*Me at 22 when I was kissing that dude at 3 a.m.* *Him* “Let’s go into the carnival grounds nearby. No one’s around. We can get over the gate. It’ll be fun.” *Me* “Fuck, man. Haven’t you ever seen horror movies? You don’t just wander into abandoned carnivals or fairgrounds!”

*Him* “But it’s not abandoned. It’s busy all the time. They have workers there. In trailers. They’re just sleeping right now.”

*Me* “True, but…eh…I still feel like I am being lured into the role of a heroine in a bad slasher flick here. Getting to screw on a carousal just ain’t worth it, dude. Not with axe-wielding serial killers around.” 

I love magical realism about traveling carnivals/funfairs. It writes itself. It’s not just that they are these mysterious liminal spaces that come and go from your town. But they are so evocative of memory. The smell of sugar and motor oil. Flashing lights and dance hits just a few years out of date. Screaming, and laughing, screaming laughing and laughing until you’re screaming. I dare you to go on the big one, the really big one! I double dare you.

 Maybe you were a little kid, the taste of popcorn on your tongue, standing up as straight as you can because you are tall enough for that ride, you are you promise. Or it’s a first date and your trying not to get candy floss stuck in your braces. Their sweaty fingers grab your sweaty fingers and pull you towards a rollercoaster you’ve been on before but this time it seems so much more exciting. You scream enough for two. When you failed your driving test your friends took you on the bumper cars where you could crash all you wanted. You snarled and laughed. Come and get me world, I don’t care today. The first time you take a kid, watching that they don’t get sick, keeping their shoes out of the mud, and you watch the lights reflected in wide eyes.

Tell me that isn’t magic already, I dare you.

“My Oma and Opa (middle) at a carnival game where hitting the target takes a picture of you. (1940s I believe)”

anonymous asked:

Hi! My players are heading to a Carnival, Dragon Themed, I've got a bunch of games and activities planned but I am having issues with coming up with prizes. Any suggestions?


Gold fish, or the dnd equivalent. 

Dragon masks that.. weirdly enough sort of fool dragons.

Dragon claws / fangs.

Dragon blood in a necklace that has a dragon pendant.

Chocolate gold coins.

Fire works.

Wind instrument that sounds like a dragon’s roar.

A “dragon egg” is normally just chocolate, but maybe a real one was mistakenly put in there.

Dragon themed shoulder pads/belt/etc.