like we were trash and for that you should be dead, but but but! Then it struck me like a hit what if Spike and Pal went away instead?! Those assholes are the key, they’re keeping you away fro me. They made you blind, messed up your mind…but we can set you free! You were meant to be OURS!” (If you get the reference I love you). Cupcake felt more tears pour from his eyes terrified of his psychotic parents. “You guys are mental…” He whimpered. “Now to dispose of this nuisance” A blaster appeared and charged up. Cupcake ran forward as the flash blinded him…

“Pal N O!” Cupcake shot up panting his sockets wide cold sweat running down his neck. He trembled tears running down his cheeks as he trembled. “What’s wrong love?” Pal yawned half asleep. “P-pal!” he buried his face in his boyfriend’s chest shaking. “Cupcake what’s wrong?!” Pal asked quietly more awake now. “N-n-nightmare…” He stuttered between sobs. “What about- oh…” Pal wraps his arms around his boyfriend rubbing his back gently. “Shhh it was a bad dream.” “It f-felt real…” Cupcake sniffled. “It wasn’t.” Cupcake slowly calmed down snuggling closer to Pal. “Do you want to talk about it?” Pal asked gently. “My parents killed you…” Cupcake replied his grip tightening on Pal’s shirt. “They’re locked away in Limbo and believe me not even Fresh could escape that place.” “O-okay” Cupcake replied. “We’ll protect you regardless.” Pal kissed him gently making his cheeks bones flush red. Cupcake hid his red face in Pal’s shirt squeaking. “You’re so cute~” Pal cooed. “Pal!” He squeaked the blush crawling up onto the bridge of his nose. “Love you.” “Love you t-too.” Cupcake replied

They lay cuddling and had almost nodded back off when Cupcake gets a text from Goth. “Pal how about we go to the carnival with Goth and Palette?” Pal smiles nuzzling his cheek, “Sounds great.” Cupcake texts Goth back telling Pal they have two hours to get ready. They cuddle for a half hour then get up smelling breakfast cooking downstairs. Pal came out of the shower in a magenta shirt and black pants. “I didn’t know yo owned pink?” Cupcake said. “It was a gift from PC. He likes brighter colors.” Pal replied. Cupcake showered coming out 10 minutes later in a navy blue shirt and tan shorts his scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. “You look hot.” Pal commented making Cupcake blushed horribly. “Pal oh my god!” “Let me compliment you babe.” Pal teased. “Mh” Cupcake replied. “Let’s go see what dad’s making hm?” Cupcake nods and they go downstairs seeing Spike making bacon and pancakes. “Bacon pancakes, making bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and put in a panccake. bacon pancakes that’s what I’m gonna make. BACON PANCAAAKES~” Pal starts laughing when Spike groans, “Not again with that son come ON!” Cupcake hugs Spike smiling when Spike hugs him back patting his head. “Dad is it okay if we go with our doubles to the carnival in the Tale Multiverse?” Pal asks. “I have to head over there anyhow so that’s fine.” 

“Now how hungry are you Alicia Keys?” Pal snorts at his father’s obvious jab, “Two pancakes and three bacon pwease.” Spike rolls his eyes and serves him asking Cupcake who wants the same. Spike grabbed his own plate turning off the stove. “Is anything wrong in Taleverse dad?” Pal asks between bites wondering why his dad is going there. “I need to talk to Ink about things is all.” Spike replied. “Did Error propose!” pal asked. “ Not yet but he is one thing I need to talk to Ink about.” Spike replies. “Is he still causing trouble?” Cupcake asks. “Fresh is a bigger fucking problem than Error any day.” “True” Pal agreed. “Unfresh is not allowed to kill him but Classic is allowing him to injure the parasite. “Classic sans has a hard job.” Cupcake commented. “He does just the same as Razor does running Fellverse.” After breakfast everyone got their necessary belongings and Spike teleported them to the doddle sphere. “Ink you in here?” Spike called out. “Spike!” Ink glomped him sending both Inks to the ground. “I will never get used to you doing that.” Spike chuckled and they got up. “I thought you could teleport right to the other multiverses dad?” Pal said. “I can’t no. Ink has to take me to Taleverse.” Ink opens a portal to a large hall. “Come on in!” They pass through watching the doodle sphere vanish. “Where are we?” Cupcake asks grasping pal’s hand feeling uneasy. “This is where all the Taleverse Sans meet up once a month for a summit.” Ink replied. 

“Any luck with Fresh?” Spike asks as they walk. “Sadly no. he tried to hurt Swap again though.” “Oh for fuck’s sake…!” Spike groaned. “Agreed” Ink sighed, “Ink!!!” A blur tackled Ink to the ground. “Swap!” Ink hugged him and smiled. “Who are they?” Swap asked a bit nervous glancing at the fells. “This is Spike my fell version and his sons Pal and Cupcake.” “Uh?” Swap asks. “I’m adopted.” Cupcake says quietly. “OH!” Swap grins. “Nice to meet you all! Though seeing you in dark shades is weird to me.” Swap grins. “Well Spike is from another multiverse Swap.” “OMGG!!” Swap says his eyes turning to stars. “Is the edgy Fresh from there too?” They all start walking again. “That’s Unfresh but yes he’s from my Multiverse.” Spike replied. “Classic brought him in to help with our parasite problem.” Ink sighed. “To beat a parasite you must first think like one.” Spike adds. “True” Ink agreed. They arrive at a room full of mirrors. “I’ll see you later~” Swap vanishes through a mirror. “He’s fun” Pal muses. “My best friend other than Dream.” “Which mirror do we n-need there’s so many?” Cupcake asks Ink. “Oh we’re not going to an AU.” Ink replied swiping a portal open. “Come on” Spike calls and they walk into a blank VOID. “This is creepy.” Pal says. “This is the anti-void where Error resides when I’m at work.” Ink explains. “hEy ShOrTy.” Error appears hanging on strings. “Glitchy~” Ink replies drawing a blush out of Error. “Spike is it okay if Error goes with them?” Spike nods, “Yea just be responsible with my kids.” Error nods, “You have my word as a not Sans.” Spike rolls his eyes as Palette and Goth run over. “Have fun and be safe.” The Inks leave back to the meeting hall. “Is it lonely in here?” Cupcake asks Error. “SoMeTiMeS” Error replied. “BuT I hAvE InK.” Cupcake gives Error a gently hug knowing he hates being touched. “hEh” Error pats his back smiling. “LeT’s gO hAvE fUn!” Error teleports them to a carnival. They get tickets and head to the rides Error grinning and jumping on the roller coaster with them. “This is gonna rock!” Palette said. “YEA!” The other three cheered while Cupcake held onto the bar for dear life. 

Back in Taleverse Ink and Spike sat down in the hall Classic joining them shortly after. “So when exactly were you going to tell me about Error’s issues?” Ink sighed, “I honestly didn’t know how to tell you that.” Spike pats his shoulder sensing his distress “It’s h-hard to manage!” Classic sighs hating seeing Ink so upset. “His depression gets really bad at times and I’m afraid to leave him alone because…he…” Ink broke off sobbing. “Does what Cupcake tried to do?” Spike filled in receiving a nod. “He hurts himself too…that day you called he had a knife and….tried to…dust himself…” Ink sobbed. “Holy shit…” Spike hugged his double knowing how that feels. “I was so s-scared.” Classic looks shocked having no clue about any of this. “I…I know he destroys corrupted code but…everyone still looks down on him for it…he’s just doing his job….” Ink rubs his eyes sniffling. “Corrupted code?” Classic asks. “The virus…” Spike whispers. “…code X…” Ink looks shocked, “How did you know…?” Spike taps his scar, “She gave me a parting gift the last time we met.”  They gasp. “Wait she?” Ink asks. “Mm. The virus is a she. She believes that we’re all the glitches and deserve no mercy. She’s essential the blend of a bunch of CHARAS and a few W.D Gasters.” Spike replies. Classic pales, “That’s not good.” Spike shakes his head, “Not at all. She is the reason Error exists. She glitched him out which makes him immune to her corruption and literally the ONLY one who can sense her and stop her from killing AUs.” “I took the defensive against Error to throw her off my scent. I try to keep an eye out for glitching in Fellverse but I’m not immune to corruption so if I catch her I call Error. I’ve known him for years…I may have told him to confess to you…” Spike rubs his skull sheepishly seeing Ink blushing. “We both have secrets huh?” Ink says smiling sadly. “Mm” Spike agrees. “Well this changes my view of Error…but why did he take Swap?” Classic asks. “Most likely to de-bug him. He would never hurt Swap or anyone innocent. Underswap needed a force reset; Error does that part from the VOID. He had to separate Honey from Swap to reset the AU.” Spike explains. 

Back at the carnival Pal and Cupcake wandered the vendor stalls nothing striking their fancy until, “Pal look!” Cupcake pointed to a strange hybrid plush. “I have no clue if it’s a bear or a duck but I want it…” Pal pays to play the game and knocks the cans over in one go having perfect aim from years of practice. he knocks the other two piles over winning the bear for Cupcake. “Thank you!” Cupcake kisses his cheek and squeezes the toy. Pal blushes following Cupcake away from the stall. “Ah young love” The stall owner chuckles. Palette had won a toy for Goth as well and they met Error for lunch munching on hot dogs and fries. Suddenly Error feels a tug at his sleeve. “OkAy…I’m SoRrY tO cUt ThE cArNiVaL sHoRt BuT…mY pUpPeT aLaRm Is AlErTiNg Me ThAt sOmEtHiNg Is wRoNg ElSeWhErE..” Palette sighs, “So time to head home?” “SoRrY gUys…” Error looks down. “It’s okay, your job is more important than a carnival anyhow.” Pal says patting his shoulder.  Error sighs, “I sHoUlD tAkE YoU aLl HoMe FiRsT.” 

Error opens a portal to the VOID going to lead them inside but as Cupcake moved to walk through the portal glitched and he fell forward into darkness looking back and hearing Pal yelling, “Cup c a k e…!” Before the portal snapped shut he saw a sadistic red smiling face and then the opening vanished and he hit his head hard blacking out afterwards.


“Cupcake oh my god! Wait this isn’t a blank white space where is everyone else?!” Pal ranted confused as hell looking around at the hall. “You should be more concerned about yourself.” A cold voice said. He whirled around seeing a skeleton in what looked to be a rotten fruit themed hoodie; watermelon if he had to guess. It actually smelt bad too. “Who are you and where the fuck am I?” pal asked a bit unnerved by the other skeleton. “Like you don’t know.” He replied bitterly. “I don’t!” Pal shot back. “Step forward and face me dirty brother killer.” Pal noticed the line on the floor. “I think you have me confused with someone else…” 

A bone shot at him and he dodged yelling, “HOLY SHIT!” The hall turned black and white. He noticed his stats were on display. “Okay the fuck is going on here?!” He dodged another bone attack. He noticed the knife he always carried was in his items but felt like bringing it out was a bad idea. Instead he summoned a bone to fend off the attacks with avoiding hitting the other. “How the fuck do you have 1 HP?! What even is HP?!”  Pal continued to dance around the other attacks finally deciding to attack back but the other dodged. “Okay whoa time the fuck out!” Pal waited for his turn and checked the other skelly. Rotten *1 ATK 1 DEF * The easiest enemy *Can only deal 1 damage. Pal gaped at the fact that one hit, hard as it might be to land would kill this guy. He dodged again and decided to just go up to this Rotten guy, so he did. “Look man I dunno what your damage is but I’m not here to fight you.” Rotten glared at him, “You expect me to believe that?” “Not really. But seriously why do you want me dead and does it have to do with your brother being dead?” 

Rotten steps back glaring at him. “I should warn you gravity magic, if you use that has no effect on me.” Rotten steps back further panting slightly. “Who are you?” “Fell Palette or Pal for short. I have a strong feeling you don’t like fells.” Rotten stood up straight. “Damn right!” he attacked again only to have it deflected. “can you stop with that shit?!” Pal grumbled. “You have high stats and high LV!” Pal looked confused. “LV?” he replied. “LOVE. You get it by killing monsters like my brother!” Rotten growled. “Uh…I live in a multiverse where everything wants to kill me so yea I kill but only if I have to.” Rotten froze “Multiverse..?” Pal took his chance and tackled Rotten sitting on his chest. Rotten struggled madly trying to get Pal off him. “I’m going to sit on you until you call the fight off or I can deal the one blow that would kill you. Your call Rotten.” The other skeleton was so confused, the kid would normally just murder him and move on. This guy was giving him a choice and his stats are too high to kill him without gravity magic. “Kill me” he spat. “Seriously? Why do you want to die so badly?” Rotten glared harder at him, “You would never under-” Pal looked him in the eyes, “I do know how losing people feels. My boyfriend tried to kill himself, lived with abusive ass parents and was kidnapped by said parents when they escaped human jail. I do know believe me.” Rotten fell silent. “Now how the fuck do I make this fight turn off? I won’t fight you for no reason. I don’t even know you.” Rotten growls not saying word. Pal heard a voice whisper, ‘ You have to kill him sadly. It will allow you to reset though. He’ll be fine.’ Pal sighs, “Well shit if that will put an end to this…fine.” He pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Rotten with it a bunch of nines appearing. “Well damn.” Rotten dusted and 2 boxes appeared *Continue  and *Reset.  Pal heard an elder flower jeering at him, “Fuck you creepy ass flower.” Pal hit reset watching everything fade. 

Palette sat up looking around whimpering when he saw the creepy red smiling CHARA face before the portal shut leaving him alone in a hall. He stood up looking around unfamiliar with this judgement hall. He’s seen plenty but not this one in particular; it reminded him of the Book of Life. he saw the line on the floor and stopped not sure what route the timeline is in. “Sans I know you’re here…” Palette called his voice echoing a bit. “Are we gonna fight or just talk like pals?” A skeleton stepped out and palette froze realizing he knows this place. “S-Sugar?” He questioned quietly keeping behind the line. “This is a genocide run isn’t it?” He said when no response came. “Like you don’t fucking know brat.”  Sour growled his eye glowing. “I don’t want to fight you and you can’t attack me until I step forward.” Palette said studying the other skeleton that looked like Sugar just orange, green and black. “I can do what I want brat!” Sour attacked him and Palette dodged. “Why me?!” Sour growled going after him again, “S-stop attacking me I’m not the human!” Palette cried dodging again. Sour fired a blaster at him, “Eep!” Palette dodged and jumped onto top of the blaster. 

Sour meanwhile was dealing with Sugar yelling at him , ‘Sour stop! He’s not Spearmint!’ ‘Why the fuck should I Sugar?!’ ‘That’s Ink’s son do you really want to kill Ink’s son?!’  ‘Well than he’s an idiot coming here! Pap is still dead!’ Sugar breathed deeply irritated with his twin for trying to murder an innocent genocide run or not. ‘I. Said. STOP!’ Sour was shoved from the control seat leaving Sugar in charge of their body again. “Palette are you hurt?”  Sugar called to him. “N-Nope scared though…” “Let me get you do-” Sugar was cut off when Spearmint  lunged at him. Palette tapped the blaster making it fire at her killing the child for the time being. “I d-dunno who that other guy is but you two should switch b-back.’” Sugar sighs, “That’s my twin Sour. Stay back…he shouldn’t hurt you.” Palette nods staying on the blaster as Sugar melts back into his twin as the human reappeared at the save point. So began the longest fight in any timeline granted Palette was helping firing the blaster at her when she least expected it. Eventually Spearmint nailed Sour and the blaster began to disintegrate as Spearmint walked to face the king. Palette jumped down looking at the empty jacket hoping the next run is pacifist. He stays in the hall wishing he could reset the timeline…

“…okay yo..?”  “….his head hard fresh…” “….et mom…” Cupcake slipped in and out of consciousness hearing voices that seemed to echo. “…poor dude…” “…had to hurt…” The whispers continued as Cupcake slipped back into unconsciousness he heard a woman say, “…god what happened boys?” “…e found him h e r e….”  

Take note that i own nothing and the characters may be slightly OOC. Seek the original creators for more info about the AUs and characters.