About those carnival spoilers...

From RocketDog on TSDF “- Richonne seems like they’re taking a break from rabbit-fucking (maybe Rick needs to find some more Jimmy Hats or needs to dip his wick in some cool water to soothe the burn) ” Filming for 713 started today.

Rabbit-fucking.  Said in jest, but it seems like a lot of sexing is going on.  This made me wonder–I know there is gonna be some kind of time jump post the lost of a loved one, but they’re still on edge cause of all of that Negan in their house crap.

It’s no secret Rick has always had the hots for his lady love, so them humping like bunnies is not surprising.  However, if they’re showing it in excess, I can’t help but think it’s for a reason.  As this is mid-season, my guess is the Andre conversation has happened (along with other poignant convos about loss), so honestly?

I think they’re trying to have a baby.  

That doesn’t mean they’ll succeed this season, but I think that’s what they’re aiming for.  And that is the thing that sparked my Muse, and not the carnival itself.  So with that in mind…

Here’s my interpretation of the carnival shenanigans.

“Top of the World”

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