I love magical realism about traveling carnivals/funfairs. It writes itself. It’s not just that they are these mysterious liminal spaces that come and go from your town. But they are so evocative of memory. The smell of sugar and motor oil. Flashing lights and dance hits just a few years out of date. Screaming, and laughing, screaming laughing and laughing until you’re screaming. I dare you to go on the big one, the really big one! I double dare you.

 Maybe you were a little kid, the taste of popcorn on your tongue, standing up as straight as you can because you are tall enough for that ride, you are you promise. Or it’s a first date and your trying not to get candy floss stuck in your braces. Their sweaty fingers grab your sweaty fingers and pull you towards a rollercoaster you’ve been on before but this time it seems so much more exciting. You scream enough for two. When you failed your driving test your friends took you on the bumper cars where you could crash all you wanted. You snarled and laughed. Come and get me world, I don’t care today. The first time you take a kid, watching that they don’t get sick, keeping their shoes out of the mud, and you watch the lights reflected in wide eyes.

Tell me that isn’t magic already, I dare you.

The night Ginny loses her first professional Quidditch match, Hermione takes her to a Muggle carnival in her home town. 

Ginny falls head over dragon-hide boots in love with carnival rides, and rides the Ferris Wheel as well as the Scrambler and the Tilt-a-Whirl until Hermione can hardly stand up, deeming them “better than flying by half” and dragging Harry back to every carnival in England for the rest of the year. 

Charles Fréger: Demons, Monsters and Wild Beasts

If you think that in our completely technocratic society there is no room left for fairy tales and wild folklore, Charles Fréger will prove you wrong. With his photographic series Wilder Mann, Fréger explores the mythical traditions at carnivals and festivals across the Europe. As it turns out, there are much more demons, monsters, and wild beasts.

Though most of these festive events have Christian roots, the rituals itself go way deeper in the pagan times. The dual nature of life was depicted back than with the help of celebrations and various rites, costumes and masks were usually used to embody spirits, gods and forces of nature. They are frightening and mysterious, but at the same time they symbolize circles of live and vitality.

 Charles Fréger was trying to capture those unique symbols and traveled to 19 European countries over two winters. He photographed people in the traditional costumes during the celebrations; some of them stood for the hunting rituals and sacrifices, some meant to entertain and imply morals. Whatever concept is, the one thing can be stated for sure – despite all changes in our modern world, there is still a need for wilderness. Primal traditions are meant to interact some dangerous or unexplainable situations, to face the demons, to pray upon the better future; they have a sacred meaning as well as a psychological power. As men were always afraid of the unknown, it is better to have a little rehearsal before meeting the danger face to face. 

Traditionally the festivals are the places to burst out your energy, good one as well as bad. In the past they were considered to be religious ceremonies, but nowadays they resemble a kind of psychoanalytical therapy. They offer an opportunity to fulfill the need to have a spiritual experiences and a feeling of togetherness.

Nonetheless, even for the blasé modern eye, these ferine costumes strike the viewer with scare and superstitious fear. But at the same time, they are mesmerizing; they symbolize the uncontrolled side of our life, where everything is possible.  


Request: What about one where Y/N YOUUU go to a carnival and then we run into Robbie and Thomas who were spending the day together and we all hang out.In the end you get Thomas and Y/N gets Robbie to go on a double date.I think that would be adorable.

Warnings: none

Notes: Oh shit, you want me to include MYSELF in this imagine?! This is gonna be weird using my own name….

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You and Rory wandered around the carnival floor. The county fair was in town, and it was the first night of it being open. You and your best friend, Rory, decided to go. You had nothing else to do, and had some extra money to go. So you both went.

The place was lively, full of families and friends. Numerous smells filled your noses, all the food frying or being grilled. The first thing you and Rory absolutely had to do though was go and get funnel cake. It was tradition for you and Rory to get funnel cake first thing when arriving at the carnival.

“I found it!” You pointed at the stand, rushing to it.

“What should we get this time? Regular? Strawberry? Maybe zebra funnel cake!” Rory licked her lips at the thought of the possibilities.

“Ooh, zebra funnel cake seems amazing.” You groaned in delight. You both walked up to the line, falling behind two boys. Both were taller than you and Rory, and they had similar hair colors. Neither of you thought anything more of it. Until you heard them speak.

You could barely hear them, but once they placed in their orders, you and Rory looked at one another. 

“Is that… Robbie Kay, and…”

“Thomas Brodie-Sangster.” Rory finished your sentence. 

When you both turned your attention back to the boys, they were looking at you both. Blush rose to your’s and Rory’s cheeks. They must’ve overheard you say their names. 

“Hey,” Rory smiled wide, waving at them. Both of you were so awkward. “How ya doing?”

“Hi,” Robbie and Thomas said at the same time.

“Just getting funnel cake?” Thomas answered awkwardly.

“Right…” you replied nervously. “I’ll just order the cake.”

You went and ordered. Rory stood next to you as you did so, smiling at the two boys. They were standing there as well, waiting for their orders. You could overhear Rory trying to spike up a conversation with them. The two boys engaged in the conversation, but Rory was so nervous. You could tell. Hell, you were nervous and you weren’t even talking to them yet.

“Alrighty, zebra funnel cake, coming right up,” you smiled at Rory.

“Zebra funnel cake?” Thomas asked.

“What is that?” Robbie questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Zebra funnel cake. It has the powder with a dark and white chocolate drizzle. It’s the best.” Rory explained, her mouth watering at the thought of it.

The two boys nodded. “Sounds good,” Robbie commented.

“It’s so good. We always get it when we come here,” you gushed.

Thomas looked at the two of you. “I’m sorry, what were your names?”

You told them your names,shaking hands with them. When both their orders were ready, they asked if you’d like to join them. You and Rory were both shocked beyond belief. These were two of your favourite actors asking if you and your friend wanted to join them? Of course you both said yes. They walked away, grabbing a table for four.

“I didn’t even know they were friends,” you exclaimed.

“I know, how cool is that? And now we’re going to be joining them!” Rory grinned, trying to contain her excitement. 

Once the funnel cake was ready, you grabbed the plate while Rory grabbed two forks. You found the boys sitting at a round table, eating their cakes.You sat down, setting the funnel cake in between you and Rory. You both started eating.

“So, what brings you boys to a fair in California?” You asked them.

Thomas shrugged. “I like the fair.” He was so simple; one of the many reasons why Rory liked him.

“Thomas and I haven’t spoken in a bit, he was in California, so thought we’d both spend some time at the fair.” Robbie further explained. 

You and Rory nodded.

Throughout the time of eating the delicious dessert, you and Rory talked with the two boys. You thought that once everyone was done eating, you’d go your separated ways. That wasn’t the case. Robbie asked if you and Rory would like to join them. Go on rides with them, play some games, maybe buy a thing or two. Of course you both agreed.

“Let’s go on that,” Rory pointed at her favorite ride. It was called The Zipper, where two people were locked in this cage-like seat, and then it would swing in circles.

“Sure. Seems like good fun,” Thomas grinned. You and Robbie agreed as well.

The four of you got in line, which was short. The employee scanned your ticket cards, letting Rory and Thomas in one cart, and you and Robbie in the other. You sat down in the seat, scooting over so Robbie could join. The man closed the cart, you both trapped in. You held onto the bars connected to the gate.

“I’ve never been on this ride before,” Robbie commented.

“It’s so much fun. Rory and I always go on it. It’s one of our favorites.”

When the ride started, you and Robbie screamed. You were screaming out of joy and fun while Robbie was creaming from slight fear. He was up so high, and he hated heights. He was having fun, he just didn’t expect this ride to be so quick and dizzying. 

“That was so much fun,” Thomas smiled wide. 

“Wasn’t it? See why it’s my favorite?” Rory gushed. “How’d you like it, Robbie?”

“It was… something. I had fun though,” he laughed.

Throughout that entire night, you and Rory went on all kinds of rides with Thomas and Robbie. At some point, you and Robbie went off on your own while Thomas and Rory went off on their own. 

You and Robbie went down the big slides, played stupid carnival games, went on more rides. You did it all. As you two were walking down to see what else more the carnival had to offer, you heard your names being called.

“Y/N, Rob! Up here!” It was Rory. You and Robbie both looked up to see her and Thomas waving down excitedly. They were on the people mover thing where people would sit and enjoy the view of the fair.

“Hi,” you and Robbie shouted, waving back.

“Rory seems to bring out Thomas’ louder side,” Robbie commented. You looked at Robbie with a confused look. “Thomas is naturally a quiet and shy person. She seems to bring out his more extroverted side. Get him out of his shell>” He furthered explained.

“Oh, yeah, I can see that. She’s only that hyper when she’s comfortable with the people around her. Normally, she’s quiet, too.”

“Are you the louder friend then in the mix?” You nodded. “Thought so.” You both chuckled.

At the end of the fair, you and Rory didn’t want to leave the boys. They secretly didn’t want to leave you two, either. They had a lot of fun hanging out with you. You treated them like normal people, and not actors. You or Rory didn’t even bring up their careers once like a lot of people do. They appreciated it.

“I think it’s safe to say this was the best carnival ever,” Rory smiled.

“Agreed.” Everyone else said.

“Also, Y/N,” Robbie turned to you. “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?” Your eyes went wide, but you nodded your head.

“Y-Yeah, that’d be great.” 

“Perfect. See you tomorrow?” You nodded your head. Robbie informed you that he’d text you a time and date since you two exchanged numbers earlier.

Thomas then turned to Rory. “I’d also like to hangout with you tomorrow as well.”

“Wait, really?” Rory said in shock.

Thomas nodded his head. “Yeah. Tonight was really fun. You’re a fun person.” 

You smiled at your best friend. You knew how much she liked Thomas. They exchanged numbers, and that’s when goodbyes came. Everyone hugged goodbye, you and Rory walking away. You got in the car with her, and that’s when you both shouted in delight.

“They like us!” You both shouted.

“This is the best day of my life. They’re so sweet.” Rory breathed.

“They really are. Oh my God, I can’t believe they asked us to hangout tomorrow.”

“I know! I’m so excited,” Rory gawked.

You both couldn’t hold in the excitement. Smiles were displayed on both your faces the entire way home. You each shared things about tonight’s events. You each kept telling one another what happened during the time it was just a group of two. Tonight was perfect for the both of you, and tomorrow would be better.